Gosnells Summer Showoffs

Discussion in 'Horse Showing and Events' started by Bubbles, Dec 28, 2011.

  1. Bubbles

    Bubbles Well-known Member

    We are putting the program together for the Summer Showoffs 2012 which is to be held on the 5th February.

    We are looking at expressions of interest of sponsorship for any individual breeds.

    So far the breeds we have are:

    CBCHS 10.2h and under - Sponsored
    CBCHS over 10.2 - sponsored
    Small horse/foundation Mini
    Mini Pony
    Mini Horse
    Thoroughbred - sponsored
    AHHA (Hunter Horse) - sponsored
    Andalusian Pure - sponsored
    Andalusian Part - sponsored
    Other Registered Breeds - sponsored
    Riding Pony
    APSB Australian Pony - sponsored
    APSB Shetland -
    APSB Connemara -
    Partbred Welsh - sponsored
    Arabian - sponsored
    Arabian Derv 14.2 and under - sponsored
    Arabian Derv over 14.2- sponsored
    Welsh A - sponsored
    Welsh B - sponsored
    Welsh C - sponsored
    Welsh D - sponsored
    Palomino - sponsored
    Quarterhorse - sponsored
    Other Registered Colour Breeds - sponsored
    Unregistered - sponsored
    Warmblood - sponsored
    Morgan Pure - sponsored
    Morgan Part - sponsored
    Standardbred - sponsored

    These breeds are all looking for sponsorship, please contact us for more information.
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  2. Hen

    Hen Well-known Member

    I may be interested Bubbles, could you please pm me details :)*
  3. suga1624

    suga1624 Well-known Member

    I will be interested in arabians and minis. i know of a few others interested in arabs and minis too that will go.

  4. Bubbles

    Bubbles Well-known Member

    Thank you to the people who have offered to sponsor, all sponsorship received will go to the competitors. :)

    I see lots of rugs, prizes and vouchers coming.

    Hope to see you all there and if anyone else would like to sponsor please PM me.
  5. Little Bean

    Little Bean Well-known Member

    Have sent you a PM ;)
  6. Mizzi

    Mizzi New Member

    i be there with me Standardbred and Shetland...
  7. erilyn

    erilyn Well-known Member

    We'll be there with a purebred and a derivative arabian.:)*
  8. dakota95

    dakota95 Active Member

    Is there any ridden classes at this show?
  9. Bubbles

    Bubbles Well-known Member

    Yes there are ridden classes, a Ridden Stallion, Mare and Gelding class for all ridden breeds.
  10. Landobaby

    Landobaby New Member

    This is always a great show! I have PM'd you about sponsorship Bubbles.
  11. LauraandNero

    LauraandNero New Member

    I should be there in AHHA and AORB and i will try and stay for the ridden
  12. Hen

    Hen Well-known Member

    I will be bringing my brown TB for the ridden breed **)
  13. Razzie

    Razzie Well-known Member

    Do you have to do the halter class in the morn to be eligable for the ridden??
  14. Bubbles

    Bubbles Well-known Member

    No you can just to the ridden :)
  15. Bubbles

    Bubbles Well-known Member

    Hi all,

    Thank to all who have sponsored, we are going to have lots of rugs, prizes and vouchers for the competitors.

    We still have a few breeds left to go, if any one is interested in sponsoring a bred, please PM me.

    We have still available....
    Mini Pony
    Mini Horse
    Foundation/Small horse Mini
    Other reg APSB purebreds

    All the sponsorship we receive is going straight back to the competitors, not to the club :)
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  16. abi

    abi Well-known Member

    do we know who the judges are please? for the ridden also:))
  17. caitie

    caitie Well-known Member

    Should be there with my riding pony/ part welsh if she is a good girl :D
  18. Leti loves Elmo

    Leti loves Elmo Well-known Member

    I hope to be taking my tb mare and stb mare.
  19. farfromhome

    farfromhome Well-known Member

    i will be going but i need to find a lift haha !!

    angle load only :(
    my pony has decided to become "precious"

    oh and part bred morgan :)
  20. Wildwood

    Wildwood Well-known Member

    Where are you ffh? I could possibly give you a lift if you're close by as I have an angle load float. Pm me :)

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