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Discussion in 'Open Discussions' started by The buzz, Jan 13, 2014.

  1. The buzz

    The buzz New Member

    Hi we are thinking about getting another dog due to the increase in violence in Perth lately. However we have young kids (3 & 5 yrs) so need a suitable breed. We have a kelpie however he hardly barks at anyone and is really submissive. We live on acreage so the dog would have heaps space and young kelpie to play with! Any suggestions on dog breeds? Or will my kelpie get a more protective nature as he gets older? He is currently 3 years old.
  2. Marianne

    Marianne Gold Member

    I can honestly say I thought my dog (staghound x bullmastiff) was submissive and a big sook. I would wonder if she would be any use in the event that someone came near me. She's more the run and hide kind of girl.

    Well I need not have worried. She is scary when she puts her big girl pants on and decides I need protection. I was in the shower one day, it was hot so had front door open and screen door locked. She was in the house with me. Well someone who knows her came to the door and she was growling and he said that there was no chance he would have come in and he knew her.

    I was impressed. She doesn't bark very often but when she does it's for good reason and sounds fierce.
  3. You'd need a dog like a big kid, with a lot if patience and not snappy but serious enough when needs to be.
    A boxer may be? They are playful but also very protective.
    I see a lot of mums with blue heelers around, obviously there is a reason for it.:D
  4. The buzz

    The buzz New Member

    yes i was thinking a blue healer but thought they can be a bit nippy. or a boxier too boisterous. Anyone had these dogs with kids? My kelpie is such a friendly fellow he will bark a little at strangers but ive had many tradies visit and he just licks them and lets them in!
  5. Papsrus

    Papsrus New Member

    First thought was Blue Heeler, I am a bit biased though. However we all grew up with Blue Heelers and they are very protective of their family, although they can be nippy they would never ever try it with any of us. They are 150% devoted to their pack :)
  6. Gamby

    Gamby Well-known Member

    My boxer plays rough and will sometimes knock kids over and then try lick them to death. We have found kids pulling him along by his ears and pulling his tail and he couldn't care less. So loving with kids! But then when anyone comes to our house, if they don't know him they don't get out of the car. Very scary bark and very bouncy.
  7. Satins mine

    Satins mine New Member

    I had a boxer border collie cross. He died 11 years ago now and he still carries a piece of my heart with him. He was the most amazingly beautiful dog. Put up with so much from the kids loved and adored us and would have protected us with his life.
  8. CTCT

    CTCT New Member

    GSD, Rhodesian Ridgeback. Both will guard, if you pick the right temperament pup (make sure you see the parents), they will be fine with the kids. Most GSDs would lay down their life for their family: they appoint themselves to the role.
  9. JustJam

    JustJam Well-known Member

    Adding a bit from Marianne's post - I think any dog, that is raised in a family environment, and where they have a good sense of their place in the hirachy, will protect their owners - regardless of how 'sookie' they seem to be.

    You say he 'hardly barks at anyone'... and neither should he, unless you give him 'permission' to! Dogs that bark incessantly at every Tom, Dick and Harry are just plain annoying and usually disobedient.

    The buzz, I know you said your Kelpie will let tradies in however there would have been a 'relaxed vibe' coming from you when they turned up. Your Kelpie would have sensed that you weren't worried or threatened, and acted accordingly. This is a 'smart dog' trait.

    If you were threatened, you would give off completely different body language signals, your voice would change and you would emit a sense of trepidation and fear... and whoa betide anyone who had caused you this feeling because I would guarantee your Kelpie (an extremely protective anyway) would tear them apart.

    Just something to think about :))
  10. Lucksta

    Lucksta Well-known Member

    Was just thinking this! I have a Maltese (so tiny fluff ball haha). She never barks unless someone I don't know comes near me in or near our house, then she growls and barks and if they don't back off shows her teeth.. the second you tell her ''it's ok'' she stops and goes back to being a sook but I really do think if I was ever in danger she would attack for sure.

    So although I am obviously not recommending a 5kg dog as a guard dog, I think any dog will defend its family.
  11. mylittlepony

    mylittlepony Well-known Member

    I got my malamute as a guard dog. He's friendly to people I introduce him to and he's great with kids, just wants to get patted and play. But if anyone comes here while I'm not home, he would probably eat them alive. My mum has had several run ins with him when she's come to visit while I'm not home, and yet he loves her if I'm home.
    It's not just the behaviour, his size alone is enough to put people off.
    And the best thing is, he doesn't bark, but he has a very loud growl.
  12. South Boulder Boy

    South Boulder Boy Well-known Member

    Yes! I couldn't agree more with this!
    I have a border collie, you couldn't get further from a guard type looking dog than that. And he is the most friendly lovable dog, I always questioned wether he'd protect me if someone attacked me or protect the property if I wasn't around. I figured he'd probably just lick the person to death and demand cuddles instead. That was until we bought this house and the sleezeball scummy real estate man dropped by to look at something. He let himself out the back, through the house with me and a plumber in tow and my dog just lost the plot. I'd never seen anything like it, his hair was raised, body rigid and he was snarling, growling and barking (and he never barks! Ever!). I said to the plumber, a bit embarrassed, that I swear to god he's friendly. The plumber came up and said hello while I held him and my usual happy friendly dog returned but he would not have a bar of the real estate man.

    I take my dog everywhere and he's now claimed the MILs yard as his to protect too, which became evident when we went out and the mil had tradies go in the yard. Beau was quick to tell them off, mil panicked and tried to harness him because she thought he was gonna go them. She said he didn't though once she tried to get his harness on he just stood still and calm (she couldn't get it on him)

    Beau has also stood himself between me and other dogs in a protective way and will tell them off if he thinks they are coming near me in anything other than an inviting friendly manner and he loves other dogs as much as people. He was really well socialized and is super friendly, those are the only two times he's ever gotten nasty but it's reassuring to know he can if needed. So definitely don't overlook your friendly medium dogs! They figure out what's right, what's not and when to say so.
  13. South Boulder Boy

    South Boulder Boy Well-known Member

    We had/have a chihuahua too (she currently lives with the BIL for company as he's suffering bad depression). She's a nasty piece of work to strangers! Ill never forget the day she grabbed my uncles pants and tried to drag/attack him. She was trying so hard to get him and teach him a lesson without realizing that he could just kick her away if wanted pmsl

    Small dogs tend to have little dog syndrome though and are easy to hurt so I'd stay away from them personally as child friendly guard dogs.
  14. serendipity

    serendipity Well-known Member

    Honestly with small children I wouldnt be going for a 'classic' guard dog, like a Ridgeback, Shepherd or Blue Heeler. I'm not a mother but the thought of it just scares me.

    One thing I've discovered is that if you have a big dog, people are scared of it. If your big dog also barks, people are doubly scared. We have a labrador - yep a labrador - and many people wont go into our house or backyard because he's big (ish) and he barks. Never mind the fact that he would lick you then help you carry the tv out to your car! Exactly the same scenario when I was a kid, we had a Scotch Collie (Lassie dog). Not a mean bone in his body, but everyone in town was scared of him cos he barked and he was big.

    So you dont need a classic 'guard dog' breed to have a guard dog, and personally I would prefer a different breed around children.
  15. kyles76

    kyles76 Active Member

    I would highly recommend a GSD. Both my husband and I grew up with them as our family pets, mine was also a search and rescue dog in the Southern Alps. We lost both of our dogs (Staffy's) in the last year so were searching for a new family dog for us and our toddler (2.5yrs). As we had both had such amazing experiences growing up with our GSDs we wanted the same for our daughter. I think they are perfect for a family so long as you get one with the right temperament and ensure they are well socialised and do obedience training (like any breed or size dog should be - IMO!) We couldn't be happier with our girl and as passive, quiet and gentle as she is I don't have any doubt that she would 'step up' if her family was under threat.
    And just because I've been lazy and not done an intro for her....he's a pic of our 'Chompy'.

  16. rusty99

    rusty99 Guest

    Pitbull or Staffy? Either American or English:)

    I have a Staffy X who has the most fierce bark when he barks. He is full black (with a little bit of white) with pointy ears and when alert looks scary, but is the most gentle and sweet dog! :D
  17. Nickelodeon

    Nickelodeon Well-known Member

    For the past 12 years my family has had Rhodesian Ridgebacks.

    Gorgeous dogs, very much a "one family" sort. Our female wouldn't let you step over the house boundary, and when she growls or barks she damn well means it! She sounds terrifying, but has been one of the most fantastic family dogs for us **)

    Our male is the biggest goof ball, loves people, but knows when a stranger is a stranger - and you should hear his bark! It'd make you run without thinking twice :p

    Kuba, a few years ago...

  18. Rosinante

    Rosinante Active Member

    I agree :)

    We used to have a couple of blueys and a labrador. Even friends wouldn't get out of their cars if I wasn't home. It was the Labby they were scared of! Best dog with kids. The fact you have another dog to play with means a Lab wouldn't be as destructive as a puppy either :)*
  19. 7notHeaven

    7notHeaven Active Member

    LOL! Total opposite here! This mother of 5 gets scared of those small cute, arrogant, always-being-picked-up and babied dogs who seriously believe that children are well below them in the pecking order :eek:

    We have a German Shepherd who is utterly devoted to her kidlets, I honestly believe she would let them cause her any amount of pain and just lovingly put up with it BUT there is no way anyone is letting themselves onto our property without permission :D

    I have a list of stories where our last Shepherd was a lifesaver for our kids, although the time my toddler was running down the road (with dog as shadow of course) and me heavily pregnant waddling after her, with none of the neighbors able to help as the dog was threatening all of them away was actually less than helpful!!!

    Anyway I love my big dogs but I think that any dog bred for brains and temperament (super hard to find over the show-quality breeders!) and given quality and consistent treatment should work to put off intruders **)

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