Giant feral pig shot on Pilbara cattle station :O

Discussion in 'News Items' started by Lil Dove, May 31, 2009.

  1. Jocko

    Jocko Well-known Member

    Yep i'm the dog attendent at home and out the scrub.Also the one that has to look after the pups which i like doing but don't tell o/h.But ask for help with the horses and always get do i have too!
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  2. PPH

    PPH Guest

    sounds like home from home but yeah the pup thing ain't bad ;)
  3. EVP

    EVP Gold Member

    That pig is definately no Babe!!!

    I wonder what kind of buckshot brought down that monster........imagine the damage it has done to the environment over the years..AND how many litters the damn thing sired!

    AND they say horses do damage riding in the national parks?

    They shouldn't worry about rec shooters going out there to nab a squeeler or three.....they should be handing out free travel vouchers! *#)
  4. Sox12

    Sox12 New Member

    omg thats scary .. its massive !!
  5. gAlLoPiNgHoOvEs

    gAlLoPiNgHoOvEs New Member

    it is huge i tend to stay away ffrom pigs i hate them and i dont think i would want to confront one of them. im in cardup and i dont know if we get them here ive never seen them.
  6. emmyloveshorses

    emmyloveshorses Active Member

    now that is a MASSIVE pig lol!
    That is so fascinating! Wow :eek: :eek:
  7. peter g

    peter g New Member

    Hi manacaaron , im over here from nz and have been trying to find someone to go hunting with around perth , i have been looking up pig hunting and found yr thread on hunting , any help or advice would be appreciated , ive pig hunted all my life in nz so very keen to get out , thanks peter
  8. Pugsworth

    Pugsworth Well-known Member


    i hope this worked and sorry if the pic is big Pig caught at brigadoon swan valley
  9. dramaqueen

    dramaqueen Well-known Member

    there are some really nasty ones in the hills near byford at the perth zoo eucalyptus plantations.

    A friend of ours manages the plantation and took us for a walk up in them we could see the destruction they had caused in one of the sheds and of the eucalypts themselves

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