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Discussion in 'Problem Horses' started by Lightning Jack, Oct 2, 2008.

  1. jacko88

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    Do they import German, Hungarian or Danish salami Coliban?
    If so I wonder how many of the people that are so against horse slaughter, have had a feed of it??
  2. BigRed

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    And thats all the thanks she gets for giving you two beautiful babies and being a sweet horse!!
    I presume the fluid is in the uterus? and if is maybe the cause of her infertility maybe try and get her lavaged?
  3. Rayes

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    Can she be ridden? You might find a home for her as a pleasure/trail horse, or even as a companion...
  4. Sim

    Sim Well-known Member

    Is this horse aged?
    Is she unrideable?
    Can you find her a retirement home?
    Can you give her away to someone who will appreciate her for what she is?
    Could she be a companion horse?
    Could she be a pleasure horse?

    I would be exhausting all of these options before I was calling in the doggers.

    ETA: Please don't tell me she has already gone?
    ETA 2:p Sorry Rayes, missed your previous post!
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  5. Rayes

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    And whilst I'm not a breeder by any means, but is 3 months only a short time to be trying to get her into foal?

    In humans we try for about a year before we usually seek medical help...
  6. EVP

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    Breeding horses really isn't gauged by "months to get in foal" is times attempted and protocols cover/AI/ET. This mares owners might have only tried to breed her once in 3 months.....or they might have tried her 6 times in 3 months.

    The better the vet the better the chances. "Any old" horse vet is NOT a reliable specialist to produce a pregnancy from a difficult mare.

    If the mare has outlived her usual-ness, cannot be found a suitable caring home, fails to breed despite expert attentions, and cannot be kept by her owner....then the kindest thing for her is to go to the big green pasture in the sky.

    Better that than rehomed to someone who "promises" to care for her, doesn't provide adequate feed/shelter and maintenance, who might keep trying to breed "a cute foal" at her peril, or who flogs the guts out of her yahooing across the countryside......that is NOT a fair trade-off for any horse.
  7. Sim

    Sim Well-known Member

    Agreed**) But, I think a lovely, kind horse deserves these avenues thoroughly investigated first before calling in the doggers.
  8. PPH

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    I have a mare who was passed through 2 homes in quick succesion because she failed to fall pregnant. Ironicaly she was, unbeknown to me or previous owners, approx 4 months pregnant, which apparently did not show on a scan, hence she was moved on.
    Sure enough when I had her checked out, she had a rather nasty bacteria in residence in her uterus, which makes me wonder how thorough the other studs were. Especially when after a short course of antibiotic she fell preggers first serve last year.
    Maybe just give her some time. If she's that good and has produced nice babies before she should be worth the wait.
  9. If you really have exhausted all possibilities and she is unridable (due to old injury or just lack of education? Could she have some education and be ok to pack some nervous nellie around?) then the least you could do is have her PTS AT HOME. Doesn't she deserve that for all she's done for you?
  10. FiLLy84

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    If the mare is aged I would personally PTS. If she is not too old and unbroken or broken in maybe you could lease her out and see what happens with that. Then you have the power to take her back if it does not work out.

    Some people are not emotionally attached to their horses due to it being a business and if the horse is unable to produce then it is PTS. Some people will think that is cruel but at the end of the day it is the owners choice. Some people only look at the problem through a business mind. I don't believe there is anything wrong with that. Sometimes it is better then just putting the horse out the back and forgetting about it.
  11. kathera

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  12. Yes please!! All of the above :)*
  13. kathera

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    HI ML

    Just emailed SC about my horse after reading all this. Maybe you can help.



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