"Have a go" Dressage Day - Kellerberrin - Sunday May 8th

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  1. maxntaz

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    Our riding club is holding a "Have a go" Dressage day at our grounds at Kellerberrin on Mothers day (Sunday May 8th).

    The aim of this event is to get everyone out and have a go a dressage.

    There will be no place ribbons, but you will get a copy of your results and your placing as well as a participation ribbon and a few spot prizes will be given out throughout the day.

    Eastern Wheatbelt Riding Club members: $5 per test
    PCAWA members: $5 per test
    Non members: $5 per test, plus $20 for insurance (unless current EA membership held - proof required).
    Dress: Tidy, clean, regulation boots & helmet (competion clothes if you wish)
    Rules: Following EA and/or PCAWA rules, however its a training/learning day, so wont be completely strict (can use non snaffle bits if you wish etc).

    Canteen and camping available. We also have great yards (brand new) and friendly people (!), so please come along, its an easy drive out to Keller (straight out great eastern highway).

    Program is looking like this at the moment:

    Arena 1 (40 x 20):
    9 am Pony Preparatory 1 test (walk trot), being followed by a young horse/pony in hand prep 1 test (for the unbroken horse and FIT horse owner!!!)
    10am - Pony Premlim 1A test
    11am - Pony Novice 2A test (60x 20)

    Any other practice test by request and time permitting.

    Arena 2 (40 x 20) 9 am Horse Preparatory 1 Test.
    (60 x 20) ~10 am Horse Preliminary 1A test
    (60 x 20) ~ 11.20 am Horse Novice 2 A test.
    (60 x 20) ~12.40 pm Horse Elementary 3A test

    Any other practice test by request and time permitting.

    If you would like more information about the tests, where Kellerberrin is, etc please EMAIL me (dont PM im not on here enough) shaunandmax@westnet.com.au

    We are going to have a much more formal competition towards the end of the year, but would like to use this as a warm up to the "proper" competition!:D
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  2. Freestyle

    Freestyle Well-known Member

    I love the idea of an inhand test! Sounds like great fun!!

    Its a shame its not 4hrs closer :p
  3. maxntaz

    maxntaz Well-known Member

    It will be nice that I will only have to drive 50kms to an event :D, rather than driving to Perth do compete LOL!! But yeah it will be great if we could get a few city people to come along to either this one, or our formal competition later in the year.
  4. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    Any age limit for the inland test? Sounds like fun!
  5. Shannon

    Shannon Well-known Member

    this looks good and only down the road :) yay hopefully get to it :)
  6. maxntaz

    maxntaz Well-known Member

    no age limit Sarah.

    Shannon, please email me so I can email registration/entry paper to you, if you wish to attend (need to register/enter).

    Entries close on 1st May
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  7. Shannon

    Shannon Well-known Member

  8. Cadabby

    Cadabby Well-known Member

    Looking forward to this - only 10km drive for me!
    Abby and I are going to do the horse Prelim and Novice and we're going to see what Elementary moves we can pull out of our combined butts lol ;)

    Figure if I can enter 3 tests I might as well. It's all for fun anyways, so feel free to come along for a laugh people!
  9. info on archie

    info on archie Well-known Member

    I am just double checking, so if PCAWA rules are being followed then there will be no bitless bridles and treeless saddles ? Thanks :)
  10. Cadabby

    Cadabby Well-known Member

    If you are a PCAWA member, you ride under their rules. If you are an EWA/EWRC member, you ride under EA rules.

    The event is being run jointly between Kellerberrin Riding & Pony Club and Eastern Wheatbelt Riding Club (EWA affiliated).
  11. Shannon

    Shannon Well-known Member

    Yay on this weekend cant wait :)

    Whos coming? and what tests you doing?

    im in 1, 1A and 2A- if i can get my sitting trot perfect
  12. maxntaz

    maxntaz Well-known Member

    I will be there a little later, will be on my way home from perth.

    There are still places available should anyone else wish to come along, very casual, no need to for plaiting or jackets, just neat, tidy attire and safety gear (helmets etc)

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