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    my horse has been under saddle for almost 12 months now and we are going well, teacher says hold reins shorter to raise his carriage and develop more muscle when doing flat work. I ride him on a long rein at home because we have hills, creek banks etc for his balance as he is still young and his shoulders still haven't developed. Does it confuse him if I ride him on a long rein at home and when doing flat work shorten the reins? :confused:
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    Milo, I am not sure a simple 'yes' or 'no' will suffice as an answer here.

    I would think it would be very confusing for your horse if the only time you shortened your reins, presumably to take up a contact, was in a lesson situation.

    Between lessons, do you not do some practice?

    He should be getting used to a range of rein lengths at home, including the length that your instructor is asking you to use.

    If you have no way of practicing riding with a contact, other than at your lessons, then I would discuss this with your instructor.

    I am sure he or she would then want to find a compromise.

    Good luck.

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