Getting Elec. Brakes Fitted for a New Float

Discussion in 'Horse and Rider Safety' started by Noah, Oct 8, 2011.

  1. Noah

    Noah Well-known Member

    Hi :)

    We are getting sorted to get a new float soon for our big boy as our current one is too small.

    The new float has electric brakes so before we pick it up we need to get our Landcruiser fitted with whatever they fit them with to be able to tow the float.

    Can anyone recommend where to get it done, give me an idea of price and how long it takes?

    Can an ordinary mechanic do it?

    It is a little harder getting this stuff done living out in the sticks so any advice is much appreciated.

  2. kp

    kp Well-known Member

    Can't tell you where. But we get our auto-electrician to install ours. Make sure they don't send too many pulses as this will cause the wheels to lock up with the lightest touch from brakes. It is not expensive either. Can't remember what we paid last time.
  3. Shiralee

    Shiralee Well-known Member

    My o/h fitted ours, its not difficult if your mechanically minded and most have instructions included with them, a mechanic or auto electrician would be able to fit them for you, it shouldnt cost more than maybe 50-100 tops....
  4. Wizard

    Wizard Active Member

    I need one of these too. My float has elec. brakes, ive towed it round and just been really careful, but want the elec. brake controller, im in Armadale area, where can i get one from? cheers :))
  5. ZaZa

    ZaZa Guest

    I bought mine off the net from a caravan supplies place. Most auto shops or trailer places could order one in for you.
    Wizard why not call an auto sparky in your area. They'll be able to supply and fit one if you don't want the hassle of ringing around to find someone who has one is stock.
  6. Picup436

    Picup436 Active Member

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but without the brake kit fitted to the towing vehicle, electric brakes don't work?!? Why on earth would you be towing around a float with horse/s in it with no brakes? Regardless of how careful you are, you still have no brakes on your float!
  7. kp

    kp Well-known Member

    That is really slack and dangerous. Contact an auto-electrician before you tow with the float again. It is not expensive and easily done.
  8. cleo

    cleo Well-known Member

    I recently had one fitted at Muchea auto electrics. It cost me about $400 but I had a couple of other bits done.
    There are two main types one is a box that sits under your dash (where your legs go)with how far forward my seat is I would have kept bashing my legs on one of these or the other ones fit in to one of the spare buttons in your dash and is just a little dial with a light. Not sure of the price difference between the two.

    Only took a few hours to be done.
  9. Que Sera Sera

    Que Sera Sera Well-known Member

    Correct me if Im wrong, but dont you have to have manual brakes as well as electric? I thought electric were a on top of brake?
  10. Ali

    Ali Well-known Member

    The float won't have hydrolic brakes if its got electric ones which means Wizard has no brakes what so ever on the float :( I would be booking it in for Monday if it were me!
  11. Wizard

    Wizard Active Member

    well lucky i dont drive like an idiot and always do bout 20 under the speed limit.. the brakes from the car will slow the float down if given enough time which TRUST ME i give plenty of brake time,.. and please DO NOT!! judge what i do as the whole time ive been on stockyard i have not jumped down someones throat in hope that it wouldnt happen to me! NO WAY would i put my horse in danger! so thanks for the input and i will get the controller when im able to!! plus my point was to ask where i can get the controller from not an invite anyone to have a go at me! now for those who did have a go try expressing your feelings an concerns or advice in a NICER way or i wont listen to you :D
  12. Wizard

    Wizard Active Member

    not everyone can afford things straigh away either, my last 2cents goes to my horse.. and i will get it and fitted when i can
  13. Mad on Horses

    Mad on Horses Active Member

    Wizard please don't take this as having a go,
    - but do you realize that you can be fined for towing a vehicle without brakes,
    - and if you have an accident even if not your fault your insurance will not cover you and you may face legal charges, so please try and make getting the controller fitted a priority. I know you say you leave plenty of room for braking and go slow, but the trouble is that idiots on the road only see that space as a way of getting in front of you they don't realize you need that room to stop.
  14. Que Sera Sera

    Que Sera Sera Well-known Member

    Mad on Horses is right.

    It is illegal to tow anything over 750kg unbraked. So yes your insurance wont even cover a fender bender at low speed the front of your car if your towing it.

    I always thought electrics were an add on, not an instead of.

    Definately time to make it a priority or start borrowing floats with hydraulic brakes.
  15. kp

    kp Well-known Member

    Wizard, you may be a very safe driver, but what happens when some idiot pulls out in front of you? brakes hard in front of you? Accidents do happen and may not necessarily be your fault. I was in an accident with a float on. We were towing a three horse angle load, three horses on. An F250 with properly adjusted electric brakes. Doing 65 kmh in an 80 zone. Drunk driver goes straight through a stop sign and cleans us up. The point of the story is, regardless how careful you are accidents will happen due to other people stupidity.
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  16. kiraSpark

    kiraSpark Gold Member

    No. Electric (OR hydraulic) brakes are all you need when towing something that weighs over 750kg. They arent 'on top' of anything else.

    You might be thinking of breakaway brakes? They are 'on top' of electric brakes - for if the trailer/float becomes separated from the towing vehicle (god forbid). We have these ON TOP of our electric brakes on our gooseneck. Breakaway brakes are only required if the weight being towed is over a certain tonnage.
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  17. Noah

    Noah Well-known Member

    Not sue if people are confused about the comment 'towing without brakes'.
    My interpretation is that naturally the car has its own brakes, then an ordinary float would have the old fashioned style brakes that use that hydraulic thing to apply the brake in reponse the your car braking & causing the forward motion if the float.

    With our new float it has electric brakes, which require a unit to be hooked up the towing vehicle, that actually applies the float brakes in response to the car braking and can be adjusted to be a certain percentage, so say if you are going down hill with a heavy load, you would apply more brake to the float etc etc.

    The electric brakes on the float are the alternative to the older style hydraulic ones, not as well as, so not having the unit in the car equals no brakes on the float at all.

    Hope that makes sense.

    We ended up getting the guy at Imperial Floats to fit the electric unit to our car on the day we picked up the new float.

    It cost $395 for the unit & labour if you are wishing to know:)*

    I must say we wouldn't have imagined towing our new float with out any brakes on it, too risky:)*
  18. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    Wizard I mean this nicely...

    You are not safe, you are towing without brakes.
    You ARE towing illegally.
    There is a very good reason why there's a weight limit to when you are required brakes.
    Accidents happen at ALL speeds.
    If here was an accident involving another car, even if their fault it wouldn't take long to realise you had no brakes.

    Its very silly IMHO. Don't care how slow you go. Its not that much to go get them fitted. Ask around, pretty much anyone who can put in a car stereo can do the brake system, is not hard at all...

    Not being able to afford the most expensive stuff is a little different to affording the ESSENTIAL things. Please get your brakes done ASAP...I hope you stay safe :)
  19. Shera

    Shera Active Member

    I got mine fitted for $450 but it's suposed to be the best one you can get, most the other quotes I got were higher. I think you will find that if you tow illegally you lose ALL insurance including your compulsory 3rd party insurance that you get when registering your vehicle. So if you're at fault and get sued you're screwed... Plus it wrecks your car brakes towing without them :eek:
  20. Que Sera Sera

    Que Sera Sera Well-known Member

    AND this is why we are having a float towing safety lesson tomorrow at ARC.

    I always thought they were on top of hydraulic brakes, that electric kicked in first being much better then if they failed you had your hydraulics to back you up. Another point to be made tomorrow.......................

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