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Discussion in 'Horse and Rider Safety' started by horselover97, May 16, 2011.

  1. horselover97

    horselover97 New Member

    so what is a fuel efficient car that can be used for towing...
    mum is looking at getting a new car but wants something that is low on fuel as wont be used for towing much!
    the only towing would probably be a double float.. (with 1 or 2 horses, mine is 15.3 TB and if i had a float buddy :) )
    any info would be great
    thanks :)
  2. Deb2

    Deb2 Guest

    I was in the same boat, but had a landcruiser that was killing me every time I had to fuel up, so I sold that and got a Dec 2006 Holden Commodore Omega sedan.....fantastic!!!

    Comfortable for normal driving, economical (9.6 litres to the 100 kms/untowing) and can tow 2100kilo which is my float and two average horses.

    As its an auto, I just tow in third gear, otherwise you can wreck the gear box as it would be changing from third to fourth too frequently. It has plenty of power, and I love it.

    When towing, the fuel usage goes up to about 17 litres to the 100 kms, but compared to the landcruiser which was 17 to 20 litres untowing and 24 litres towing, I am ahead big time now.

    Go the commodores, I say!**)
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  3. domingo

    domingo Active Member

    I am all for fuel efficiency, but when towing a heavy (and living) load, go for safety first. It's not just what they can pull, it's what can't be pushed. Your car has to be heavy enough so that the float can't push you when breaking/going downhill etc.
  4. horsescomefirst

    horsescomefirst Well-known Member

    definately you need a diseal for towing, much better fuel economy.

    we bought a new 2007 triton ute, top model.

    best car we have EVER owned.

    you dont even know your towing, excellent fuel economy, comfortable car, turbo diesal. **)

    cant recomend these cars high enough.

    OH was all for the safety side and it passes all with flying colours.

    i love my mitsubishi triton!! :D
  5. Gecko

    Gecko Active Member

    diesels dont always have better fuel economy. my bf nissan navara chews through more fuel then any other car ive ever been in!
    I have a ford falcon and is 100% more fuel efficient than the diesel navara....even towing!
  6. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    *Pats you on the back*

    Nice to see someone else saying this too! **)
  7. horsescomefirst

    horsescomefirst Well-known Member

    thats not going to happen if you buy the right car!

    some cars have only a 2 tonne towing capacity which is a max of 2 horses.

    other cars have a 3 tonne towing capacity, which if you have 3 horses you would have to buy **) etc etc
  8. jake15

    jake15 New Member

    I would never tow with anything less than a 4wd unless i has one very small horse. i tow with a nissan navara and i have chipped (power chip) it and has fantastic fuel economy.
  9. Trojane

    Trojane Well-known Member

    I use a Ford Falcon gas sedan for my usual car and towing.
    They are weighty cars and with a heavy-duty tow bar setup are legal to tow an average horse/s and double float.
    Although thirsty under load, it makes up for it the rest of the time so a good choice if you don't do a lot of towing and don't need 4WD for unsealed roads.
  10. GoWelshCobs

    GoWelshCobs Well-known Member

    i too would never tow unless with a 4WD as how many of these little sedans would stop a fully loaded flat in an emergency,

    if u do decide on a smaller car can i advise you to take the car to an auto leccy and install ELECTRIC BRAKES

    they should be compulsary for all floats.

    i have no choice but to tow with a large vechicle as mt float is 1200 empty
  11. Trojane

    Trojane Well-known Member

    Little sedans, I agree, should not be towing loaded double floats - but a Ford Falcon is not a little sedan.
    It has a legal 2300kg tow limit (with heavy duty tow pack) and the car itself weights over 1.7 tonnes.

    There are many who tow with small SUVs that look rugged but are not legal to tow as much weight as some big sedans.
    Don't overlook options in 2WD cars which would be safe for sealed roads, save money, and serve you better for daily non-tow driving.
    Good info here:

    Guide to lightweight tow vehicles-News & Reviews-Caravan World
  12. South Boulder Boy

    South Boulder Boy Well-known Member

    I have a VZ wagon that can tow almost everything but I too would never tow without 4wd. We have an FJ cruiser (petrol) and its about the same fuel wise when towing and can pull anything, people often laugh when they see us towing the boat (around 4tonne) down the road as the car is 3 times smaller than it.
  13. OnaBenda

    OnaBenda New Member

    Ford Falcon wagon on gas - brilliant for day to day use, and is plenty for towing my 1 horse, 2300 towing capacity and the car is certainly heavy enough :)
  14. mirawee

    mirawee Gold Member

    Actually most 2 horse floats (with tack box) fully laden with horses (not ponies) are more than 2 tonne. And most 3 horse floats (with tack box) fully laden with horses are more than 3 tonne! I currently have that issue at the moment as I am trying to figure out what car I can buy to pull a three horse float with tack box that can carry 3 x 500kg horses and currently I have decided that anything less than a 3.5tonne towing capacity won't cut it. So now I have to decide if I stick with a 2 horse float or get a 3.5 tonne + towing vehicle!
  15. Tee Cee's mum

    Tee Cee's mum New Member

    I tow with a Ford territory which is pretty good on fuel. Not 4wd but very stable and easy to tow. Good enough for towing and around town plus plenty of room for horse gear.
  16. Ridelikeyoumeanit

    Ridelikeyoumeanit Active Member

    an fj cruiser wouldnt be legal to tow 4 tonne
  17. Ridelikeyoumeanit

    Ridelikeyoumeanit Active Member

    be careful if buying a standard holden or falcon especially if only have a factory fitted tow bar or even a tow bar fitted after purchase as most tow bars are only rated to 1600 -1700kg. we had a fairmont wagon towed the extended taylor with 2 big horses in it beautifully but then found out our tow bar was only rated to 1600kg but the car itself was rated higher. had to get a new tow bar fitted.
  18. South Boulder Boy

    South Boulder Boy Well-known Member

    Pmsl I didn't even notice that. Quite clearly that was a typo (Fat fingers+phone don't mix). Gotta laugh though, I'm picturing what a 4 ton boat would look like considering ours is quite big. At that size I doubt the boat would legally fit on the road without being oversize (pretending its same make etc as current one) never mind the car legally towing it haha.
  19. PPH

    PPH Guest

    fj cruiser,navarra,colorado,triton,b50,ranger, are all part time 4wd that are rarely driven on the road in 4wd and all weigh about the same as a commodore or falcon.
  20. Caroline

    Caroline Well-known Member

    We have an auto VT Commodore wagon which is fine to tow one horse with but we found it did not have the power to tow 2 safely (and realised it was only tow rated for 1700kg!). So we did lots and lots of homework, and ended up buying a 1997 GQ Patrol 4.2L 6 cyl diesel manuel wagon (3T tow limit), and the vehicle is an absolute pleasure to tow 2 horses with!! :rockon:

    And fuel consumption is the same if not better than the Commodore, towing or not!! $100 to fill it will get you 600kms+. :D

    Buying a 6 cyl diesel 4WD will be far more fuel efficient than any 2.8 -3.2L 4cyl diesel (which most new Tritons, Navaras, Colorados, Rangers, BT50's, and Hilux's are!!)

    Do consider a second hand vehicle, as they were built tougher, have less pollution crap which does effect engine performance, and they are cheaper to service and for parts etc. **)

    We tossed up between the GQ Patrol or 80 series Lancruiser, and the Patrol came along. They do make even great family commuters around town without blowing the fuel budget. :)*

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