Head Shaking or a Nervous Twitch?

Discussion in 'Problem Horses' started by sunline, Sep 12, 2003.

  1. sunline

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  2. mylittlepony

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    i know i know old thread....but i was just wondering if u found out if it was just headshaking or not??
  3. Eoroe

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    I know its an old one too - but have you heard of Trigeminal Neuralgia? Its severe inflammation of the trigeminal nerve near the nasal passage (its a major nerve) that can be inflammed by various irritants. pressure, heat. pollen or any irritation to the nasal passage, and even increase in blood pressure. This can be caused by seasons, behvaviour, stress, pollens, and equipment. Even correctly fitted equipment can trigger it in certain cases.
    It is also found in humans - and is most cases is described as an excruciating, searing and shooting pain thay can last for long time (chronic) or for a short peroiod of time (acute).
    It might be something to ask you vet about - and If it is that, try different tests, and a diary to see what may be causing it so you can prevent its onset : ) good luck all!
  4. dressagedivaII

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    Make sure all of your gear esspecially your bridle and bit fits correctly.
  5. 7notHeaven

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    My pony turns into an instant headshaker with someone who has very set hands and doesn't go with the natural movement:(. Not to say that this is the answer to most headshakers problems but maybe if the behaviour is not there when the contact is dropped then this could be looked at as being a rider problem not a horse one. No offence meant to all the people who have horses who suffer from this and are obviously thoughtful and good riders, just an expereince I have had.;)
  6. my obi

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    hey there, i have a 6 yr old thou-bred and 3 weeks ago he started doing this head tossing thing where it looked like he had a bee up his nose, and continued to do it all day, i washed his mouth out thinking he had a wed of hay in his throat, the next day he was fine..didnt notice it again untill yesterday after i finished riding him he started again, washed his mouth out and checked him today and hes still doing, i did a bit of research and some horses are sensitive to sunlight, its classed as an allergy! so i have put a mesh face mask on him to see if that helps..i worried if it is this its kind of dangerous becuase he continues to shake his head, funny thing is he doesnt always do it and doesnt do it when im riding..maybe this is what your horse has! good luck
  7. millie's song

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    Hi sunline!just saw your thread from a while ago and wondered how your horse is going. i have a horse who developed head shaking syndrom and she is now,six month later and after hours and hours of searching, nearly "head shake free".for her it was a mineral imbalance and a few other things. PM me if you are still having troubles, maybe i'll be able to help you.
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  8. sunline

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    good god this is from 2003.. almost 10 years ago.

    after a year of no one being able to fix it, I gave him away to a farm in Toodyay, they wanted a quiet horse for the tonking around the farm, and I havent heard from them since. By my calculations he'd be about 20 now.

    Still sad when I think about it, he was a great horse.
  9. millie's song

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    oh, didn't realise it was that long ago sunline! what a shame! it took me many hours researching to find out what was wrong. a lot of people think it's not curable, and i guess there are different stages of severety. i might have been lucky that i cought it relatively early and trough coincidence i managed to find the right people to help me! i'm just so over the moon that my girl is getting so much better and wanted to try to help someone else as i know how frustrating and sad it is to watch them being like that! anyway, if anyone has any trouble with head shaking i'll be happy to pass on a few ideas and contacts which might help!
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