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Discussion in 'Problem Horses' started by Firedance, Mar 16, 2009.

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    Yeah, I've got to put my 2 cents in here. I think some people are labelling the few to the many. I think you'd be lying if you never had a skinny tb, had a horse bolt on you, rear whatever and not sure where you're going wrong. When I was starting out with Jag, if I had a dollar for everytime I asked another tb owner how they made their horse not ribby I'd be seriously rich! I still ask this question! Sometimes we take on more then we can chew, I don't think the horse comes off second best in every case. If we're going to pick on ijit horse owners, what about the parents who have like 10 children? They cost more then a horse. There's just as much choice in that then there is buying a gg.

    Or even so, when my horse has hit it's eventing limit, I am going to lease him out, hopefully. He's got potential to help another rider come up the grades. There's no shame in that? I know heaps of young riders who buy experience, horses that hasn't gotten to 4* level but still worth it's weight as a young riders mount. If you buy a tb, but didn't know what you were in for, why not get a stb to help you, or vice verse. People can move from a stb to a tb when they get their confidence. Don't kill on me, but not every standardbred is really built to do PN eventing... or high level sjing. Problem floaters, yep, had one of them. I'm one of the lucky people who was able to work through that. Not everyone is able to or wants to! I don't see a shame in this.

    I'm a little bit at a loss as to what this thread is pointing or hinting at. Just because we don't know everything, we shouldn't bother? If that were the case, no one should even try?

    I must admit I agree with backyard breeders. Some people just shouldn't think that because it has the gear it should be bred to anything, that's a massive worry.
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    Hiya smash :D !!! Brilliant! (I'm going to quote her too horsetalk :) )
    And if this dog riding was the case I'd go watching heaps more!
    Something else have noticed about dogs & horses...choosing the type to suit goes a long long way!
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    waves at trojane (my little bat friend) lol
    lol horsetalk, dont go to soft, i like you the way you were lol
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    funny you say that a old fellow I know always says if you can train a working dog well you'll have no problems witha horse. Anyway Smash you are right on the money with that one!
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    Ahh Firedance I so here where you are coming from, but every single day I see crimes commited against horses.
    I have since given up, because like children, anyone can own a horse, not everyone should.
    And yes horses are the ones like children that suffer.
    The only good thing, is that horses that suffer get put down, children have to grow up and live with it.

    Humans are the true Evil on this planet, and these days there are not enough truely good descent people left to make up for all the shifty, dishonest horse trading, child molesting bad ones out there.

    There are just not enough rainbows and happy endings to go around.

    All we can do as individuals is go back to our own houses, our own lives, take a good hard honest look and ask are WE the best person we can be, are we the best horse owner, parent, partner, etc.

    If more of us as individuals stood up and where accountable for our own actions, sites like Fugly would not be required, and the entire world would be a better place.
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    Lots of dog owners want harmony and partnership with their dogs. Lots of dairy farmers want harmony and partnership with their cows, lots of handlers at zoos and animal parks want harmony and partnership with their charges....

    The only difference is that the "harmony and partnership" is tempered with common sense, practicality, reality and commitment!

    How many horse people take on a "challenge" horse when they really know that they don't have the time or the finances to spend on getting it right?
    Or they don't have the expertise to do the job safely and correctly?

    How many people take on an extra horse when they really know that their finances and time is pushed with the horse they already have?

    How many people breed a horse but forget that you need lots of things in place for the safety of a mare and foal?

    The list is endless.

    Some people should have horses and many people should NOT. :}
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    EVP, too true old mate
    but the differance with this little bit LOL is you CAN RUN lol
    try running whilst on the back of a horse (it aint pretty) lol lol
  9. I think we could easily sum up a 'problem owner' as somebody who has a horse without the means to provide adequate care. Somebody who has a horse and when a problem arises they do not bother to research it, get help or otherwise make any reasonable effort to improve matters. A person who when a problem arises and they are forced to do something about it will take the cheapest, quickest and most convenient way out of the problem as possible regardless of the horse's best interests. - yes?
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    well said
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    YEP........and the numbers arn't reducing!#(
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    thanks smash and horsetalk. noted.
    EVP **) well said
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    ill put my hand up and say im currently a problem owner. However, only turned into one within the last couple of months. Now I blame no one for my predicament, its my problem. I have been hit hard by the financial crisis, but i still have my horses. I could have given one up but i decided that my actions put him where he was, therefore my actions would bring him out.

    I have asked for advice and im doing everything i can now to ensure my horses' wellbeing and safety. Many a time i have thought about removing (for want of a better word) one of the horses so i can concentrate on the one. But again i dont want the easy way out. So im gonna keep going, so what if i have to eat 2minute noodles for two weeks to ensure my horses are well and safe? I dont. My horses are my responsibility. Oh and thanks to everyone who is trying to help me at the moment, your support is terrific, and you all know who you are :)
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    You are not a problem owner BellaSkip. Problem owners don't go to these extremes to rectify whatever is going on. I'm sure you have many friends and wish I had the knowledge to help you too.
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    Well said, that covers it nicely. **)

    Lol, like you too Smash. :)
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    Now thats the best comments yet:)
    This is our dilemma at the moment in the photo you see happy contented heifers relaxed in the shade.
    All very well if they were our cattle, we have had to change our water to at least save our mills from been destroyed and dig a hole so that the water is pumping on the ground so they can drink poor buggers were desperate.

    The owners of these cattle are weekenders yes they by Stations for this, they come up from the city with there fridge full of wine and a picnic go to the Granites and show there friends there Station, I can just here it sitting high up saying we own all this land.
    Big deal they also own livestock which come with the bloody Station, which have to be cared for and adequate water provided Wind mills brake down they may still be going around but it doesn’t mean they are pumping water.

    So now we are stuck with the problem and they haven’t a clue and don’t want the cattle, they have split into 2 mobs we have 1 the others are wandering close to the hwy and 2 have already been hit by trucks the rest are desperate for water.

    What do you do I now must defiantly believe anyone who wants to take on this sort of responsibility should be made to prove they are capable of running and handling livestock.

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    God thats awful Geejay those poor poor cattle:( as you say what do you do? can't just let them die of thirst!!
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    Yes poor moo moos, they look just lovely cattle. Can't believe some people who wouldn't care if they had no water!

    It takes at least 3 days to die without water, not nice!
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    oh TOTALLY second that firedance.
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    Suggest you ring the RSPCA Geejay, if you think horses get abused then how people treat cattle is even worse, as the cattlemen die and the companies get bigger and there are less people to teach the young people about stock handling and good cattlemanship the worse cattle are being treated. they are lower than most on the food chain!! people would not believe how cruel some of the young ringers and jackeroos are to cattle why they work in the industry is beyond me!

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