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Discussion in 'Problem Horses' started by pyretii, Sep 21, 2002.

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    Veronika - I couldn't agree with you more. Backwards is only a form of walk or trot or canter depending on the level of skill. It is a movement that when performed correctly, has to have impulsion from the hindquarters to achieve it. Unfortunately many riders pull their horses into backwards, not ride into it so there are adverse results. Parelli has worked wonders for my horse. Had so much impulsion the other night I felt like I could do a canter pirouette!!

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    Hi Pyretti

    Sounds like he has similar problems to my horse. This is going to sound ridiculous but if the horse is resenting the bit- take it away. Ride in a parelli halter- if you don't have one borrow or buy one. They are a great investment. I never thought I could ever ride my horse in anything but a bridle and was considering upgrading to a harsher bit when my instructor told me to ride in the halter. They no longer have a bit to fight against or worry about and they really appreciate the break. My horse used to throw his head constantly, we could not do downward transitions without fighting for the ten minutes afterwards! Lots of things helped but this was certainly one of the major ones. Martingales etc are a waste of time because as soon as you take them off, the horse returns to their old ways. It could also make a tense horse more tense. Do alot of groundwork that relates to giving to pressure- not just from the head. Sounds like he has been forced into an outline and you are definitely doing the right thing by riding softly and wanting a true outline. I could say soooo much about this as I feel I have had similar kind of resistance problems with my horse! If you want any more info you can email me kobie8@optusnet.com.au Whereabouts do you keep your horse???
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    Hiya, I understand you are trying to help but for goodness' sake do NOT recommend throwing away the bridle on a horse she is already having trouble with controlling! How will you feel if she listens to you, puts a halter on and is taken off with across country, or has an accident?

    You need to get an instructor to help you with your horse, there are a dozen different ways to get the result you want but ultimately it is nowhere near as valuable and effective as having a pair of eyes on the gorund capable of guidling you through your problems, and fixing it.

    ~ Do as much as it takes, do as little as it takes. ~
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    Thank-you everyone who has given me helpful advice with this problem. Most of it I have tried. What I really did was just persist with how I wanted to ride him and every time he lowered his head he got a pat or a release on the reins or got to slow down etc.. When I ride him now he works very well from the leg to the rein and is showing a lovely outline. When he does resist the leg goes on harder and he lowers his head again. For every new person that gets on him the head goes up in the sky again but he is working nicely for me and for that I am happy. I am going overseas and have to sell him (boohoo) and I just hope that i find a person who is willing to persist with him and get results aswell!
    Thank-you all for your help.

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    Thats great, hope he finds a good home. And Sil, i was not recommending taking a bridle off an uncontrollable horse. If a horse fights a bit, taking it away in a controlled environment can often help them. I WAS NOT saying to take the bit away if he was uncontrollable as i got the impression that he was just strong and as it so happens Sil, pyretti did do some halter work with him even before my post but her situation didn't allow her to do it regularly in those situations where he is strong etc. This is a discussion forum, please don't say things like "How would i feel if she took my advice and something bad happened... etc etc No-one forces anyone to take anyone elses advice and as I am sure you appreciate, it is difficult to give advice without knowing the horse and therefore we share our experiences. In saying that, lessons are always a great idea with any horse as nothing can beat the eyes on the ground.

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