horse breeds that survive the pilbara heat

Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by shonz, Aug 16, 2015.

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    Hi everyone :)

    Been living in karratha for a few years now and looking at returning to what i love most, owning a horse!

    Is it possible to keep a horse up here permanently without having to transfer the horse back down south for the hot summers?

    Obviously some breeds would handle the heat better for example brumbys that are born and bred up here right?

    If so, does anyone know of a good station around here or Port Hedland that breeds and sells horses?

    Thanks for your help :) :)
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    hi shonz,

    don't know of any stations with horses for sale but having travelled extensively throughout the north of wa and seeing many horses the trick is to make sure that your horse is well managed ie. plenty of shade, feed and water etc. which I know is stating the obvious.

    however, a good management plan will allow you to keep your horse in this location permanently even with it's extreme conditions.(y)
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