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Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by Ants, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. Ants

    Ants Well-known Member

    Just wondering people's thoughts on this product??? have looked at the website etc, just after some personal opinions :)

    OH and brother-in-law are getting pretty interested in trimming etc (so trying all kinds of gentle encouragement!!!) and thought this could be of interest and use to them

  2. Anna E

    Anna E Guest

    I used the Hoofline for a long time (but was probably brainwashed as I did David's farriery course!). Was very useful especially with "odd" feet such as the previously foundered Shetland pony.
    Nowadays my herd is pretty self maintaining and I don't use it much, but still haul it out when we have a new arrival.
    HAVE to be sure you have correctly found the tip of the frog (might need to trim a "dead" bit off the tip) or you will leave the toe too long.
  3. Ants

    Ants Well-known Member

    Cheers, thanks for that Anna - thats just how i envisaged them using it; pretty much to help them get theyre 'eye in' as to what the hoof should look like (theyre not originally horsey); to know whats right while theyre learning
  4. kasper

    kasper Active Member

    I also did his course and found him inspiring (if abit egotistical). I use the hoof line tool similar to Anna E, used it till i got my eye in and only get it out to check now. Good system. Im now hoping my kids will take it up as my back is almost stuffed!!

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