Gosnells breed show february

Discussion in 'Horse Showing and Events' started by Yarraman, Dec 31, 2009.

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  1. NallaFortuneTeller

    NallaFortuneTeller New Member

    I'll be going, i love these shows :))
  2. Emalin

    Emalin New Member

    i have a part welsh , part welsh apsb
    i am a member of the welsh soc so show him as part welsh but when i joined the apsb i was told by apsb national office he would have to be shown in any other reg breed if there is no part bred apsb classes - i thought to show in part welsh they had to have part welsh reg from the welsh pony and cob soc
  3. PPH

    PPH Guest

    NOOOOOOO!!!! Was afraid of that. I will leave it till a cple of days before but am afraid another crew cut is in order for the Commando.:p

    Cheers for that Goodie, thats what I thought but at the start of the programme when it tells you what ring there was no mention of the stockhorse so wasn't entirely sure.

    Another cple of stupid questions, in the ridden quarter horse, is western gear ok and if so, is a helmet required or is western hat acceptable and lastly, in ridden stallion is a shank bit required or is snaffle bit ok?
    I have all the bits and peices but haven't ridden before and don't know whats the go at breed shows.

    Thanks in advance. :))
  4. Sorry but a part welsh is a part welsh, regardless of which society you hold papers with! Unfortunately with so many breed societies offering similar registrations many people feel entitled to be able to enter multiple rings. The simple rule is you can only compete as a part welsh once at a show :)
  5. Elanda

    Elanda Gold Member

    thank you...thank you**)

    Like i said...same as having a horse reg as palomino with WAPA and Dilutes, or a mini reg with NMR and MHAA....etc One breed one class:) IF the pony was reg Part Welsh with WP & C soc and for example Australian Pony with APSB, then you would have 2 classes**)

    Western is fine Bucking Mad...but you will need to use a helmet :)
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  6. PPH

    PPH Guest

    Ta goodie, most appreciated :)
  7. dayna

    dayna Well-known Member

    I would stick to the breed standard for ridden classes that are for Quarter horses only. With you boy being a senior horse he is required to wear a shank bit. And you are required to ride one handed, but I don't think this will matter at an open all breed show.

    Western hats are preferred in quarter horse ridden events unless you are a youth, however I would check with the organisers if a helmet is required for all ridden events.
  8. PPH

    PPH Guest

    Cheers Dayna :)

    I was pretty sure he would have to wear a shank bit and one handed is fine as we do that most of the time anyway except for training.

    I will take both western hat and helmet with me just to be on the safe side.

    I have about another 101 stupid questions but will leave it at that and thanks again. :)):p**)

    Ok just one more, spurs are ok to wear yes?
  9. Goodie, what are your thoughts on a pony that has APSB-Riding Pony and RPSBS registrations? As I judge I would say they are one and the same breed. Ditto for AWHA/Trak/Hann registered warmbloods...they are all warmbloods. As a judge I find it a bit mean when show organisers let horses with similar registrations enter their specific breed and the AORB.
  10. Pink Sapphire

    Pink Sapphire Well-known Member

    Hi Goodie do you know if you can show in say Mini Pony and Shetland if the pony is registered both AMPS and APSB??? I have a pony that is but was unsure if I was allowed. I understand she would have to be shown natural in both classes to follow along with Sheltand rules but was unsure?? :)
  11. dayna

    dayna Well-known Member

    Yep spurs are ok. :))
  12. miss_skoobz

    miss_skoobz Well-known Member

    Hey just a quick question about the ridden side of the breed show..
    Do I dress the same as I would for a Hack show? Or is there a specific dress code for this? I will be in the ridden Part Welsh, if I decide to enter the ridden part welsh - if that makes any difference. Thanks in advance :)
  13. Elanda

    Elanda Gold Member

    Of course...they are 2 different breeds**)
  14. Elanda

    Elanda Gold Member

    The event is run by Gosnells Riding and Pony club...therefore helmets would need to be worn for their insurance**)
  15. Pink Sapphire

    Pink Sapphire Well-known Member

    Thanks :) so stoked would have transfered her papers ages ago if id realised. Will do it next week :D
  16. Nanna

    Nanna Well-known Member

    Darn ..........

    looks like you guys found a mistake in the programme
    bound to happen

    The Stockhorse is in Ring 7 with Keith Lawrence - I forgot to put it onto the front page

    Sorry ..... but is there look at the ring page

  17. Sassy

    Sassy Gold Member

    Are pending rego's accepted if we can show some proof that the application has been sent in? I sent 1 reg off yesterday, and plan to send another off tomorrow, but if they dont come back before close of entries can I still enter?
  18. Nanna

    Nanna Well-known Member

    As long as you can confirm the registration will be accepted
    and have copies of papers submitted or proof of such
  19. Jonty3

    Jonty3 Guest

  20. ArabAtHeart

    ArabAtHeart Well-known Member

    CouldI please have a programme? I didn't receive one when I asked a bit earlier in the thread, just thought I'd ask again.
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