Horse healers/shamans

Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by Rayes, Jan 1, 2010.

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  1. SomeoneElse

    SomeoneElse Active Member

    Tomorrow's word of the day: evidence.
  2. Spider n Toby

    Spider n Toby Gold Member

    I don't understand how they can get the msg from the horse though? In what language?
  3. beagle

    beagle Well-known Member

    ahhh,nothing better on a forum really .... a mass debate...*#)
  4. smash

    smash Well-known Member

    cheers "fluffy duck"

    just getting a post in before it gets locked for going in circles LOL LOL LOL
  5. neither do I SNT:)* you know why we both (and majority of the readers) are of the same opinion?*#) Coz it is all beyond the reality, it is a gimmick to milk desperate people out of their hard earned $$$.#(
    Warning! to all young horse enthusiasts! Please read this thread and don't volonterily give your money to horse readers/shamans/sharlatans!
    if you have an excess of it please donate to Toojay Bush Fire Victims instead!
    At least you'd know that it would go to a good course.
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  6. Sharaway

    Sharaway Guest

    Tonight I fed my horse some Holy Water and Rosery Beads, I will let you know tomorrow if she forgives me all of my sins, or is dead from impaction colic.

    If god wants a big arsed horse to ride then its his will. Praise be to Ala.

    If the Vet wants a new volvo praise be to the vet.

    If I am an idiot for feeding this stuff to my horse, praise be to my employer so I can afford to pay for quackery A, then Modern medicine B to fix the quackery.

    Maybe I need some of that Magic mud, clearly works on cancer.

    Honestly each to their own, but when its that far left field, for me its left the planet.
  7. citygirl

    citygirl Gold Member

    I'll put mY hand up to be counted **) !

    I've had a Horse Communicator have a chat to a few of my Neddies...and I'm VERY HAPPY with the outcome.**) AND shes not out to make $$$$$$ just to cover her costs. ;)

    The ppls that have tried "it" have so and have an emotional connection with the outcome ;)...those of you who ARE opposed to it..will be forever in the unknown.

    this is....

    agree to disagree :D

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  8. EVP

    EVP Gold Member

    Sharaway lost in space.....ahahahaha
  9. Sugar's Mum

    Sugar's Mum Gold Member

    met a very interesting guy one day. We had an indepth discussion.

    He was totally normal until he was an adult. Employed, loved life, had good friends.
    Then one day he started hearing voices and seeing visions.
    He turned his life upside down.\
    Threw away his job, reduced his income dramatically,
    moved across the country
    isolated himself from friends adn family to become a slave to others
    pretty looney hey? completely inappropriate to change your lifestyle and make such life altering decisions based on visual and auditory hallucinations.

    totally and utterly insane. WOuld surely be diagnosed with a serious mental health disorder had he beent alking about shamans.

    However he was saying he heard hte words of christ and converted to being an anglican priest.

    What is so much crazier to believe in shamans/psychics or christ adn the bible?

    I personally dont know what to believe. There is a huge potential that you are being ripped of by a psychic but if you are aware of that I dont see any harm in it.
  10. EVP

    EVP Gold Member

    SM this is a very valid point and one worth applause in this sometimes crazy world....lolol A very nice story too I might add.

    And yes its right about people being able to spend their money anyway they see fit, especially being totally wide eyed about it.

    But in this instance where a poster has mentioned that they don't have alot of funds to spare one has to ask about priorities. Surely it is better to put things into persepctive when there are parameters of finances?

    The poster is looking for a trail mount and a trustworthy horse. This horse by her own accounts sounds like a money pit and a problem.
    At what point does throwing money at these type of horses hoping for a miracle become an obsession and stress meter for an owner?

    When people resort to things of an 'out there' nature it is really only validating their utter frustration.....especially if someone like a vet has said there is really no physical problem?

    There are conclusive ways to solve the issue once and for all by extensive tests at a proper facility. But choosing other non-conclusive ways to pad ones proactive compulsion is not doing the horse or the owner any good.

    Great that someone cares that much.........but in some instances all that caring and compassion is wasted on a horse that has more baggage than an incoming flight from Bali!

    Choosing to own horses can be rewarding and a big part of our lives......owning or choosing to keep a horse with so many issues can be dangerous and mind altering!

    If it was a large dog with dangerous tendancies would it be kept? What about a cow that charged and wanted to gouge everytime it got up to the bales?

    Noble thoughts and deeds come second to personal sanity and safety. Especially if someone has family.
    Or at least they should.
  11. Sugar's Mum

    Sugar's Mum Gold Member

    Best thing about the story EVP is it is totally true. The priest was the one who came out and gave my then husband and I the bit "Talk" before we baptisted our daughter.

    He was a lovely man. Swore like a trooper. Had been a painter and docker until he "saw the light"

    As to the grasping at straws yes I know that one all too well.
    I have a son with Aspergers syndrome and have looked high and low for answers to help him make life easier.
    Have spent literally thousands of dollars on things that sometimes work sometimes dont. One of those things cost me I estimate $10 000 and caused nothing but pain and heart break but I couldn't have known how it was going to turn out and if I was in the same situation now as I was then I would still make the same choice. It was the only thing I had left to do.

    Have had to decide in the past that I was not going to spend the $6000 that was offered to be paid by my parents for a treatment that had no scientific basis only anecdotal evidence.

    What I have learned from my journey is that you have to try to find the solution until your heart says "I have done all that I can do"

    When your heart is in agreement with your head then you know that you could have done no more and you will be at peace with the actions you take.

    Having said that and having chased the rainbow of "cures" for my son I have learned the following.

    Whatever action you take your heart will try to pursuade you that it is effective. You will look for and find evidence of improvement. Because we desperately want to believe that our actions are helping and that there is some solution to this problem.

    This is completely and utterly unscientific and open to emotional manipulation on the part of your heart because you want to find the cure or solution so badly you will pursuade yourself that you have found it.

    That as parents and owners our hearts need to know that we have tried all in our power to help those we love.

    That the hardest thing of all is to admit to ourself that the things we have done have no helped or not helped enough and that we have wasted resources we could have used elsewhere.

    That sometimes the people who may be painted as charletans (psychics etc) need to believe in their power just as much as you need to believe in them because it gives them the chance to think they can improve the outcomes for people who are desperately hurting.

    With all that I have been through if I was in the situation of having tried everything I was aware of to try and help and I had the spare money to do it I would give it a shot so I could say I had tried everything.

    I really do think that some people out there are gifted and know things that they should not have access to.

    Dont know how to find them though. And I wouldn't base any decisions I made wholely and solely on their counsel.
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  12. sparkie

    sparkie Well-known Member

    my understanding of it is that it isnt the concious part of the horse most interpreters talk to it is the uncouncious part which controls the breathing and health of the body plus when you communicate in this way you also can work with your guides which work with their all in all it is about the energy in which surrounds the horse...many dont understand the power of being happy and the power of being angry it is what th uncouncious mind protects the body from the negativity and the one to talk to is the unconcious mind which is the "care taker" if you like of the body etc...please those out there who are readers please correct me if i am wrong by all means.
  13. sparkie

    sparkie Well-known Member

    physic or not...if there is someone who is willling to use the service then i could certainly is kinda like the best of the football players get paid more then the lesser is how the world spins plus if the physic is a dud they wont last long...the suckers will just keep sucking and that is of no fault but their

    god's gift or not...we are all gods gift i can burb and fart that a gods gift? lol maybe just my cooking? probly that yep feel it coming on is gods gift we charge for that even comes from the land of god....

    i beleive when we say translate it is translation to what the physic works from whether that be visually or feelings or sounds etc they translate what they get from the horse in what ever that be into our language that average joe blows knows, to me that is english...

    i am not a sceptic and i am not a beleiver...depends on the person and how they interpret what they pick up...they may be a physic but they possibly are really crappy at interpreting...!!!!! hmmmm food for thought...perhaps we are all physics we only interpret it in different or incorrect ways....
  14. fuddles

    fuddles Well-known Member

    being a horse communicator would be such an easy job to do

    most of the personal info required is on the net for all to see

    go onto a forum or on face book the life story at times is there for every one to read. every one gets their 15 minutes of fame :))

    mmmmmmm getting a reading right now
    who has horse with the name starting D mmmm something was not quiet right with him, but yes l can see that he has overcome his health problems. he tells me he used to go by a different name, he is also a little bit worried for his owner, he tells me she likes to stir the pot. :}
  15. sparkie

    sparkie Well-known Member

    yep too right so easy to do hey...and those who fall in their trap only go deeper and deeper trying to interpret their sh!t...!!! and that only discredits those out there who are genuine and only do wish to help those in need...
  16. Rayes

    Rayes New Member

    Beautifully said Sugar Mum.

    And just for the record I have laid out NO money towards this reading and I will continue to seek other, more accepted treatements.

  17. EVP

    EVP Gold Member

    Sugar I don't think there is a mum out there who wouldn't have taken the journey you did for your son....look at our Paula with Celine. Its what we do for our kids and you need a big hug....lolol ;)

    However, in this instance the focal point is a horse. Not a son, not a daughter....not human.

    I just spent $2K having my dogs leg plated and screwed after she broke it....

    Again, in learning to care for our animals we also have to learn how to keep the experience in its rightful place.....and that is behind family, behind self and within the limits of our budget, time, and emotional capacity.

    You cannot ever compare a human journey with one taken for an animal....we cannot project too much "human" into our horses........
  18. smash

    smash Well-known Member

    EVP, are you saying, that people should not do all they can to help a horse out ???
    i just dont get what you are on about ??
    all i see is rayes trying everything she can to help this horse find comfort with her.
    she posted on here, someone obviously contacted and thought they could help (psychic) and she gave it a go (and no i dont believe in that stuff, even though my best friend is "into" it big time)
    she said she is still trying to find someone to help her find what is wrong, it could be just a simple thing of it being her handling is not ready yet (and no vet is going to tell you that)
    so are you going to tell me, that after i had my horse diagnosed wrongly by 8 perth vets, that i should of simply put him down because nothing worked.
    5 years i struggled to find answers, and it cost me a mere $15,000 to find out what the problem was for a pissy fricken pinto.
    would i do it again, you bet i would !!!!!
    i just dont get why you are going on about rayes wasting her time and money, isnt this what we normally say, if you cant afford to help a horse if things go wrong, dont get one !!!!!!!!!!
    none of us have seen the horse or rayes for that matter, so i can not see how we can tell her, that the horse would be better off dead ????
    it is not like she is saying she has tied him to a tree until the vet gets here NEXT WEEK !!!!
  19. mod 6

    mod 6 Moderator

    Just popping in here to say that I am watching this thread. Lets keep it healthy debate, leave personal issues out of it and above ALL respect the opinions and beliefs of other members.

    Thank you.
  20. jacko88

    jacko88 Well-known Member

    There are so many good horses out there!

    I don't understand why people who have a horse with issues feel the need to try and fix it. Some sound as if this horse is the only one for them....once they sort it out.
    Seriously, why not get rid of it. Go and spend a fraction of the amount on a well educated, well bred horse from a respected trainer and enjoy your horse without having to stuff around beforehand.
    After all, this is what horses are these days, for pleasure!
    A work horse on the station is a different story, its part of your work. If you get one with issues well so be it, they're part of your job. They also get a ton of work which normally sorts things out anyways, but why go through all this for a horse that is only there as a hobby, only ridden for small amounts of time and last but not least meant to be enjoyable?
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