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Discussion in 'Horse Riding' started by xyzabc, May 8, 2014.

  1. xyzabc

    xyzabc New Member

    just hoping for some advice. I have finally got my confidence back but am riding a keg on legs in a Wintec Stock - my instructor says he really needs a fender. Too much pressure behind the shoulders from the cushions under the saddle. We paid about $1500 for the Wintec with changeablegullet and I like it though had little use.

    I would normally be happy to take advice and buy a new Wintec fender and then if all goes well, sell the stock. Situation is a little complicated ATM - we are short of cash due to needing legal advice and possibly taking legal action so $$ are an issue. As I am still getting over loss of confidence + being a middle aged learner, getting a suitable saddle also is real issue (specially now I'm making progress). Sitting high on my bay barrel is not helping with either confidence or balance.

    How seriously do I need a changeable gullet in a fender saddle? If he's a keg and hence needs a fender, aren't they all likely to be wide enough? That's my understanding, have I got it wrong? The $$ difference seems to be about $1,000. I could get a Syd Hill synthetic fender for $460 without changeable gullet.

    Or should I risk a 2nd hand better quality saddle on consignment thru a saddler? What would I be looking for/avoiding?
    I'm reluctant to sell my stock until I get another saddle I'm happy with.

  2. Dusty Road

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    Sometimes the changeable gullet just isn't enough to make it fit the horse, you can change the gullet all you like, but you can't change the channel. I find the wintec and bates stock saddles do tend to perch you on top of the horse. I am not sure about the wintec or bates fender saddles, but can't see them being any different considering it is the same saddle, built on the same tree with a different way of attaching the stirrups.

    A good quality and well fitting saddle will make the world of difference. If your horse is fairly wide, you probably want to look at something with semi quarter horse bars or full quarter horse bars.

    Unfortunately if you want a good quality saddle you are going to have to spend a few $$$. Perhaps speak to a few local saddle makers and see what they say. Simon Gray's saddles are very comfy, and there is also Harold Pitcher and Steve Moir all in WA who can custom make you a saddle. You will spend more, but you will feel comfortable and safe for life in it.
  3. kiraSpark

    kiraSpark Gold Member

    Totally agree.

    Second-hand, for a saddle as described above, you're looking at around the $2000-$2500 mark.

    All fender saddles made by a saddler wont have changeable gullets. Most are built on a half-breed tree and thats just how they are.
  4. xyzabc

    xyzabc New Member

    Thanks I may just have to hold off doing anything for a while, the $$ just keep bleeding out of my account to solicitors/barristers ATM, so getting cash for another is not likely before the end of the year.
  5. Bella85

    Bella85 New Member

    I have a Northam Saddlery Half Breed Fender Saddle for sale if you are still looking for one.
    Genuine reason for sale.
    Can email pics & info if you are interested and the price is negotiable.
  6. Meischa

    Meischa New Member

    xyzabc - Is this your Connemara gelding you are speaking about? Personally, I don't see what the difference between a swinging fender and a stock saddle would be, my fender also has the cushions and I have trouble with my girls (QH's) as it inhibits their shoulder movement. The fender I have does have the changeable gullet system. Your Instructor knows the horse and the issue so maybe a swinging fender will fix the problem.

    Bates/Wintec now make special wider style saddles that might be more suitable, once you have the spare cash, of course.
  7. realalvin

    realalvin New Member

    It's better to get a brand new one. Harrison Howard is the best brand for affordable but comfortable.
    I've had my saddles HH for two years. It is durable ,though i am a saddle wrecker.

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