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Discussion in 'Problem Horses' started by GallopGirl088, Aug 2, 2012.

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    Deb there's actually 2 threads going on the same subject one here and one in problem horses. I got lost between the 2 myself haha so is that what's happened to you?
  2. Deb2

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    Oh, whoops.:eek: Thanks for letting me know SBB, I shall go and check the other one now.:p
  3. GallopGirl088

    GallopGirl088 New Member

    Thanks guys with all of your information i will tkae it all into consideration

    Salinero - i know the previous owner of my horse and she knew the owner before her, and my horses first owner - the race horse trainer i have contacted him via email and spoke to him a few times about her,

    he has commented that there have been no health problems with my horse, and neither of the other owners have had any problems with my horse in regards to health.

    I have started parelli with her and am also getting some ridding lessons so hopefully all this will go towards me helping to better the bond with my horse and get us working together as a team.

    I have the dentist coming out sometime next week so maybe that is the problem, will have to wait and see.

    thinking i might take her off some of her extra food as well and see if that calms her down, - but her weight is coming onnicely - i have had many comments about how well she looks now so she is definitelly feeling better, so that might also be a cause of her new behaviour ?

    will keep you all updated - if you can possibly continue to message here with any more information that you may have - anything may help now - i am open to suggestions :)

    also sorry abut the double post - this is my first time on this stockyards was not sure which catergory to put my help question under
  4. GoGo

    GoGo Well-known Member

    maybe try regumate- it could be just a girl thing.
  5. LNT

    LNT Well-known Member

    holy crap no wonder she is zinging off her head with all that feed!!

    i would just give her a biscuit of good quality hay twice a day :}

    oh i have just seen your other thread, and yes i know, if you cant say anything nice dont say anything at all........but REALLY???? WOW
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  6. Sugar's Mum

    Sugar's Mum Gold Member

    sounds like you are a person just starting on your horse journey. Congratulations and welcome :).


    Young thoroughbreds come out of racing with not enough training for a beginning rider. Having been through a few homes she might have had a few edges knocked off or she could really need some quality instruction.

    I have seen some really wonderful fresh off the track TB's that with a bit of traing make wonderful horses but I have also seen some that would not be suitable. Think seriously dangerous for beginning riders.

    Please do take care of yourself and if you are feeling out of your depth find someone to give you some help and support. The parelli training is a wonderful first step it's great to hear you are getting the help there.

    As to feed, my favourite feed for TB's is hay, hay and more hay. If you were to buy a large round bale and put it in her paddock she will be able to get the majority of her needs met. Then a simple feed like copra or other low heating feed will give her the weight you want without impacting badly on her temperment. then a good mineral suppliment and you should find all that together is much cheaper then all the bits and pieces you are feeding her.

    Good luck with her and do be careful. If you feel out of your depth it could be worth considering getting her retrained to ensure you are safe and having a really great talk with the person you choose to work with her.

    have fun
  7. GallopGirl088

    GallopGirl088 New Member

    Sugars Mum
    Thank you soo much for your reply

    i am probably of a intermediate riding level though
    I have lowered the quantity of feed i am giving her, and am actually seeing an improvement on her behavior - but might go with what you suggested and see how that works.

    i am actually not having an lessons with Parelli anymore :(
    the lady who was instructing me had a disagreement with me,
    said i need to choice Parelli or Riding (either just parelli for 4 months no riding or nothing ( i cant have both )

    and i did not want to give up riding my horse - imagine 4 months not riding a thoroughbred i would be killed the day i get back on her she would be so hyped.

    ( am thinking about self teaching parelli though unless i can find another instructor )

    I am thinking maybe sending her to a retainer just to teach her / reteach her the basic mainly breaks, haha have all ready had 2 crazy gallops on her and it is VERY hard to stop her, she is naturally a very forward going horse

    Also Whats a good sand removal method ?
    i have heard that all these options work
    psyillium husk, sweet bulk, bran or drenching

    still being green with owning horses i am not sure the best method - i have spoken with people who swear by bran and psyillium husk and say there horses have never been drenched

    and others swear by drenching -- i have also heard some horses can become sick after being drenched ?
  8. Paint8

    Paint8 Well-known Member

    GG I am not sure where you are but I can't recommend Mike Jacobson enough. He has had a lot of success with ex racers and currently has my wb gelding and my AWB mare full-time.

    He has a very gentle approach and gets results.

    His training fees won't break the bank either!!!
  9. Bunnies

    Bunnies Guest

    I think you'd be surprised what 4 months of ground work could do. Whether you do Parelli or not I think you could do a lot worse than spending some time getting your horse to respect you on the ground before riding her again. I'd recommend not riding her until you have absolute control and absolute respect from her.

    The right diet will help to make her more manageable. Just go with lots of hay, preferably meadow hay and a basic non-heating feed.

    As far as sand goes, I get my horses drenched because that's what my vet recommends.
  10. Sugar's Mum

    Sugar's Mum Gold Member

    it is very hard to know why your ex instructor said no riding for 4 months after all I cant see the horse and you though the computer but I do wonder why she said it.

    My concern would be that she thinks there is a respect issue and that the ground work will help to establish the trust and respect needed to make a good riding partnership.

    It may be that she is concerned for your safety and by the sounds of the behaviour you were describing there is certainly the potential for this horse to be dangerous.

    I am glad to see you thinking about getting her retrained. I think that would be an excellent idea. With potentially dangerous behaviours (Difficult to stop, head shaking etc) it doesn't take much to make the problem much worse.

    The trouble is that often the difference between the perfect lesson with the right behaviour encouraged and a lesson that rewards dangerous behaviour is around 3 seconds. When you are so new to horse ownership it is so much better to have guidance.

    And the best bit about having her retrained is that you can ask to be abel to watch at least some of the retraining so you can learn as well as your beautiful horse.

    Oh and for your information I consider myself an intermediate rider after almost 30 years playing with horses. My instructors have mainly been my horses with a few trainers thrown in every now and again. I would love to be having more lessons. There is always something new I can be learning.

    Good luck.
  11. corporate pride

    corporate pride Well-known Member

    I suggest sending her to Fred Watkins to be remouthed and started the education. The "no breaks" thing is not a good thing. My tb would pull through a Pelham and I'd have little control Soni got him remouthed by John olearys remouthing system (the same as Fred uses) and I'm in 100% control now, they teach the horse the one rein stop so in cases ur horse takes off on u, u can stop them in a stride if needed.
    If ur horse goes to a trainer and they teach u how to ride her their way, u need to stick with that coz if u don't the horse could change into something u don't like.
    Chances are the feed and saddle as well as needed remouthing. IMO the ottbs aren't good first horses. Green + green = black and blue.
    I've been there and learnt my lesson. I got an educated 12 yo and had the best time of my life while learning. But if u do the right things here u can learn a lot about horse training with this horse.

    Good luck and keep us up to date!!
  12. Blackbat

    Blackbat Well-known Member

    The four months groundwork is probably an estimate of how long it will take you to get proficient with your communication. It's like learning a language, and depends how quickly you cotton on. It might be less than 4 months.

    You will learn how to ask your horse to go and stop. Move at the speed and direction you ask until you ask for something different. How to understand how to move away from pressure of different types. How to use and move different parts of it's body as you ask. How to deal with scary or confusing situations, and trust that what you ask is the best thing to do, without arguing. How to be calm, responsive and safe. You will learn how to ask all these things.

    Then you will get on and do all this stuff from the saddle. Rather than zinging off it's brain, your horse will have all this stuff in it's brain. You will know how to use it, because you put it there.

    I would suggest that if this horse went from reasonably well behaved to buck/bolt/rear with you in only 6 months, you need to learn these skills, whether you also go with sending to a trainer or not.
  13. Sugar's Mum

    Sugar's Mum Gold Member

    oh forgot re the sand question.
    I oil drench, feed lots of hay and keep an eye on the quality of the horses coat. If it is stark and starey then I get an oil drench done.

    I also dont feed my horses off sand. I put their feed buckets on a green grassy patch and over feed the hay so they aren't scrabbling around in the dirt to get feed.

    Like anything else with horses there are people who choose one way and others who choose a different way. It comes down to personal experience.

    When the vet drenches it is a mix of parafin oil, psyllium and a cup of epsom salts. There is a risk with it that the oil may end up in the lungs that is why it is important to get a trained vet to do it.
  14. GallopGirl088

    GallopGirl088 New Member

    Thanks guys for all your information
    she does have some sand in her stall - but where she is eating i have placed good quality rubber matting down, and sweep it anytime before she gets fed to prevent her picking up any sand with her food if she drops any on the floor and eats of the floor.

    Where abouts is Mike Jacobson located ? i have googled him but did not get much information at all on him, do you have a website link ?

    Also does anyone know of a really cheap place to hire a horse float from ??
    I have some one sorted who will drive my horse to possibly Fred Watkins but just need to sort out a cheap enough float hire

    She seems to be getting better the last few times i have ridden her,

    but i am definitely thinking dentist work must be done - she is head tilting and head shaking when i ride her of which seh never normally does (so these are signs or teeth problems)

    Also i just contacted a lady ( Nat ) who retrains OTTT she has an eventer who was OTT
    and i am gonna start lessons with her for $50
    she also will take the horse for a week to retrain if need be - so hopefully all will go well with that
    Gonna get her teeth sorted then book the lesson in
    She will ride my horse first then have me ride

    Hoping all will work out
  15. corporate pride

    corporate pride Well-known Member

    Usually trailer hire places hire floats or ask a person that has a float to hire it, but u will be responsible for any damage. Or get a trucking company to take her. Ppl here can recommend.
  16. Paint8

    Paint8 Well-known Member

    Mike is in Just of Northam rd in Toodyay.

    He is a farrier and also does float training. He picked up both of my horses for me :).
  17. GallopGirl088

    GallopGirl088 New Member

    Thanks guys
    also will do some research - did a lesson with my girl today and WOW she was like a changed horse so different.
    she was Softening really well, she was engaging her hind quarters and tracking.
    The instructor was VERY Impressed with her, so maybe we are starting to get on the right track :D

    Just wondering if anyone knows of any good / cheap saddle fitters in Perth WA ??

    Also wondering if anyone knows or any good / cheap Horse Massage people in Perth WA ?

    Please write here if you can or even email me :

    want to try and eliminate any possible cause so ( she has the dentist tomorrow, gonna get a drench and all her vaccinations )
    and then just planning on trying to find a cheapish saddle fitter and a horse massager :D

    Thanks Guys :D
  18. sunline

    sunline Well-known Member

    after skimming through this as I'm at work..

    your horse sounds like a candidate for stomach uclers..

    girthy, resistant to go forward, agrivated behaviour..

    most racehorses will have them too..
  19. GallopGirl088

    GallopGirl088 New Member

    Thanks Sunline
    How can i check to see if she has them ??

    also for all those who have helped me on this site

    my horse had the vet out today, turns out its was not her teeth tats causing some problems they are sharp but no to sharp
    the problem which is causing head shaking, head tilting and possibly bad behaviour is mouth ulcers, 2 ulcers close to bit area which when riding her when bit rubs it hurts her,

    So hopefully within a week or no riding just close monitoring the ulcers they will go down, and hopefully that will be the end of her problems,

    Will keep you all updated :D
  20. Sugar's Mum

    Sugar's Mum Gold Member

    gg great to know you did all the investigating.

    The uclers wont take that long to resolve. Usually only a couple of days :)

    well done

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