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Discussion in 'Problem Horses' started by Firedance, Mar 16, 2009.

  1. divinerye

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    I can see what sharaway is saying.. there are horses out there that have been mistreated.. so there for the is dangerous, not only to themselves, but to others.. i take my hat off to trainers like monty roberts and pat parelli, and the many others out there that take the time to try to understand these horses, and try to make them better, and not scared. :))
  2. sparkie

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    lol...i refer the few who only ever give advice and not only give advice but put down others and there opinions too. i love this site simply because of all the things i may not have a problem with but others do are great for future reference this is a great site it just can become a little overwhelming when people push their opinions too far and dog others opinions or suggestions...there are many ways to skin a cat (dont like that fraise but it sends the message) i have come across wheer i havent had to ask i have just had to read.

    when it come to problem owners i dont nessecarily beleive that they are kinda like problem horses really. we all take things in differently and we all use it differently the same with a horse personallities clash those who are genuine about learning and about the love for their horses / animals these people arent a problem but those who are in it for some kind of greed game and stuff these horses/animals up this is where THEY become problem owners. in general we are all the same just some more advanced than others more experience than others and when we talk about problem owners i understand it as inexperienced owners only when the intention is not greed orientated.

    i put my hand up "I AM A PROBLEM OWNER" and probly will be for the rest of my life...! i am always learning and always improving. i havent come across anyone who is not a "PROBLEM OWNER", in the respects of this thread...!
  3. beagle

    beagle Well-known Member

    good on ya sparkie good response.good luck to people to help you here if you need it are Watkins HH & Saltriver.have fun.:D
  4. Problem owners are not as bad as problem horse flogging dealers#(
    Dealers who pick up cheap horses and sell them on. Cheap horse is cheap for a reason. Back yard breeders who pick up cheap horses and breed more unwanted ones, creating a continuos circle.
    Dealers who don't give a second thought about a horse or an owner, selling a camel dressed up as a show pony to a gallable new horse person who in turn becomes a problem owner (because he or she was taken for the ride).
  5. smash

    smash Well-known Member

    very true coolie,
    it has been said many times that you have to start somewhere.
    it has been said many times that many have learnt the hard way.
    is there any "new/whannabe" horse owners, that actually learn/listen to the many hardship/problems that EVERYONE else has had to go through ????
    is this vicious circle of "having to find out the hard way" ever going to change ??
    i bet the horse is sure hoping that it is not going to be subjected to having be the "hard way".
    horses teach us new stuff every day, but cant the humans AT LEAST "TRY" to be better informed, better equipped and have a better BASIC UNDERSTANDING, before subjecting them to humans trials and errors of ignorance.
    there are so many posts of horses with previous man made problems.
    if a horse is past onto 3 different owners, and they all confirm the horse is mad, and the horse is then passed onto a 4th person and is an angel.
    are the first three owners at fault ?
    or did the horse just find someone who UNDERSTOOD him ?
    what does that say about the first 3 owners ? were they the ones that were just "learning the hard way" or didnt understand THAT horse ?
    do the first 3 owners have the same problem with any other of their horses?
    do the first 3 owners blame themselves or the horse?
    do the first 3 owners "help" educate other "newbies"
  6. snoopydoo

    snoopydoo Well-known Member

    ok, reading this I am probably a problem owner. I bought a great pony who had floating issues. this was pointed out to me at the time. the previous owner floated the pony to me so i thought that his issue couldn't be that bad. To cut a long story short, after i spent $$$ on professional help which did get the pony floating in the short term, it became evident that he didn't trusy me enough to float for me. After over a year of trying everything I was told to try by people on here and other so called 'experts" I decided to sell him. I advertised the pony as a problem floater and guess what - he was sold within 2 weeks!
    I sold on a pony that was a problem to me.
    Call me a bad person but I felt I had spent enough time and $$ on the pony for nothing so he had to go. His new owner is experienced with problem floaters and had him on that float quicker than the professionals could. he is now no longer a problem..
    Come on all you people that think I shouldn't have given up, what else should i have done??
    As far as I am concerned I did enough and it was my daughter missing out as the pony couldn't be floated to PC etc. so he went and we now have a new pont that fits our requirements more.
    Dont get me wrong, we loved the first pony and there's no way we would have parted with him except for this, but it just wasn't to be.
  7. smash

    smash Well-known Member

    snoopydoo, the lady you sold this pony to, wasnt called rebecca by any chance ??
    what makes you think anyone would think you shouldnt of given up ??
    i would be asking "what did you learn" ?
  8. GeeJay

    GeeJay Guest


    You know this is the problem and why should you have to say sorry:(

    Don't humans understand that we just aren't all the same and however hard we try we clash with each other as well as our 4 legged friends.

    There will always be that conflict how ever hard we try or how ever much we pay, thats human nature pass the buck or pass the blame.

    I watched a young person at a event recently, this person was riding STB as ugley as can be, but all the time had the biggest smile and was having so much fun and guess what the comments I heard would make you gringe WHY because this horse just didn't fit.

    Even my own mare Tooley I can walk out whistle and she will come to be caught, my partner can go do the same thing and she will bolt and he will come back and say that bloody horse of yours LOL. But he has never done anything to make her bolt for cover.

    I feel if anyone needs to ask and in some eyes the most stupid things, whats the big deal, times have changed I was lucky to have met terrific horsepeople who didn't give a rats arse about what you should do or not do, just helped gave sound advice. Not just for the animals welfare but for the person as well:)

    Life is full of problems and it will never change how ever hard we try.

  9. divinerye

    divinerye New Member

    Im still learning, and ive had horses nearly all my life. Each horse is different. As much as i would love to be good at the naturalhorsemanship stuff, i just am not. hahaha.. i hate floating horses, my standie i floated for the first time a month ago..and to my surprise.he walked on himself!!!
    Sometimes it is the persons confidence..which i admit..sometimes that lacks in some issues dealing with my horses.. Each to their own:))
  10. EVP

    EVP Gold Member

    I don't think this thread is designed or aimed at the experienced horse people who make an informed decision based on their own (or family) needs.

    So no one needs to apologise nor relate their individual story as some form of explanation.

    Many horse people have on sold horses that they find "too much horse for them". Or have made the decision to send to the doggers.

    In this instance no apology is necessary.

    For those that buy horses when they are ill equipt financially or practically, this thread is for you. For those that take on horses because their heart is in the right place....(but unfortunately their common sense area is empty) this thread is for you. For those that accept freebie horses because their previous owners wouldn 't make the kindest decision and send the horse on the red truck....this thread is for you.

    Many times all the above works out fine.........many more times it does not and the horse is the one left holding the bag when the shite hits the fan.

    I implore all would-be horse owners to really examine the realities BEFORE taking on a horse or more horses. While the heart might have the right isn't in the best interest of the horse in the long term.

    Horses are not throw-away items.......and they arn't cattle that can roam unattended for months or years.

    I have lost count of the number of times I have heard of people taking "free" horses. AND not being prepared for everything that it might take to get things right. At the first sign of trouble the gloss can wear off real quick.

    Many times taking a "freebie" horse (or cheap saved one) is only doing the previous owner a favour.......once gone they never think of the horse again!

    No one should feel guilty for making a thought-out decision based on individual circumstances. :}
  11. GeeJay

    GeeJay Guest

    Well said EVP

  12. snoopydoo

    snoopydoo Well-known Member

    The OP wrote this in the first post of this thread, this is why I considered myself in the problem owner category!!

    We didn't come to the decision to sell lightly and still miss the guy, stubborn and cheeky as he was. Apologies if i came off strongly.

    No she was called Sue, but a great lady and she's delighted with the pony and very well equiped to deal with his "problem". As I said, to her his floating issues were not a problem, the fact he is a fantastic childs mount was his main point, she could deal with the rest. Sadly I couldn't!
  13. smash

    smash Well-known Member

    thank you scoopydoo, i am glad all worked out well.
  14. Grandera

    Grandera New Member

    Its a horrid concept to have to live with but its a fact of life.Not all animals are going to get loving homes.Wouldnt you rather the non suffering than them not getting feed???I cant sleep at night thinking something could be hungry.

    I honestly think there are people on this board who think every horse can be fixed.Thats just plain ignorance.Some cant be fixed.And some arent bad because of human error.(Dont get me wrong,majority are.)But those who think its that black and white need to get out more.

    Kids are starving and dieing of AIDS in Africa.The world is f*"ked up.In China they skin animals alive.Having to put down a horse who isnt going to suffer any more pales in comparison.
  15. EVP

    EVP Gold Member

    Exploitation is the greatest sin against animals. The next greatest sin is ignorance, and in many third world countries this is a very real complaint.....I have seen it first hand.
    You cannot judge many of these cases too harshly however much they shock and outrage us.

    All that can be hoped is that education, and further exposure to our Western world can change some customs and primitive practises.

    The greatest tool to be able to care and own animals (including horses) is income and a willingness to seek education. Together these things make a rewarding duo for horse and owner!

    Horses are animals......sometimes something is not quite right with them....either man made or nature........if they were any other beast would owners go to such lengths to unravel the mystery? Would we so easily put aside our safety concerns, spend money we don't have, risk so much if it were a cow? A pig? A goat? A dog?

    Common sense is a horse owners greatest asset. Sometimes we have to use it when we least want sending a horse away.

    Some horses are not fit to spend their life amoung us.......some dogs aren't either and we happily acknowledge it when a savage dog is euthanised after mauling something or someone.......

    We have to put aside our emotions and our WANTS many times during our life.......for the good of something else.
  16. Siren

    Siren Well-known Member


    i dont know how to do that quote thing, where you put someone elses post up and comment on it, but
    i think everyone is ALMOST on the same page here
    **) sparkie geejay coliban and smash **)

    sad thing is, that its not going to change, there will always be %$#@heads out there, in EVERY aspect of life.
  17. Horsetalk

    Horsetalk Well-known Member

    You have done nothing wrong Snoopy, so don't worry at all. :) You had a prob, the next owner does have none at all. You have been honest, that's all what counts. **) Enjoy your new pony. :)
  18. Grandera

    Grandera New Member

    Great post EVP.
  19. Horsetalk

    Horsetalk Well-known Member

    Of course EVP is great lol. :)
  20. smash

    smash Well-known Member

    siren, if you highlight the section you want to comment on, then right click to copy. you then click on the little icon with a piece of paper in it (which will bring up quote twice in where you are typing) and then click your curser in the middle of the two words "

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