Giant feral pig shot on Pilbara cattle station :O

Discussion in 'News Items' started by Lil Dove, May 31, 2009.

  1. Lil Dove

    Lil Dove Well-known Member

    If you have the Sunday Times, u'll know what im talking about!

    Sent shivers down my spine! Its huge! :eek:

    Here is the artical.

    THIS giant feral pig was shot on a Pilbara cattle station after it was spotted eating a dead cow.

    The picture has been circulating on the internet alongside claims the boar was killed at various locations across Australia.

    It was written off as a hoax by many, including WA's Department of Environment and Conservation, and sparked much debate when published on website PerthNow.

    But The Sunday Times has confirmed that the pig was shot on a Pilbara cattle station near Newman, 1200km northeast of Perth.

    Sources close to the family of the man in the photo have confirmed he is Pilbara pastoralist John Anick and the picture was taken on his property three years ago.

    The family refused to talk about the giant boar earlier, for fear that illegal pig hunters would flock to the area.

    The source said the 220kg beast was eating a cow when it was first seen by workers mustering cattle in a helicopter. Mr Anick saw it again on a trip to check windmills on the property and shot it.

    ``I can vouch 100 per cent, I don't even have to say 90 per cent, that it (the photo) was taken in the Pilbara and it is who I said it is,'' the source said.

    This reader comment was left on the PerthNow report this week: ``Information I have on this photo is that it was shot by John Anick ... During muster a helicopter spotted it and when told John drove out and shot it! Many sausages were made and eaten, so I'm told!''

    DEC spokesman Nigel Higgs said the picture was a fake.

    ``There are some pigs at De Grey River, east of Port Hedland, and some domestic pigs gone wild near Savory Creek, 200km east of Newman, but they are small and pink,'' he said.

    Another source working in Perth claimed to have scanned the original photograph into a computer.
    There are estimated to be more than 23million feral pigs roaming the nation, predominantly in New South Wales, Queensland and the Northern Territory.

    They prey on native species and destroy habitats.
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  2. Eo

    Eo Active Member

    id like to see a pic,,, so the sunday times has pics of this beasty..
  3. Lil Dove

    Lil Dove Well-known Member

    Haha mods took pic off :eek: (sorry! guys)

    If you google "Giant feral pig shot on Pilbara cattle station" There is the atrical with the pic :)
  4. Sugar's Mum

    Sugar's Mum Gold Member

    wouldn't want to face that on a dark night. Makes the movie razorback look a little too real for comfort lol.
  5. painter

    painter Well-known Member

    Ewww yuk! I had to google, it and that big is HUGE!

    I have to laugh when people say there are not many feral pigs around - we have seen three, one small one Albany Highway just out of Armadale, and the other two crossed the road in front of us one night on Lady McNess Drive near Canning Dam out the back of Roleystone.

    Pretty sure we saw another one (at least it was something black and big when we were collecting firewood.

    LOL when they say the Hills have Eyes...they wern't joking*#)*#)*#)
  6. jezzahz

    jezzahz New Member

    its a really really old story we have the photo in the workshop
  7. kcr1971

    kcr1971 Active Member

    It is an old story, but is 100% true. John Anick is a friend of ours and we have eaten that pigs sausages.. John is not the type of bloke to bulldust. I think mr DEC spokesman is a bullduster I say its a fake, typical! The pig was a wild x domestic pig John shot on his Station...
    cheers Kylie
  8. Lokenzo

    Lokenzo Gold Member

    You wanna see wild pigs, head up to the orchards in Jarrahdale ;)
  9. kimaley !! i no what your talking about.. we lived up in the scarp in keysbrook near the fawcett orchards when we first moved out this way * 3 years ago* and :eek: OH MY GOD!!!!!... not something u wanted to come across when trail riding!!!
  10. wawa85

    wawa85 Guest

    Yuck that thing is hideous! I don't know what the DEC is talking about my dad used to occassionally go hunting feral pigs out near Jarrahdale and also further down south. Mind you this was some years ago.
  11. PPH

    PPH Guest

    Theres plenty of them out there and closer than most ppl think. When I worked at Geebung in Bullsbrook, it borders onto national park and we would get them coming down into what we called the orchard. They are still out n the Jarrahdale/ gleneagle forests, right down to Collie and Wandering and even Kalgoolie, though they tend to be smaller and tougher with less tusk than some of those found over east.

    Not sure whether or not the pic is real, as i would think it would be incredibly hard for an animal to reach and sustain that size. O/H goes up that area a couple of times a year and in recent times, have even found dingo pups abandoned by parents due to lack of food.
    And not sure I want to eat sausages from a full grown feral boar (very strong scent/taste) that usually feed off carrion (dead stuff). ;) lol
    Have seen pics of a pig entirly inside a cow carcase with skin still on. It was sprung while feeding and was bailed up by dogs INSIDE the carcase, just haed/nose sticking out. Yuck!!!
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  12. ZaZa

    ZaZa Guest

    You don't even need to go that far !
    Head in towards the gorge and Wungong Dam from South West Hwy (between Armadale and Byford) for a bush walk or a
    ride and you won't have to go far to find them.
    Horrible creatures.
    I've seen plaenty of adult pigs, but when I've come across the piglets, I haven't stuck around to meet mummy and daddy *#)

    Glad they're nowhere near as big as that one shot up north tho !
  13. monomeeth

    monomeeth Well-known Member

    I dunno. I don't think he's that big. I used to work in a piggery and the adult boars regularly grew to a size where their backs were mid-chest on me. He is all stretched out there, but if you measure front toes to top of shoulders, he comes about mid chest on that guy. Mind you, the domestic boars were fed all they could eat and got to live long lazy lives as long as they were still getting the sows preggie, so they had a better chance to grow that big than a wild pig.

    Still wouldn't want to meet him on the warpath. The piggery boars were so strong. One where I worked once threw a man right over a six foot fence with his nose, and I was gored in the tummy by one that seemed to only hit me with the side of his face but actually gave me a hands-length, ugly slash right through all my winter clothes. Mean critters, boars. :p


  14. jacko88

    jacko88 Well-known Member

    He's probably not that big compared to a domestic large white etc but for a feral pig he's a monster.
  15. manocaaron

    manocaaron Well-known Member

    just to let you guys know, there are feral pigs all over the Perth area. My hubby has hunted them for the last 19 yrs. I even saw one in the back paddock when we lived on Neaves Rd.
    Believe me though, they are aggresive, but like snakes they are just as scared as you are so usually get out of your way. its if you have a dog that could be trouble. Dogs will naturally go after them and without back up and armor for your dog he is very likely to be "stuck."
    Hubby has cought pigs every where from Northampton to down south, in the NT and in QLD too.
    So if any of you have a pig problem....providing its on land large enough to hunt (without the pigs trotting under a fence and into the neighbors) just PM me and I will let hubby know. he is allways looking for different ground. He is responsible and can provide references too.
  16. CharlieChick

    CharlieChick Active Member

    AGH !!! Grouse

    Thats not a pig its a Hippo :S EWWIE
  17. Bushmanwatts

    Bushmanwatts Well-known Member

    I just googled it and he is huge, I would not want to try and out run that one thats for sure.
  18. LilD

    LilD Well-known Member

    Ive seen wild pigs up here, not that big but :-O
  19. manocaaron

    manocaaron Well-known Member

    LOl, yes that one was a monster. Your qld pigs are generally small but have big tusks.
    Hubby and sons going tomorow for a hunt....4am wake up- another morning with no sleep in! Its not fair!
  20. PPH

    PPH Guest

    Yup, so know that feeling. And guess who has to look after his dogs though:p

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