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Discussion in 'Horse Racing' started by Shiobhan, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. Jewels'

    Jewels' Well-known Member

    Great to have an update on the gg's.

    Tracey, is Blondey so named due to a flaxen mane? I know Key Business throws quite a few chestnuts with flaxen mane and tails. I have a real soft spot for them:) The baby should also have a lovely temperament if it has taken after dad.

    Honey (Luv Playing to Win) is currently on spell. The pacers are all doing well, our 2 yo has been turned out for 6 months to mature, she looks like she will be a 3 yo before having her first start.

    Good luck, will keep my eye out for when they race.

  2. persian queen

    persian queen New Member

    Hey Julie,

    Yeah we have called her Blondey because of her mane :). I am hoping to go to the stud in the next couple of weeks to get a pic of her to post, she is just so pretty. (then Spid my best friend can post the pic, i never know how).

    It would be good if with stable updates we could include pics. Shiobhan is the best at that.

    When we bought her the breeder said that he would have been very happy for her to come back home with him. The mare has had 3 foals (Blondey is the 3rd) - none to race. The breeder told me it was because one had a paddock accident and the other died in Singapore, so the mare has never really had a chance to prove herself which is why he was interested in keeping her.

    We had a Key Business filly a few years ago and she was a bit nutty, could never catch her, this one unfortunatley is showing signs of being of a similar mould, but as long as she can run that is all that matters. We are just really positive that she can be something special.

    Your horse Honey has been ultra consistant of late, you must be really happy.

    Keep us up to date with your trotters as well.

    Shiobhan sounds like you have got a great team up there, you will be having a lot of fun, you must be getting really excited.
  3. Jewels'

    Jewels' Well-known Member

    Hi Tracey

    Blondey sounds lovely, can't wait to see a pic of her. I have no idea how to post pics either, in fact I don't even have a digital cameral so behind the eight ball to start with LOL. Maybe Spid will have to become my best friend too:D

    I know Blondey's breeders quite well, in fact Honey was foaled at the stud and continues to go back there for her spells. They are great people!

    The trotting stables have had a few winners lately which is always nice:)

    Shio, love hearing your updates also and of course your pics are always fantastic.

  4. simbin

    simbin Gold Member

    A lot of trainers like Northam. I cant wait for the season to begin. I must prefer going to the races in the country. ;)
  5. Shiobhan

    Shiobhan Well-known Member

    ok some photos for you guys sorry not many. Kinda strapped for time in the arvos at the moment.


    Danny new to Hedland (owned since last year but first time Ive seen him in the flesh lol)

    spastic lol dont need to introduce him


    Rocky very hard to take photo off has to be int he sun once his under the tree and shade he just dissappears into the shade lol have no idea why crap photographer on my part
  6. ombcross

    ombcross New Member

    i got 2 yearlings and 1 2yo to name
    lord dane nunabah
    state city solange
    2 yo danish harmoney seemingly so

  7. Jez

    Jez Gold Member

    Miz Tracey....if you name that blondie filly PARIS HILTON i will come and clean your yards every ...second thursday...LMAO...go on dare ya!!

    State City x Solange - Sun State?
  8. persian queen

    persian queen New Member

    hahahhahahahhaa Jez you are too funny, but unfortunatley there is a 7 year old mare by Pins registered with that name. Spid would love to see you at the stables doing yards too - damn it!

    Shio, I am STEALING Binky, what a beautiful boy - he and Grassa Express are looking a treat.

    Had really disappointing day at Narrogin yesterday, our jockey went for an inside run on turn that didnt exist subsequently recieving a little holiday and our horse being severely checked by a horse that has now been sent back to trials, oh well thats racing!

    We will head to northam in a couple of weeks over 1200m and hope for a little more luck.
  9. persian queen

    persian queen New Member


    so danish
  10. Spider n Toby

    Spider n Toby Gold Member

    hahahaha it's ok Jezzy you can clean the yards anyways! Espically Bella's hahahaha

    I can safely say that all of Traceys horses ( persian queens ) are looking awesome and feeling good. I can't wait for stormy to be racing soon!
  11. Jez

    Jez Gold Member

    Awww sorry to hear about your crap day at Narrogin Miz Tracey.....i hope you looked down and frowned at jockey...what shape did he think the track was?
  12. persian queen

    persian queen New Member

    haha Jez he is ok, it is just how racing goes, you take the good with the bad as you know.
  13. persian queen

    persian queen New Member

    Trials Today

    Was very exciting today - Hawas (Xena) won her trial by 5 3/4 lengths and will now race, so proud of her considering how sick she was 8 weeks ago, Giho (Gee) got 2nd last, pulled up a bit big and will trial again but still proud of the big boy.
  14. Spider n Toby

    Spider n Toby Gold Member

    WOW!!! Go Hawas! What a good girl, I'll give her extra pats tonight! hahaha I can't wait till she starts racing, wooo hooo!

    Ahh poor Giho!

    I know another stockie has some very exciting news to tell aswell ;)
  15. Tain

    Tain Well-known Member

    Congrats on the Hawas trial guys..... very sharp! -how exciting:))**)
  16. persian queen

    persian queen New Member

    Thanks Tain, i believe a little bird or maybe a spider :) told me congrats may be in order for you as well....nice work you must be stoked!
  17. Jez

    Jez Gold Member

    Yeah i heard that the ascot rumour mill was cleverly outsmarted by a certain stockie - good onya Tain - I have a feeling you will do very well mate if you keep strategizing like that. Miz Tracey good to hear the teams firing and Shio, look forward to the round and you running allover the state again....

    Personally....little miss horror head is giving the breakers a hard time, typical bloody female, theives, tricks, gives out false impressions (im pretty, honest, just dont look at my size 2 head - its grown a bit - on my size 44 body) come here i love you let me bite you on the bum i just love tasting you darlink......shes a trollop. I think i like her.

    Flipping a coin between a couple of others atm....its a good time to be an owner.....and doc is alive, well, happy and FATTTTTTTTTT and mean mum is going through all sorts of dilemmas - so much for this ..."after they race they end up in a can"...I cant see for the hands up asking if he can stay a little bit longer!!!!
  18. Tain

    Tain Well-known Member

    Haha thanks P Queen, I really am chuffed with her, the girl pulled up a treat and barely even blew.... the slacker wasn't even pushed!
    -Just hope she holds up long term, she's put together like a six yr old running amok with a Mr Potato Head!:D -She certainly is no Hawas... but she's going to have a bit of fun along the way I think:)

    PMSL Jez *#) I have this theory: Don't try to out politics a politics major!
    -all fun-n-games, lol:p

    Hey Spid@) see you soon;)

    CABALLO New Member

    Shio, I heard thru the rumor mill that a certain trainer was thinking of moving or already has moved back to hedland from the Eastern States initials C.E. is this true???

    Our little filly did well two saturdays ago at Ascot 1000 mtrs drew barrier 11 and ended up 6th which we were happy with 2nd race up, only thing is the poor little thing went shinny on Tuesday and was suppose to race as ascot yesterday.

    Our Three colts have just all been gelded and I believe will be looking for a trainer for them well the two that are broken, so if anyone knows of a trainer that might be looking here in Perth we dont want a big stable..

    But good to hear everyone is doing so well with their preps so far... keep it up guys and I will keep an eye out for your 'babies'...
  20. Shiobhan

    Shiobhan Well-known Member

    Caballo first I knew about it. Have just sent him a message and got one back his been offered a job. But his still over east. He is meant to be flying over June-ish to help old Jack out and come stay with us for couple of weeks, considering we have his horse he hasnt seen in 2 years lol.

    Caballo just wondering did you ever end up getting involved into a stallion? Im sure I read once you got shares in one or something. Cant remember having blonde moment.

    Will you be flying up Cup time also?

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