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    sounds like there's a lot of people with good memories too!!
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    Rode here a few times, I was originally a Timbertop Riding School girl, and there was competition between the two!

    I remember going there in my 20's - rode in an evening hunt wine evening/night (scent on rage not actual foxes), which was fun. I remember Vic, sad to hear he passed away a few years back. When I was there, there was a lady instructor, who if anyone happened to fall off, used to berate them by saying... Did I give you permission to Dismount! quite off putting, happy to say I never fell off while under her instructorship!
    I'm having a bit of trouble remembering horses names here, funny I can remember the majority of the horses from Timbertop but I did spend many years there as a pre-teen, teen. I think one was a lovely small horse called Cassablanca, think it was a bay - very pretty little face (felt like I was going to squish the poor thing when I rode it - I say it as I can't recall if a mare or gelding). I recall Pip, wasn't she going out with one of the other workers there, can't recall his name.

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