He likes to rear...advice please!

Discussion in 'Problem Horses' started by CoUrTzZ_94, May 21, 2010.

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  1. LisaJ

    LisaJ Well-known Member

    I have followed this post from the start & am so impressed with maturity with which you are dealing with this horrible outcome. In the perfect world money would be no object & he could be fixed, but like for many of us, having a horse is obviously a huge financial sacrifice for your guardian, and that extra money is just not there. I have always said that if one of my animals gets that badly hurt that it would cost $1000's to fix I would look at putting that animal to sleep. An easy thing to say when not facing the decision, but fortuantely I have never had to make this decision, so well done in doing a very hard thing, and well done to Jess for helping.
  2. Standy_lover

    Standy_lover Well-known Member

    thanks....i know its the right thing to do...if i sold him he would become someone elses problem which isnt fare im in that psotion now!
  3. taeliesyn

    taeliesyn Well-known Member

    So Sorry to hear that you are having Zues put to sleep, but very well done on making the best decision for your situation (IMO).
  4. Pockets

    Pockets Gold Member

    Not a nice decision to have to make:(
  5. Horseagilitywa

    Horseagilitywa Well-known Member

    Big hugs Courtz!!!
    You are a brave girl. Thank you for thinking of the beautiful boy and putting him first.

    Thank you Merry-legs for your help.
  6. Standy_lover

    Standy_lover Well-known Member

    i just wanted the best for him....i knew if i had just kept going with him it would of been selfish and cruel to him to expect him to carry on like that...regardless of how i feel it my horse that came first i was cryin for ours just thinking about it but i knew it was right in my heart
  7. Shiralee

    Shiralee Well-known Member

    You my dear should be very very proud of the mature and responsible way in which you have handled this situation, many many pple much older and suposedly much wiser would have been unable to make this decision and would have passed him on knowing full well that his issues were serious and had the potential to end in serious/fatal consequences. You have shown great courage and you have my respect and sympathies. Lets hope that just round the corner is a horse for you!
  8. Lauren

    Lauren Gold Member

    I'm really sorry to read that Zeus is getting PTS..
    Good on you for doing what's right for him, I know that it would have been a very hard decision to make :(

    You obviously love him very much, and i'm sure he's had a wonderfull home with you. I hope you find another horse to love.. one that you can have fun with! :)*

    Though I do have to wonder who was the idiot that sold a dangerous & sore horse on to a young girl... #(
  9. Standy_lover

    Standy_lover Well-known Member

    i would LOVE to name the person but i wont i have more morals then that....also so ive found out he possibley has been drugged as all the carrying on didnt start for atleast 3-4 weeks after he came :\ makes me wounder how someone could do something like that too a beautiful animal! makes my blood boil!
  10. Ali

    Ali Well-known Member

    Drugs won't work for that long, maybe only 24hrs tops. Sadly it sounds like the only way he could tell people he was in so much pain was to act in the way he did.
  11. Standy_lover

    Standy_lover Well-known Member

    yep and i have finally heard him loud and clear thanks to Merrylegs! i cannot thank her enough!
  12. Anna E

    Anna E Guest

    I can't add much to what others have said except HUGS Courtz - never easy - I'm sure Zeus will be relieved that SOMEONE finally listened to him... I've never been in that situation with my own horse but as a vet I have helped numbers of people make the same decision, and can only admire you for dealing with it in such a mature manner at a young age.. He's not going for ever, just going ahead to wait for a while... It won't hurt up there.
  13. Babe

    Babe Well-known Member

    Umm I hesitate to ask this ....but does anyone know exactly what is wrong with the horse? I mean, all this talk of the poor horse being in pain and how much it would cost to get him right?

    Is it ulcers? Has he a trapped nerve? These are things that can be fixed wihtout spending a lot of money? but yet he is being put down.:(

    Im just wondeirng thats all..I feel for you Courtz, hard situation to be in...but Im thinking that if it is something that can be resolved, isnt it owed to the horse to give him a chance?:confused:
  14. Lakota

    Lakota Well-known Member

    I agree with this. Very brave decision by Courtz, but I have seen this horse at the standardbred show, he is not a nasty horse. So many horses can be turned around though some knowledge and understanding (not having a go at you Courtz! Please dont take it that way). I am not sure what is wrong with Zeus so I am not saying this is the case, just curious if there is something else that can be done to help him. I admire your decision, and I would imagine that given you have had help by Merrylegs (thumbs up for your help) it is likely that you have made the right one.

    I sold one of the most amazing TB geldings I have ever owned many years ago. Really, this horse was mind-blowing in temperament and performance. The girl that bought him off me seemed nice but a little in-experienced - she said she would be working closely with an instructor and sounded like a nice home. A year later I saw him at a show, he was a mess. I could tell immediately that his back was out and he was in pain. Yet his owners couldn't figure out why he had suddenly started bucking and rearing? This was a horse loved by everyone for his easygoing temperment. Quietest TB I have ever known. Anyway I am going off track, thing is they sold him to some knowledgeable owners and now he is back to good health and jumping like a superstar. It really amazes me how much a horses temperament can be turned around by feeding and pain, and have seen it firsthand. Thats what makes selling so scary these days.

    I really worry about the amount of people out there who don't understand "horses". Sure some are amazing riders (even at the top of their field), but they lack some of the basics in horsemanship. Maybe I am a little too nitpicky with my boy, but I scrutinize every movement, every reaction, his eyes and his general happiness everyday. I am totally devoted to making sure that he is well conditioned, happy and pain free. I am not saying that people don't care for there horses at all, just that so many are lacking that knowledge and understanding. I am lucky to have amazing horse people in my family that have devoted themselves to making me the best owner I can be.

    Big round of applause to people like Merrylegs out there trying to make a difference in this way and big hugs to Courtz who is willing to listen and make a big and very sad decision.
  15. kathera

    kathera Active Member

    Im sure Merrylegs has given the best advise and has seen many a problem, would know when to hold em and when to fold.

    All the best Courtz, sometimes life sucks!!!
    I have put 2 down now out of four owned, One through poor fencing when i was a teenager - $$$$ could have saved her, but have to be realistic and with all the surgery, she may never have been the same and one a OTTB that was a beuty with a throat problem, I took a chance on an operation but it failed and he had to be put down a couple of months after..anyway other stories...
    I feel your pain, but then another comes along one day :) they seem to have a habit of finding you and i look forward to your new posts of happier stories. **)
  16. kathera

    kathera Active Member

    oh and get a vet check next time hey? even a free horse hurts the same when things arent what they seem down the track, which i am sure you will agree with and dont actually need to be told this now!
  17. Standy_lover

    Standy_lover Well-known Member

    if you read my other posts i explained it already
  18. coffee lover

    coffee lover New Member

    You are doing the right thing for Zuess Standy Lover. I hope things work out better for you with your next horse. Keep us posted.
  19. Babe

    Babe Well-known Member

    A vet check? From what I have heard the poor girl cant afford a professional to have a look at THIS horse....

    Dont worry, put this on down, get another one that you cant afford, hopefully that one wont be sore either. Sorry but this attitude rubs me the wrong way.(not directed at you personally Kathera!)

    Thank you for your PM Merrylegs....I DO understand the no money situation...I just wish there was another outcome for this poor horse rather then a death sentence. I DO hope people have learned from this....the purchase of a horse is the CHEAP part...its our responisbility and duty as carers of these fine animals to be able to afford their upkeep...

    please Courtz I hope before you go buy/get given another horse think about if your parents/situation can afford to keep the horse should it need a vet etc..oherwise it is not fair on the horse#(
  20. mod 6

    mod 6 Moderator

    Ok, I Think enough has been said here.

    On behalf of Stockies I wish you all the best in doing the right thing for the horse, what ever that may be.
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