HELP me become a better track work rider!!!PLEASE

Discussion in 'Horse Racing' started by mandy mouse, Dec 9, 2008.

  1. mandy mouse

    mandy mouse New Member

    hey i have been ridding my whole life competing in eventing hacking etc i decided 5 weeks ago having heaps of experience with ex race horses to become a track ridder well they taught me the proper hold explained what to do etc and i still have trouble 5 weeks later i still have horses bolt on me a few times a week im worried my boss is gonna give up on me i try so hard but just cant do it i ride the quietest of the horses which are only a few and still have trouble i want to get good enough to freelance and ride all morning not just a few here and there while there waiting for me to get better at holding them which feels like will never happen anyone with tips or knows some how i could go some where to learn more anything im depsperate i love ridding out on the track i just want to be good at it.
  2. mylittlepony

    mylittlepony Well-known Member

    make sure that when ur bridge ur reins, that u are holding the bridge against the horses neck, that way if the horse is too strong for u, it is pulling against itself and not against u:)*

    also make sure you are not riding with too tight a rein....some racehorses will run faster with a tighter rein and when jockeys tighten the bridge and lean forward, that is the signal to speed up:)*

    if youve only been doing it for 5 weeks, dont stress too much, it is a lot to learn and having experience with eventing and other things doenst nessassarily help you with riding a racehorse, it is a completely different style of riding.
    you have plently of time, 5 weeks isnt very long and your boss probly understands that you need time to learn. perhaps do some more work riding the racehorses outside of the track, at the beach or something**)
    good luck with it all, im sure it will all go well for you, we need more trackriders out there:D:))
  3. Piliga

    Piliga New Member

    Hi mandy mouse

    try to remember to work the horse in the correct frame, from behind and on the bit. having the mentality that you're not only riding the horse, but you're working the athlete.

    another thing, don't come under the illusion that you need stirrups too short, ride a little longer until you gain more confidence.

    one thing that can increase your confidence and improve your balance is to ride over jumps in a pad. it will also help you gain the same feeling you would coming out the barrier. try it on your own ex galloper.

    keep your hands nice and steady on the neck, once you've found the length and bridged the reins, you should only need to twist the wrist for speed control.

    just remember by working the horse in the correct frame - working his muscles he'll have a better mindset to work with you and not against you, i.e. bolting.

    maybe buddy up with an experienced rider and keep asking questions!

    Good Luck.
  4. Jez

    Jez Gold Member

    Good on you Mandy - asking questions and seeking advice to help you with your trackriding career is a sign of a great rider in the making. There are quite a few stockies who trackride, maybe someone would be willing to catch up with you and share a few tips.

    All the best **)
  5. mandy mouse

    mandy mouse New Member


    cheers for the tips i do often get sent out with a more experineced ridder and i ask alot of questions i seem to have the bridge correct and the contact i keep my hands on the neck my problem i seem to have when they bolt is they throw there head straight up in the air and thats when i lose control and its frustrating it doesnt scare me whatsoever and i feel completely comfortable in a bad and semi short stirrups i have always had good balance so that helps so i got the confidence i just need go get better with holding them what do you do when they throw there head up i still keep my hands down talk to them to calm them and just kinda move my wrists like said to try slow them but all without luck they just end up pulling up and the exit of the track LOL and always take off and that last stretch where they obviously do pace work when there galloping every other day.
  6. Dark Embrace

    Dark Embrace Active Member

    Hey Mandy,
    Dont stress hun, your doing a great job and im sure that soon enough you will get the hang of it! I very much doubt that boss will give up on you anytime soon.**) Just keep asking the others questions and watch how they ride when they get to the straight and always remember they will stop eventually!!!*#) You will get there, it will just take time.
  7. Piliga

    Piliga New Member

    mandy mouse it's good you're asking alot of questions, its the only way we learn! sounds like you're already doing really well!

    it's also good seeing the horses we ride behave with another rider when a green track jock starts.

    by working them on the bit and in a correct frame it'll be hard from them to evade the bit and come above it, hence getting the chance to bolt (even at the straight :p). this way also you're not putting too much pressure on the mouth and keeping it light, soft and responsive.

    it'd be understandable to ask the other rider to critique you're riding and finding out why it's not working for you. it's good to get bad criticism... it give us something to pin point and work on!

    have fun!
  8. samm

    samm Gold Member

    Mandy the shorter you go( without being ridiculously short) , the easier it is going to be for you to hold them as you can use your body weight to swing against them if they start to pull.
    Make sure when you work off that you have your contact already set as once you adjust the contact that's when they'll go.Sounds like you possibly have them a little long and are trying to adjust the contact as you work off,they feel the release ,go ,then you're trying to pick it up and that's when they are throwing their heads on you.Don't shorten them too much though or they will pick the steel up.It's a fine balance as I'm sure you are starting to realise..
    Have your knees in ( I know it sounds weird but makes for stronger legs).
    I know when I was riding track as a youngster and into my 30's I ended up with the hugest leg and shoulder muscles from riding pullers.
    Good on you for having a go.We need more track riders.You never know I might need you to ride one for me one day
    Good luck :)
  9. TBPA

    TBPA Well-known Member

    The most important thing is that you are determined that the horse is going to do what you want it to do. If you look at your average 50kg jock and your average 500kg horse there is no way the jock is going to physically overpower the horse. It's that the jock gets on an says you are going to do what I say and the horse is under the impression it has to no questions. If you wavier in your focus for even one stride a smart horsie can realize he has a shot at management.
  10. mandy mouse

    mandy mouse New Member

    wow thanks heaps

    thanks everyone for the great advice it all helps and im not going to give up no way i love being out there too much!! i had one bolt on me this morning this horse though has had it over me for a while know and i wont be ridding her anymore evrytime she throws her head in the air and off she goes no matter how hard i try but i do feel i have gotten into that mind set when i ride her thats gonna happen and i cant stop it!! so my goal is too get better then one day if she is still with our trainer by then LOL im gonna get on her and finally show her who is boss **) thats my goal NOT EXACTLY i will ride you again!!!!!!!!!!
  11. mandy mouse

    mandy mouse New Member

    quick question is there any where else i can ride like somewhere where they will help you get better almost like lessons LOL probably sounds stupid but thought it would be worth askin??????:D
  12. simbin

    simbin Gold Member

    All I can suggest is finding an experience track work rider or jock that can give you tips. Thats how I learnt, mind you I still ended up spending 3 months on crutches when one rolled on me, its a loooooong time ago.

    Good on you though I believe there is still a shortage for track work riders.
  13. eventingchild

    eventingchild Well-known Member

    I have just completed my 1st week riding the race ponies :)
    and I love it!!!

    even the crazy ones who like to leap and buck around

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