Gosnells Winter Breed Show - Results and Photos

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  1. Pinto Lover

    Pinto Lover Well-known Member

    OH man I just did a thread for the results but it didnt work, arhhhhh.....

    We had a lovely day & best of all my knee held up, still having a few issue's with it

    Flicka got Champion Mare/Filly Palomino judge loved her, congrats to Oakover.

    Supreme Other Reg'd Breed (against the biggen's) the judge just loved her, Miss B was meant to show her in this class but Flicka stood on her foot badly poor kid "ouch".

    Res Champion Foundy, congrats to RPM....

    It was a lovely day & the weather was a treat Huge congrats to everyone there with some stunning animals I could of taken a few home.... Seen heaps of stockies there, but I know our new lil stockie (Talan) has a huge pony fan, well well ok she loves his toy's, hehehehehehe....

    I didn't get any photo's but feel free to post any of Flicka (not me, eeeekkkk)

    I seen Apache there to today, OMG it was so good to see him, though I did nearly cry, miss him heaps.....
  2. Pinto Lover

    Pinto Lover Well-known Member

    Inky is super cute, I seen him having a roll, stunning animal....
  3. Gaia

    Gaia Gold Member

    Congrats everyone!
    Great pics Samm **) I was watching him do that and I think Bec nearly wet her pants with laughter.

    Ash and I had a FANTASTIC day! Supreme SB and supreme Pinto **) 1st SB gelding ridden out of 6, I think and reserve ridden which I was stocked with considering it was his first canter show and only his 2nd ridden. Was then told he was only 1 point of top 5 in SOS lineup!

    I swear Keralyns boy is getting better everytime I see him!

    Ok, couple of pics

    Stormies girl Cassie

    My agisters mare Goldie at her first show


    And Ash

  4. Maree4

    Maree4 Gold Member

    WOW a huge congratulations Gaia:)), go ASh....you must be very proud.
  5. Nanna

    Nanna Well-known Member

    Well done everyone

    Thanks to all that attended today - there was 200 horses on the grounds

    The Champion of Champions Ridden was The Part Welsh owned and Ridden by Robyn Endersby
    The Runner Up was the Welsh C chestnut stallion (what a fantastic mane!!)
    Sorry guys cant remember any names - brain stress at this time of day

    To think the show rapped up at 3pm and I was home by 4pm - just fantastic

    Congratulations to everyone!!
  6. rmwgirl4eva

    rmwgirl4eva Well-known Member

    Congrats everyone

    I couldn't be prouder of Jacinta or Chippi. She got 1st handler, 3rd best presented, 3 gelding 8 and over and reserve champion ridden. He is already asleep in his paddock.
  7. dayna

    dayna Well-known Member

    Here ya go Pinto Lover. Sorry did not get any pic of her without you in it.

    Pinto Lover's girl Flicka
  8. mirawee

    mirawee Gold Member

    Woohoo Gaia! Go Ashy boy :D

    Now Madcow has to hurry up as I want to know how she did LOL.
  9. Maree4

    Maree4 Gold Member

    It was a fantastic show, and i loved the fact my judge took a loo break, meant i could go too LOL.*#)
    Thank you to Gosnells PC for a really well run day..

    Congrats PL, excellent results.....
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  10. Gaia

    Gaia Gold Member

    I am VERY proud :D

    Spiffy Griffy and MC

  11. Gaia

    Gaia Gold Member

    I wont spoil her results (although ridden pic spoils it a bit lol) but he was a very good boyin halter . Started off a little worried but settled really well and worked out great **) Ridden goes without saying really, he knows what to do there just can't quite work out why the hell we would run him along from the ground :)
  12. samm

    samm Gold Member

    The horse I went there to photograph.

    Webby's Brynn who was Supreme welsh cob.
    Well done Webbly.That's 2 out of 2 in the last few weeks :)

    Oh and I think this is Flicka isnt it Sandy??
  13. lucas and brad

    lucas and brad Well-known Member

    Wow what a great day! Well i took my little colt out for the inhand and Indi Placebo for the ridden:)*

    London Park Sir Harry - Champion C or D colt/stallion

    Indi Placebo - Champion ridden welsh C or D, Runner up Grand Champion ridden Exhibit:)*

    I had such a great day and i won a lovely stock, so thank you to all the organisers and the judges:)*
  14. Nanna

    Nanna Well-known Member

    Thats him!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The one with the fantastic mane :)) he is soooooo cool

    I am glad you liked the prize!!

  15. Webby

    Webby Well-known Member

    There my Spunky little Man, THANKYOU SOOO MUCH for coming down Samm and taking photos for me and keeping me sane at such a late notice. Means the world to me.

    Well done to the organisers for such a well run show. Congrats to all the other compettitors saw so many stockies in the SOS lineup.

    Brynn was a superstar pony all day, I tend to forget he only just techincally turned 2. Yes Samm thats 2 supremes from 2 outings, I am absloutely stoked.
  16. lucas and brad

    lucas and brad Well-known Member

    Yes the prize is fantastic, i was actually planning on buying a red one:)* Indi has a fantastic forelock and mane! Thanks again, great show:)*
  17. lucas and brad

    lucas and brad Well-known Member

    Did anyone happen to get any photos of Indi? (Chestnut welsh C stallion with a big white mane and tail):)* Or does anyone know who the photographers where? I saw about 3 i think.

    We forgot to take our camera:p
  18. sil

    sil Gold Member

    Congratulations everybody! :)
  19. Teddie1980

    Teddie1980 Well-known Member

    WOW congrats!!!!!!
  20. Smiley n Me

    Smiley n Me Gold Member

    have sent you a PM with names :)
    i only took some happy snaps of friends etc ;)

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