Head Wound **GRAFFIC PICS**updated 28 oct 2007

Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by Shiobhan, Aug 27, 2007.

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  1. mineees

    mineees Gold Member

    oh wow!!!...you handled it well.well done.**) im sure it will heal up fine...would love to see piks on how it heals....
  2. Shiobhan

    Shiobhan Well-known Member

    Thanks guys I wasnt coping very well the 2nd time he did. I had Amelino at the tail gate ready to go on and all I could see was legs coming under the rubber I was screaming need help believe me.

    I will do progressive photos his first change will be thursday. Vet is very confident that there will be minor scaring. There is one soft of flesh that how has the potiential to grow proud flesh so we will be watching that bit. It wont be huge amounts if it did.

    It has bled more due it being about 12hrs to late to just staple and stitch she had to cut dead stuff to get to new stuff. Scaple old crap out from under the flap and in his eye socket.

    Jez was Count Cipayo scratched sorry not Hosea. Also had to scratch our cup horse Why The Long Face the mornign we left. So we went from 5 starters to 4 to 3 lol wasnt a very good trip I can tell ya. RWWA have rung asking if we could go back on the weekend coming if the lock down is lifted. We only have 3 left to race and really dreading having to drive all that way again only to be canned again.
  3. Andhi

    Andhi Gold Member

    Holy cow!!
    He definately decided to go all out on his injury didn't he.

    Well done!
  4. Arab Lover

    Arab Lover Well-known Member

    geee what a mess, it makes my mares leg so good, hope he gets better soon
  5. cobbie

    cobbie Gold Member

    And I thought I was the only person with a horse silly enough to do a good job of head injuries! haha. I must be just really unlucky to have had it happen twice...

    Lucky, though, to not have had that much blood and skin taken off in either of them! Thankgod, cause I don't do blood and gore!

    Hope he is back and racing soon, poor boy.
  6. The Good Luck Fairy

    The Good Luck Fairy New Member

    **Sprinkling some Fairy Dust in Shio's way (and throwing in an extra couple of handfuls cos it's got so far to travel!!)**

    All the best for your boy's quick recovery...

  7. mini mad

    mini mad Guest

    boy oh boy he done a ripper job of that one,,,i hope he heals up quickly for you and is back to his happy self soon...best of luck guy,s great job..all the best...:))
  8. Monkey

    Monkey Well-known Member

    Oh poor boys!! i hope they get better as soon as possible! :(
  9. Shiobhan

    Shiobhan Well-known Member

    Wound above the eye was done friday 24th the slice was on the sunday 26th. Seen to by the vet monday 27th. Photo during the clean up and removal of dead tissue.

    Check first page for intital photos

    Today 30th aug as soon as the bandaging came off.


    Showing great granulation up in the slice area filling in and not proud flesh yay. Area above the eye some tissue has died we thought it might.



    His eye is absolutly fine thank god still to keep up with his eye stuff though until his healed. After removing the dead tissue above his eye and filling it in with some nice gel stuff have totally forgotten its name now I want to remeber. A soft pinky pad was put on both and then he turned into a mummy again with bandaging.



    His back to his normal self running around the paddock kicking. Knocks it a little and then sooks as he would. Currently a big pin cushing for penicillian twice a day. Will add the next update to this topic.
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2007
  10. Jez

    Jez Gold Member

    Thanks for the update Shio - your doing a good job!.
  11. Pooch

    Pooch New Member

    YUK how on earth did your horse do that hope it heals soon.
  12. Shiobhan

    Shiobhan Well-known Member

    Pooch read back to first page. Hurt 2 times in float.
  13. biscay

    biscay Well-known Member

    Wow Shio. you are doing a fantastic job girl !!! He is lucky he has you looking after him.
  14. mav

    mav Well-known Member

    do you actully know what he did the first injury on? above his eye?

    and it looks good... sort of!!
  15. Shiobhan

    Shiobhan Well-known Member

    The one on his eye was just him getting his head wedge to the left on the partition so right side of face wedge turned to the left right eye/cheek against the partition mesh. I have these ties called Bunji Ties thinking good invention dont need long lead ropes in the float. Well there a tad bit to long. So he could turn his head to far. Got it stuck when he tried to eat Amos next to him on the left. So his ripped it up and the force has just tore hair off and one small weld bump and I mean small like my small finger nail half of that on the mesh put the hole on his eye lid. But that leads to the socket and the sunked bit you see in a normal non brusied horsey. Its just got infected/died due to not getting the right treatment on time which at the time we couldnt do anything but clean it and give him bute.
  16. mod 6

    mod 6 Moderator

    all cleaned up mate keep up the good work
  17. Shakhaan

    Shakhaan Well-known Member

    Looking a lot better shio :) While I (like all of us!) hate to have them injured, the healing process is facinating :))

    Ciao. Kiley.
  18. persian queen

    persian queen New Member

    What a great job you have done Shiobhan. I want to wish you all the best with your horses this weekend if you go back to Onslow, because you two really deserve a change of luck this time around.
  19. ljcarlton

    ljcarlton Active Member

    Yes they left for Onslow early this morning with 3 racehorses. They arrived fine, no issues... fingers crossed everything will keep going well for them :))
  20. Jez

    Jez Gold Member

    Thanks for the update LJ...may the horse be with them ...They deserve a change of luck.
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