Gosnells breed show february

Discussion in 'Horse Showing and Events' started by Yarraman, Dec 31, 2009.

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  1. wattle6180

    wattle6180 Gold Member

    Breathe goodie......breathe... :p
  2. Elanda

    Elanda Gold Member

    *banging head on wall***) It is my "peeve" people going in wrong classes...check with the show organisers and your breed society :)
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  3. Pinto Lover

    Pinto Lover Well-known Member

    You got a pm..... ;)
  4. Pinto Lover

    Pinto Lover Well-known Member

    We hope to go but have no idea who with :confused::confused:
  5. Sassy

    Sassy Gold Member

    :D Ok thankyou goodie lol

    This is my first time showing this particular horse since umm... 2006? & will be my first time with APSB rego so I get a little confused with all the dif society rules, well really I know MY societies rules its everyone elses that confuse me lol
  6. Shakhaan

    Shakhaan Well-known Member

    Might drag an arab along to this show again... when will program be up on cav?
  7. Bubbles

    Bubbles Well-known Member

    When they decide to upload/update their website lol
  8. chante306

    chante306 Well-known Member

    its on cav
  9. Nanna

    Nanna Well-known Member



    Nanna is to dumb for that
  10. PINTO1980

    PINTO1980 Gold Member

    I will be there but not showing...2nd summer show in 2yrs i have missed..:-(
  11. country chick89

    country chick89 Active Member

    ok need help i have a paint bred but am not sure if i can enter him in combined broken colour??
  12. Elanda

    Elanda Gold Member

  13. PPH

    PPH Guest

    I need help too and sorry if it's a silly ? but are the stock horse classes in ring 7 for the breed Australian Stock horse or is it for "of stockhorse type?

    I know I can take lynx in the quarter horse classes (pretty obvious lol) but was'nt sure what the stock horse classes were about.
    Can anyone help me here?

    Also, what do I do with his mane. It was hogged for him to go campdrafting but really want to grow it out and it is now about 4cm long and spiky. do I leave it or rehog it ( so don't want to)?
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  14. Elanda

    Elanda Gold Member

    for registered Australian Stock Horses:)*
  15. Lexie

    Lexie Well-known Member

    Not going to this one :)
    Goodluck everyone!
  16. dakota95

    dakota95 Active Member

    Just a quick question then.

    I have a paint yearling. I am waiting on his papers from the APHA.
    Is he only eligble to compete in combined broken colour classes if i register him with them also?
  17. Sassy

    Sassy Gold Member

    That would be right Dakota, the combined broken colour class is for horses registered with the combined broken colour society, its not an open colour class. You could probably register you horse Pinto and show in those classes too.
  18. dakota95

    dakota95 Active Member

    Alright, thanks for clearing that up :)
  19. dayna

    dayna Well-known Member

    I personally would rehog it if it is too short to band and gel down. You always see some of the 'working' quarter horses with hogged manes at the bigger 'A' and 'AA' class shows and it is permitted (not preferred) by the AQHA.......so he should not be marked down for it.

    We will not have an 'ideal' mane on Zophia for this show either. Hers will be too long as we need as much length as possible for the pally states later in the month.
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  20. kelly

    kelly Well-known Member

    maybe try start putting a neck rug on him so it starts to stay down and the night before put a skinnyhood on him with a bit of pro plaits it it so it stays down on his neck then you wont have to hog it and you could prob even band it i have seen some really short manes banded it might help to keep the mane down to :)
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