hetro grey x homo liver chestnut???

Discussion in 'Colour Questions' started by CDA, Oct 25, 2010.

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    Since we're discussing liver chestnut anyway.... What the best way to get liver? I have a liver mare from a chestnut stallion and bay mare. I'm planning on breeding her in a few years. I thought breedeing liver to liver would work but I read somewhere that it doesn't work that way? (was thinking Royal Hit)
    Apparently buckskin and bay are supposed to have a better chance? But I'm guessing if I breed to bay I will get bay because her dam is bay? Not a fan of Buckskin and there aren't any coloured WB that I like anyway.
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    Heterogygous Grey =50% of progeny turning grey.
    Homozygous grey=All progeny will turn grey.
    Chestnut is a recessive gene so cannot be homozygous.

    Liver is caused by a gene called Sty.
    Best way to get liver is black + chestnut.Chesnut being the most recessive colour after black.
    No guarantees on bay Shera unless the bay is homzygous.The bay could be carrying a chestnut recessive.

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