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Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by Pollyride, Jan 31, 2014.

  1. Pollyride

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    I need to move my horse and ive heard its a good place. The only thing im concerned about is getting quality arena time. I do know there is only one arena that is why im slightly sceptical on the idea as i also know there are lots of horses. Any opinions on the place would be nice. Also does anyone know how far from perth it is in peak hour school traffic?
  2. Prestige

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    Henley Downs ia my property :) Yes we have one arena but it is the size of two (half set up for and is rarely congested. Plenty of room for everyone as is rare we have everyone here all at once.

    Best thing to do is to make a time to come and visit us during our "peak" times so you can see.

    Pm me for more info as will depend on what agistment you are looking for as we are close to being full.

    Cheers :))
  3. Prestige

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    Meant to say half set up for flat work and the other half jumping
  4. Nickelodeon

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    I drive from Floreat to the Swan Valley at the beginning of peak hour, and it'll take me roughly 40 minutes give or take. I take Reid Hwy, which does have a few road works going on near Lord St for the next few months, but it's all bearable **)

    Guildford Rd would also be a generally clear run if you're heading up in the mornings, but you would start to really add up the time if you left at afternoon peak hour...

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