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    Heres a bit of irony for ya. A few mates and I went for a big ride in Whiteman Park on the weekend and just as we were heading out, I offered a friend a "brainsaver". Being the tough cowboy that he is he declined (fair enough) but i resisted the temptation to look great with my blonde locks flowing out behind me Mcleod's Daughters style. I'm glad i stuck my helmet on coz just as i mounted up in the barn, i turned around to talk to someone and my horse wandered forward, i turned around to stop him and WHACK! Straight into the metal beams. I actually said ouch then realised it didnt hurt! HAHAHa My neck is sore but my head is still attached. Thank you Dublin Eventer. Only problem was the embarrasment. No helmet can save me from that.

    "It is often said that if a dog is a man's best friend, then a horse is a man's best slave."

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