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Discussion in 'Horse and Rider Safety' started by Ali, Sep 11, 2003.

  1. Ali

    Ali Well-known Member

    Hey, if any of you are south of the river near Rockingham I've just been into Warnbro Fair shopping centre and there is a stall set up selling heaps of safety gear and I got a high visabitity vest for just $5! These are great to wear if you ride out at all or even for bike riding.The guy has got them in the bright orange or bright yellow and they are the thin mesh type material so great for the warmer weather coming up.Just thought I'd let everyone know as I think they are a great safety item.

  2. appylover

    appylover New Member

    i agree they are a very good safety item to own. i own one as well but mine has those reflector bits and little flashing lights great thing to have on those foggy day.


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  3. Rohim

    Rohim New Member

    reflective gear is so important

    I've just got one direct from the manufacture for $16.95
    it a Day night one with the reflective strips crossed on the back, same as the road workers wear.


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  4. Taryn

    Taryn Well-known Member

    I got my vest at nagmart think it was around $10. It's the bright yellow with reflective strips and it had Caution Horse and Rider on it. Can't put a price on your safety.

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  5. horsegirl

    horsegirl Well-known Member

    Geez they are cheap arent they?? Maybe I should think about getting one at that price too!!

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