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Discussion in 'Horse Riding' started by Crusader, Oct 22, 2009.

  1. Crusader

    Crusader Well-known Member

    I am thinking about getting a half breed saddle.

    I am currently finishing starting my anglo undersaddle (it has been a while with a pregnancy and now a 14mth old bub that takes up most of my time these days) but we are almost ready for me to get in the saddle.

    She is quite wide and has no wither to speak of. I have a stock saddle which doesn't fit her - rides up he back and ends up almost on her neck when I have lunged her with it on. And I also have a wintec 2000 (with interchangable gullet) which seems to fit slightly better than the stock saddle but even with a different gullet i still think it will need restuffing etc.

    So I am thinking of looking for a 2nd hand half breed saddle as although would love to show her it is more likely that it will just be bush riding etc and I like the idea of the extra security it will give me given that she will be a green ride.

    Only thing is I have never ridden in a half breed I am guessing they are as comfy as your standard stock saddle?
    What brands are there available and how and who can i get to fit one if I am able to pick up a 2nd hand saddle?
  2. kimbo

    kimbo Well-known Member

    hi crusader

    well it depends on how much you want to spend of course. But I just bought a half breed saddle from john o'leary (Horse Problems Australia Index Page) and I paid roughly $1,500 with girths etc. It's full leather and really great quality.

    Personally on a comfort note you wouldn't see me dead in a stock saddle nor my horses (read john's site and it will tell you why for the horse fit factor). they are (generally speaking) not very comfortable on your butt, knees etc. however the swinging fender is just beautiful to sit in, sits you in a perfect position and has alot of padding under the seat. you feel very secure without feeling locked in.

    photos of my new saddle on my stock horse (brown) and my thoroughbred (chestnut). I find so far it fits most horses I've had it on


  3. domingo

    domingo Active Member

    ohhhh - love the chestnut............. and the saddle:D
  4. Crusader

    Crusader Well-known Member

    I have had a look at the ones on John O'Learys site they look great but a bit more than I am looking to spend..I think that photos of you on your chestnut is on the site isn't it?

    Have had a look at the Equest ones too - do they actually come and fit your saddle or is it one size fits all?
  5. painter

    painter Well-known Member

    I bought an Eqwest one last week - Sue can come out to check the fit of them, but half breeds are designed to fit *most* horses and have a large area to distribute the weight evenly.

    I love my Eqwest, it is incredibly comfortable, I have no pain in my knees or ankles and it puts in a lovely position - very secure too! There are two sizes 17" and 18", if you ride in a 16 or 17" a/p or dressage saddle then it should fit your butt;)

    Visually the Eqwest looks very similar to the Horseproblems one (I have bought his other gear, but don't like the leather being stamped horseproblems in such obvious places as his bridles and saddles)
  6. Andhi

    Andhi Gold Member

  7. raindear

    raindear Well-known Member

    Sue is coming to fit one to my Highland on Saturday...:) will let you know how we got on.
  8. Lin

    Lin Well-known Member

    I bought a GG Rider swinging fender poley on the weekend. About $650 with girth etc. It seems to fit my young horse well, he's wide and has no wither either. I tried my Wintec pro dressage on him and, while it looked ok on and didn't move when lunging, it turned upside down when I put a toe in the stirrup.

    I have ridden in the GG Rider up at the breaker's place and it is quite comfy once you get used to the sticky outy bits at the front! :)
  9. Crusader

    Crusader Well-known Member


    Anyone know what the Syd Hill Half breed sythetics are like? (There is one in last weeks quokka that is in my price range)but then again for a small amount more I could just buy one new or a GG Rider.
  10. Crusader

    Crusader Well-known Member

    Meant to add would love to hear how you get on raindear!
  11. Pugsworth

    Pugsworth Well-known Member

    Hi all i have a syd hill synthetic half breed and i love it better than a stock ive used it on several different horses and fitted them just fine very comfy and light feel very confident in it if that sounds right but i think any quality half breed will do that its just the way they are
  12. Crusader

    Crusader Well-known Member

    So how did you get on raindear?
  13. raindear

    raindear Well-known Member

    Not too bad thanks crusader!! Maggie needs to bulk up a bit more..she is 3 on Wednesday and is on a upwards growth spurt atm but also needs to do the outwards growth. She is a Highland so will fill out a lot more than she is atm. Pic is her now...
    but if you look in the 'Colour' section of the Breeding Threads you will see a mature Highland so will give you an idea on what she should look like when all growd up:) Sue is coming out with a smaller girth so hopefully we can have a ride without the threat of it slipping off her..LOL Very Nice looking saddle tho**) Ohh by the way thats not me in the pic it my child!
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  14. Late Starter

    Late Starter Well-known Member

    I realise this thread is a little old now but wondering how you all got on with the half breed saddles you'd bought or were going to buy?

    I'm in the market for one for my appaloosa Benny but he's about a wide gullet (and could change again as he changes shape so much).

    Would love to hear how you all got on as far as brand, fit, comfort etc. :)
  15. jlnew

    jlnew Well-known Member

    oops, sorry! sent you a pm before i noticed the date! so sorry!

    haha. im in a bit of a rush today. *insert red faced smilie here*

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