Head Shy? can you fix it?

Discussion in 'Problem Horses' started by Jes_bm, Apr 6, 2011.

  1. I'm currently training SC's Wish who is extremely headshy. Why I am doing is working incredibly well with her but it is very complicated to explain. I'd be more than happy to come to you and show you so you can see and understand the way I'm doing it and all the why's and wherefores behind it. In the space of 3 weeks I've gone from not being able to get anywhere near her face under any circumstances to being able to halter and unhalter her easily, rub her ears and around her poll and brush her forelock.
  2. Tallarook

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    Cant say if you can "Fix" your horse, it isnt fair to judge as i havent seen your horse. However every horse i have come across, certainly can be improved at least. Some horses are just bluffing the handler, some genuinly have had bad experiences and some nil zip handling too!

    If your horse is pulling away and taking off when the bridle comes off, i would make sure his teeth have been done, i would then be having a halter on underneath the bridle and tie him up. Gently take the bridle off, if he ties up he will try and hang back then work out he is not able too.

    I would suggest to get some help with him from a professional trainer, it could be one session of some tips and you could be well on your way.............good luck with it all..........:)*
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    I agree with Scorpio. Have his teeth checked. Is he only like that with the bridle? My pony was terrible with her bridle. She would see it coming and tense up, wouldn't want to open her mouth to put it on either. And taking it off she was terrible! She would fling her head up and try to back away from it when the bit was coming out. And it was as simple as having her teeth done! She improved dramatically almost immediately.
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    My old girl was really head shy with i first got her but the more i handled her and gave her loads of carrots and pony cubes. Once she got good with my hands i started to toss the rope around in my hands until she got used to it, then clipped it to her, and did the same and progressivly worked up to getting her to ignore ropes around her head all the time which made brideling, catching and haltering soooo much easier.

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