Guard dog with small kids

Discussion in 'Open Discussions' started by The buzz, Jan 13, 2014.

  1. chick_with_a_chainsaw

    chick_with_a_chainsaw Gold Member

    My Labrador well the older one is rather scary when she wants to be.
    We didn't think much of it as the other man who came to change the gas bottles was not bothered by her but the poor new guy got one hell of a shock. So now we take the gas bottle to the front.

    She barks, snarls, slobbers, her hackles come up and she will jump at the gate or door.

    One day I was home and didn't hear a car come up the driveway (after opening and closing the gate you would think strangers would not open a gate to a property) and they managed to get to the glass sliding door when my black Lab noticed them and bolted to the door and went crazy guard dog against the door (I wouldn't have wanted to come in if I didn't know her). So I managed to open the door slightly to ask them what they needed (turned out to be religious door knockers who had scooped their kids up and were hiding behind each other) got a pamphlet shoved in my hand and they rushed to the car. with me and the dog standing quietly on the lawn making sure they closed the gate after them.

    I would have thought she was a big softy until then. Now if the goats had been out instead of the pony there would have been trouble as they don't like children or strangers and like to shove them around
  2. Black Ice

    Black Ice Well-known Member

    I agree that any dog that feels like it's an integral part of the family unit will act to protect when needed.

    I've had Bailey, the Mareema x Golden Retreiver who was HUGE and a big pussy cat, but would insert himself between me and anyone he felt iffy about. And no way would he let anyone he didnt know in the house or yard.

    Before Bailey there was Jules the Border Collie and Tayla the Rottie, now Jules would have laid down his life for me any time I asked... Tayla on the other hand would have just laid down and fallen asleep on me in a time of need! lol she was a lazy, dopey thing :wub:

    The above 3 have all since gone to God, and I now have Coby the Husky, he's not very loyal really, would just shoot out the door for a run if anyone tried to break in! But is very watchful over the kids and tolerates a lot from them and I have Bolt the GSD... now I actually thought I'd gotten the worse GSD EVER cos he is a big scaredy cat, but he actually isnt, he just knows his place and defers to me for instruction before acting on his own. Though in saying that he is the one I trust with my kidlets the most, he is awesome with them and will report back to me if they are fighting and will go and check them if they are crying, if he hears them crying and doesnt know why he gets quite upset. And then I have Lucy... a little wiry haired Jack Russle with the heart of a lion! She is way TOO brave for her own good and will get herself in trouble one day! She is forever on high alert for intruders, be it cats, mice or suspected people. I'm pretty sure she thinks she was put on this earth soley to be out fierce little protector! God love the lil mite :wub:
  3. chick_with_a_chainsaw

    chick_with_a_chainsaw Gold Member

    I forgot to mention our old doggy Scamp she was a terrier cross (think hairy mclarey) now she was a good guard dog. We lost her late last year from old age at about 16 years old.

    Anyway Scamp used to go out riding with Mum and her horse running alongside at the gallop etc (as she got older she would climb up onto a rock and get lifted up and would be carried at the canter and gallop sitting on the front of the saddle).

    So one day Mum and a friend are galloping along the trail with Scamp following when Mums horse spooked at a young boy who had fallen off his motorbike (he shouldn't have been where he was but you get that) anyway Mums horse jumped a large pile of rocks (the same one scamp used to use to get up onto the 16hh horse) and Mum fell off and hit the ground. She came too and Scamp had positioned herself on Mums upper legs.

    She then allowed some helpful passers by to cover Mum in a sleeping bag as she was unable to move because she had shattered her arm and broken her leg (compound fracture). So by the time I had gotten out to her (don't tell a 16? year old girl her mum has fallen off and to stay put as it does not happen) the paramedics had arrived and were trying to get near Mum. Well Scamp was having absolutely none of it. She would not let them near her snarling, snapping etc I had to pick her up and hold her.
  4. GoGo

    GoGo Well-known Member

    second the Labrador, mine is such a huge loving softie and wouldn't hurt a fly, puts up with being dressed in costumes, kids crawling all over him and his toenails being painted ,but by golly he puts the fear of god into anyone trying to come onto our property. quite funny really a snarling, slobbering beast coming at you with fluro pink toenails.
  5. JustJam

    JustJam Well-known Member

    :lol: :lol:
  6. serendipity

    serendipity Well-known Member

    Haha, I agree with you there, I cant stand small ratty dogs with no manners. But I guess the way I see it if one of those happens to bite, vs. if a large dog happened to bite there would be much more damage done by the large dog.

    Just so no one gets the wrong impression I'm definitely not against big dogs at all, and certainly not against Ridgebacks or German Shepherds or even Blue Heelers :)* I love GSD and Heelers are brilliant cattle dogs.

    Although I do think a lot of people forget that every dog has the ability to bite.
  7. Exister

    Exister Active Member

    Get a Rottweiler! we had a female rotty as kids and she was amazing, when we were living in port hedland every house around us got broken into one night... except us lol we were the only property with a guard dog. she was fantastic with us as kids, we'd pull her ears, lay all over her and generally harass her and she never nipped or got annoyed once, she was a beautiful do! but tell you what if you hadn't met her before you would have been too scared to come on the property... she sounded and looked scary haha! until you were on the property then she was your best friend lol!
  8. info on archie

    info on archie Well-known Member

    Totally, wholeheartedly agree with Rhodesian Ridgeback! My boy is 5 now and he's awesome **) Protects the house, won't let anyone through the front door or side gates and absolutley LOVES kids. He is so gentle **)

    Highly highly reccommend the ridgies :D **)
  9. Diana

    Diana Gold Member

    If you're mainly wanting a dog that will kick up a fuss and bark when strangers rock up (then be quiet when you tell them), maybe look into an Australian Shepherd? They bark when people rock up but as soon as their owner comes out they'll be fine. Plus they're excellent with kids!
  10. Bartholemanew

    Bartholemanew New Member

    We have a 14yr old labby and a 1.5yr old English mastiff girl. She stands at 80 kgs and I can honestly say she is the biggest sook her name is brin. I had the Plummer over the other day and she doesn't normally bark. Well she hated the plumber he was a really nice guy I tried to introduce them omg big mistake she nearly bit his head off. She is not aggressive she just didn't like this guy. Best guard dog and would protect anyone. No one is coming over my fence any time soon. The sticky beak neighbor tried to stick her head over the fence yesterday haha I had to laugh . She won't be doing that anytime soon. I took brin for a walk in midland today well she didn't like the dodgy locals haha. I had some cops come up and say hello and they wanted to Pat her I said if you want you your had gone go ahead they quickly said goodbye and got in their car. Brins dad gus is 96 kgs. Best dogs . She is pedigree though. We have also owned a blue heeler most loyal dog you can own we lived on a property in Sawyers valley and had some jail escapees try to come on our property well pets just say the dog latched himself on the guy and didn't let go haha. Oh I could go on and on .
  11. The buzz

    The buzz New Member

    Thanks guys for all the responses. would love a big dog just so worried with the kidos. most of the 'best' dogs are also on the most dangereous list. just doing my research as the kids are the most precious thing in the world. Hoping the kelpie will kick into action sometime soon. he is so lazy. The woolies truck arives and ten minutes later he will bark. Would love one of those wire hair foxies. Masybe that would wake him up!
  12. theherd22

    theherd22 New Member

    To give you the view from the other side*#) I deliver catalogue and often have dogs come running up to the fence to warn me away from their property. There is no consistency in breed, one is a Great Dane, there are some small yappies, a Labradors, something in the stuffy family and a strange mix with a big nose -so from the 'intruder' perspective I wouldn't go into any of the houses with the big dogs though the small ones are more amusing than threatening.

    Another thing (just to think about) when I was a small child my parents got us a Labrador puppy but she was very energetic and as she grew she became too big and would jump on us and we became very scared of her so she had to go. Then when I was about 6/7 we got another dog, noodle, from k9. He was a labxlassie collie and he was 2. He was the best dog EVER. He 'worked' for my mother at her home office as doorman, greeter and escort and he took his job very seriously. To be honest we all thought he was very much my mothers dog until I noticed that the only time he abandoned his post at the office was when I went riding (a silly past time in his opinion :p) and he would sit under a tree and supervise me. It got to the point where I didn't have to have adult supervision because noodle was deemed responsible enough. Anyway the point was have you thought about an older dog. You would not have as much choice in breed but their personality would be more settled and you could better judge the dog on its own merits rather than relying on breed precedent?

    Btw I don't mean this as a hop-up-and-down about rescue dogs instead of breeders (just in case it came across that way:)*) just another avenue of thought
  13. Floggadog

    Floggadog Guest

    We've always had Kelpie x Huntaways as working dogs and everyone of them was & is excellent at barking at cars/strangers.
    Our current bitch is one scary and territorial dog when upset but of course the most gorgeous family pet.
    And she has inherited that big deep woof, the kind that comes from the bottom of their belly, that Huntaways are famous for.
  14. DuncanPratt

    DuncanPratt Well-known Member

    Another point of view here. I grew up with Rottweillers amongst many other things and would have no problem with any of them.

    My wife and I have had a number of dobermanns, including the current one with a labrador which we had before our daughter was born two years ago. SWMBO had questions regarding whether or not we should be bringing a baby in to the house with the larger dogs but after a conversation with my mum who had brought children in to such a house was a lot more settled. The main thing is to show the dogs that they aren't being pushed out and that things don't change for them. Yes, you have to watch the dogs and all the news stories about dog attacks do not help with this matter. Consider how many dogs are out there and how many stories you hear. At first we had to keep an eye on both dogs and at first when Isabella 'squeaked' in her pram we kept calling the dobermann back because he kept going over to look in the pram. Once we realised he was just checking she was alright we left him to it. Our dobe is as soppy as it gets but one day Isabella was sitting on a friend's lap on the patio, she cried slightly and the dobe went in to perfect dobermann pose looking across which was giving the message that 'if she cries again I am coming over to find out why!'.

    A story regarding labradors. I have an older and younger sister, years ago my older sister brought her boyfriend in to mum and dad's house. We knew him well and he had been there before. He was at one point tickling my younger sister who screamed. Our 'soppy' black labrador went from laying in front of the television doing nothing much to going through the air at the boyfriend until he realised my sister was screaming and laughing whereupon he dropped back to the floor and went to sleep.

    Any dog is a deterrent because of the noise they make more than anything else. As people have already said, where possible you MUST meet both parents and check the temperament. If you can't meet the parents you have to take the choice and still spend a lot of time to make sure the dog is ok. As long as the children respect the dog for what it is and can be, you should be alright. Bear in mind that the children need to be able to have friends over to play without worry for the dog too. What you think is a calm and mellow dog can surprise the hell out of you when the family it belongs to is attacked and anything weighing more than about 30 kilos with that many sharp pointy teeth is going to put someone off messing with you.
  15. Marianne

    Marianne Gold Member

    My sister has your dogs littermate brother. He is a sook and plays dressups frequently. He unfortunately is allergic to everything and has had to go through that allergy therapy where they get injections to help them. Can't remember what it's called. Thankfully they got pet insurance for him when he was a puppy or it would have cost them a small fortune. My BIL was out of town and the house next door had a party. One of the young fellas came knocking on my sisters door in the early hours thinking it was the party house saying he was looking for his shoes. WELL.... my sisters Ridgeback went mental , he had his big boy pants on and made my sister feel very safe.
  16. joshvictor

    joshvictor New Member

    I have had lots of beautiful dogs over the years . The last of my pair of corgies passed away not long ago, I understand why the Queen loves them because they were the most loyal gorgeous souls. Their only bad point was they used to scare kids alot and often get too out of control .

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