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Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by Marianne, Mar 27, 2007.

  1. Sick and tired of struggling to get off your long boots when you're done with the horses? Next time you put them on, slip a plastic shopping bag over your socks and then insert foot into boot. Makes it DEAD EASY to get your boots off later!
  2. ljp

    ljp Well-known Member

    Can't find your riding gloves or can't afford any this week? Apply band aids on your 'ring finger's where the reins pass thru to prevent rubbing and blisters. Just band aid up the area on your fingers where the reins make contact. It works!
  3. Ozzies_Girl

    Ozzies_Girl Well-known Member

    We bought a brand new Olympic Regal Deluxe, only to have my horse have a fit in the float and tear down the rubber matting that lines the insides about half a metre up. We priced replacing the rubber and it was so expensive, so instead we pulled own both sides and replaced it with that marine carpet stuff. It's so much nice, looks neat, is easy to clean and is perfect for horses who scramble.

    (note: I am NOT talking about the floor rubber)
  4. cocomist

    cocomist New Member

    Synthetic saddles

    A good tip for getting your synethetic saddlery shiney, is to wipe them over with 'Amorall', the stuff you use on your cars dash-board etc.

    Don't use on the seat, though, or you'll end up on the ground!!!:)*
  5. flash

    flash New Member

    Instead of using the loop on your whip that goes around your wrist, attach a regular plaiting band to your pinky finger at slide the top of the whip through it. That way, if your whip gets caught on something the band will break, but if you accidently lose hold of it during a round, it's still banded to your finger!

    I was always a bit leery of using that loop until my trainer pointed out this little gem to me!
  6. stephie1370

    stephie1370 Well-known Member

    does this work on recent or old cuts/scrapes??
  7. Lasix

    Lasix New Member

    But make sure they're the flexible ones! The ones made of hard plastic get baked in the sun and will break easily (sometimes into sharp shards).

    Bunnings also has large bins - cheap and great for storing feed.
  8. stephie1370

    stephie1370 Well-known Member

    I saw the some type of tubs at kmart for similar price =]
  9. Jonsie

    Jonsie Well-known Member

    For dirty faces - Use a wet soft body brush on the face, it takes them a couple of times to get used to the wet feeling but they are familiar with the brush on their face so they get the hint quickly! Its also really good after riding to get rid of the sweat marks from your bridle.
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  10. Jonsie

    Jonsie Well-known Member

    Trying to take a nice pic and cant get those elusive ears forward... pick up a handfull of sand or grass and lightly throw in the air (not anywhere near the horse but slightly behind the photographer) this works every time!!!!
  11. bubblez

    bubblez Well-known Member

    those flexible tubs that are brightly coloured are in bigW atm for $10 each :)
  12. Em

    Em Well-known Member

    Handy use for 2ltr tomato sauce bottles. We always buy 2ltr tomato sauce bottles and top up our easy pour sauce bottle. 2 tlr bottles make a fantastic concentrates scoop!
  13. crumpetsryum

    crumpetsryum Guest

    :)* I do believe this thread is BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!
  14. cuddly_pony

    cuddly_pony New Member

    My horse doesn't permit the hose going near her head either!!
    and I she is a pure grey so any dirt shows on her!!!
    Anyway we use a sponge (a bath sponge very soft on the face you can get them from woolies) just wet it and put shampoo on it and rub it on the face my horse just thinks its a brush!!!
    works every time!!!!
  15. cuddly_pony

    cuddly_pony New Member

    Hoof Black
    Hoof Black can be expensive (RRP $22.95 pfftt for 150ml!!!) any way you can use shoe blackner you can get them from woolworths for $4.95 250ml bottle with applicator!!!!
  16. Marianne

    Marianne Gold Member

    Sharaway's brilliant idea which is on another thread.

    Bleach and water to clean mould off leather.**) Nice one Genius.;)

    This is exactly what was suggested
    Ok Bleach, plain old cheep black and gold bleach, 50/50 with water, wipe the gear down with it, you might need and old toothbrush if it need scrubbing, then let it dry and treat with Oakwood Leather Conditioner.

    I find if I use Oakwood the leather doesnt tend to go mouldy again in a hurry.
  17. celestialdancer

    celestialdancer Gold Member

    dont know how true this one is....

    mix talcolm powder and water, shake and spray onto white socks.... when dry, brush and you will have white socks :D
  18. kathyve

    kathyve Active Member

    I love bunnings....
    Went looking for feed bins that I could mount onto the fence (sick of tracing around the yard morning and night to retrieve as the ponies love to throw them around).
    Located very bright red children’s push trolleys with handles and very large bases. Hard to explain but then look like a bucket with wheels and one side extends up about 60cm with a handle.

    They were extremely cheap, bright, easily mounted to the fence, flexible and deep enough for breakfast and dinner without falling out the top.

    Also converted my OH's ride on mover to a horse stuff mover. Get the boys at the workshop to make me a very nice trailer to go on the back. Now instead of trying to carry heavy feed buckets in the ponies I put them in the back. Great for moving the rugs and bales of hay around. (OH not impressed but)
  19. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    Whats even better then a feed bin that hooks onto the fence is one of those blue barrels cut inhalf.

    Each of our horses have one for hard feed, one for hay plus a couple for water. I find water stays nice and cool in summer in one of these.

    If you have a horse that likes to distroy everything just pour some cement in the bottom so it becomes too heavy.
  20. Boo's Eclipse

    Boo's Eclipse Well-known Member

    Trade link has tub trugs (the big 1s) for 7.95 atm.

    3L milk bottles cut on an angle make gr8 feed scoops.

    Bailing twine is fantastic for makeshift grass reins

    Grooming block gets out shedding winter coats fast

    Soaking bits in molasses deters rust

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