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Discussion in 'Problem Horses' started by Flyfree, Oct 23, 2011.

  1. wattle6180

    wattle6180 Gold Member

    For me, it's kinda habit as well. You take food for your horse when going out for the day, may as well hang it in front of their face in the float. It's definitely not a reward for loading. They just don't rationalize like that :)
  2. stormie

    stormie Well-known Member

    yep my horses load without it to but there is still the chance that they could get choke, which my mare has had twice just in the paddock so not taking any chances.

  3. Eoroe

    Eoroe Gold Member

    I have heard this alot, Im not sure I beleive it...Id like to, but Im not sure.

    You have got me thinking Wattle! .....Im gonna have to start a new thread...lol :p The brain is a tick tick tickin...
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  4. moodymare

    moodymare Well-known Member

    after my girl self loads I put in her haybag AND her water tub which is mounted to the front, she can be transported without either and travels just the same (kicks th c#$% out of the tailate lol totally different issue) so yes I supply it but sometimes she chooses not to eat,I am happy to have it on offer and leave it up to her to decide when she wants it
  5. TahliaMatches

    TahliaMatches New Member

    i always put hay in when my horse used to float, to keep her relaxed and happy, but she didnt always eat it, if it was a 2 minute trip i wouldnt bothr, but if its a while, then do, and your horse has the choice if he wants to much or not. it also dependson the horse and if your going to ride when you get to the place or not(always wait one hour after feeding min to ride, just like swimming9dont believe in the swimming, but i dont want my horse to get colic if she hasnt finished digesting and i ride her around))
  6. ASH lover

    ASH lover Well-known Member

    I never feed hay in the float - no need - my horses all travel well without cos they are used to it....and if I buy a new horse, they soon get used to it too!
    Hay is messy, takes up space around the horses faces and can cause respiratory problems when fed in confined areas so I prefer to float without
  7. citygirl

    citygirl Gold Member

    No I dont... after being at the Vets a few years back, when he arrived back from the Royal, where he had to put a horse down because of Choke,the horse had been eating hay on a float on its way to the Royal :(

    very sad
  8. Lauren

    Lauren Gold Member

    Another reason I feed hay is usually I'm floating very early before a show. I don't like riding Bess/Lucky on an empty stomach, but don't want to ride immediately after they've just eaten a big breakie either.
  9. Cheeki

    Cheeki Gold Member

    Really depends on the horse, who I'm traveling with (other horse), and the length of time they're on the float.

    I always give hay/feed prior to floating regardless if I put hay in the float or not.
  10. ASH lover

    ASH lover Well-known Member

    I never feed hay even if the journey is 4 hours long (after which time I would give them a rest off the float anyway). I suppose it depends on the horse, but I have never HAD to feed hay to relax a horse, even if they are tense initially they all seem to chill once on the road - and that includes a pretty bad scrambler.
    In my experience the way you drive the float has more bearing on the emotional and physical well being of the passenger over any distraction technique.
  11. dirtbug

    dirtbug Gold Member

    i thought about do i float with hay and i have to admit im quite forgetful so id say half the time he has hay half the time he doesnt :D

    if hes being a bit hesitant at loading i will pop his feed bin in once hes on before i drive off to give the "float is good feel" lol

    (lol just realised i had posted way before on this thread LOL that will teach me to read all the thread before i post LOL )
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  12. old_mate

    old_mate Well-known Member

    I always make a point of putting the hay nets in the float while the horses are watching or sometimes the feed bins. It helps to make the idea of getting on the float that much more attractive to them I have found.:D
  13. old_mate

    old_mate Well-known Member

    I will also walk past them with the feed bins so that they can see what is inside them and then put the bins in the float.
  14. jennh

    jennh New Member


    horses are constant grazers... its not "bad" if they go without for a couple of hours but i always have hay on the floats... even for short trips :D
  15. cupcake

    cupcake Well-known Member

    My horse doesn't like hay bags or nets in the float. Less room for him then maybe? He's clostrophobic (sp) so I try to keep the float as empty and uncluttered as possible. Doesn't load if another horse is in there either.

    He can go with out hay for a few hours. He won't die from it.

    And I'm worried of somthing getting Snagged on the hay net. Even though it's tied up reasonably high if I was to put one in. U never know.
  16. myyky

    myyky Well-known Member

    I believe a horse should be able to get on the float and load comfortably and easily whether or not there is hay on the float. I will put a hay net in for long distance trips.. But 20min drives, it takes longer to pack the freaking things than to drive there :p

    It is also better if your horse is used to loading without feed for emergencies. Imagine being caught by a fire and your horse won't get on the float because it has no food.
  17. South Boulder Boy

    South Boulder Boy Well-known Member

    Nope no hay/food in the float ever. However the horses on the truck get a couple of handfuls of pony cubes when loaded but this only started when a horse went down in the truck and even though he's long gone we still do it. The float horses are never left on the float for long though with the flaot stopped where as the truck ones can be on for around 5-15min without the truck running (depending on how long it takes to load/unload a side). So the food is just something to keep them busy while waiting to get moving.
  18. abb77

    abb77 Well-known Member

    i do, because its usually half of is brekky :p if he wants it, he'll eat it and vice versa, and if theres any left, he'll have it on the way back - keeps him calm and happy ;)
  19. suga1624

    suga1624 Well-known Member

    Generally i always put hay in for mine anywhere i go. i like it to be enjoyable for them. most of the time it will be half their breakfast or dinner or something. If they finish it the first trip, they get none on the way home. But I always give them a hay bag if its my float :) Mind you, they will get on either way. As sometimes for a quick beach trip we havent worried.
  20. fishiz3434

    fishiz3434 Active Member

    I don't if we're going somewhere less than 30mins, anything over 30mins i'll give a scoop of chaff that has electrolytes in if it's hot. And then I give Hay for long trips over an hour, but my old mare never ate any of it when floating anyway and my new mare scoffs anything in less than a minute.

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