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Discussion in 'Problem Horses' started by Firedance, Mar 16, 2009.

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    Cough did you mention 5 words they are to busy trying to put a stop to the only industry Station people can make a living at.

    I think the bleep maybe or perhaps the ones that let them have a pastrol lease.

    Yes not many have a great deal of thought to handling these animals.

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    i agree those who dont do anything about an issue is a problem owner. we have all gotten off onto the wrong track here we are all learning and we are all going to make mistakes that is the only way we can learn, but those who continuously let the animals starve, and suffer etc ARE PROBLEM OWNERS. not the ones who sell on a horse whos reason could be a simple as cant get a horse on a float or horse doesnt look pretty enough those people just are able to pick and choose, but those who are responsible for creating "crazy, nutty" horses or dont look after their animal correctly whether they are aware of it or not these are the problem owners we should really be shooting down not ourselves.
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    simular debate on another forum,
    a post comes on and posts about not being able to to give one horse a good whack, as it was too ensitive, but the other one was good as gold, after you give it some decent whacks and a few good kick in the guts. but you had to do this every time you got on it, as it was just toooo naughty otherwise!!!!!!!!!!
    then states, if she saw someone give out information that could be dangerous to others, she would DEFFINATELY have something to say and set them on the right course.
    so it is scarey that 1) does not realise that she is a problem owner
    2) will tell others how to fix problems
    3) will only learn something when seriously hurt (but it would be the horses fault of course)
    to me, a problem owner is one that blames a horse.
    to me a problem owner is not willing to learn (his way or the highway)
    to me a problem owner is not only deaf, but blind as a bat and lacks common sense on so many levels.
    well said sparkie
  5. Problem owner number 3 - those people that deliberately choose to inflict cruelty, fear and pain on equines (just had some reported to us, lady just rescued mare from certain death which would have been terrifying, very painful and very slow... I am SO mad right now) :mad: :mad: :mad:
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    yeah tru Geejay hadn't givn't it a thought!
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    thanks SMASH....!
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    lightbulb moment

    I completely agree with Smash,

    I think it is important for people to realise that mistakes are a part of life, but the important thing is that people 1) admit that they made a mistake, 2) learn from their mistakes, and 3) dont be afraid to ask for help if they need it.
    These forums are fantastic in that it is a bit of a knowledge base, people can ask for help/opinions/advice and get given lots of it (and some very different, from very different people, with very different histories and motives). It is important that people feel able to ask these questions/opinions, because if they have a need to ask, then they are obviously in need of advice (ie they are in that situation now), but what they dont need is to be patronised.

    At the same time, people must recognise that there are many many different opinions out there and often there is no right or wrong way to do something, just different approaches (although a wrong way would be inflicting pain or suffering without any decent reason).

    I really like this forum, it is great that we are slowly defining what a "problem owner" is. And I definately agree that a big part of being a problem owner is not seeking help when help should be sought. Ignorance should never be an excuse, it is all a matter of responsibility. As long as it is kept in mind that if people are seeking help, then they are trying not to be "problem owners" anymore, and the more help that can be given, the better the owners can become. Everyone needs a support group, and that is what stockies is/should be (I know that I am a bit of a newby on here, but I have read ALOT of posts, only just started posting).

    Lastly, having anything to do with horses is all about learning. If you ever feel that you are not learning anything, then you better take a quick look at your situation because you are obviously missing something!

    Sorry about the long post, hope it made sense! I tend to drift easily!

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