"Friends" of the SEC... oh dear

Discussion in 'Horse Showing and Events' started by stablegirl, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. springbok

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    That is a really good point and is a bit of a bug bear of mine because you end up PAYING to help and it's just a profit making exercise for clubs.

    I wish there was a system whereby you didn't actually have to help at the event but could help at another event on a different day to count as a helper duty and got vouchers or something to show you've helped and therefore don't need to pay your helper duty at the event you want to compete at. I don't mind helping at events but it can be inconvenient when you have x many tests/horses to compete on and I think that stops a lot of people.

    I am still kind of in two minds about the extra costs we incur ... We do have it good compared to some countries ie. UK. Also, we have been pretty lucky for a long time - think of inflation and what we were paying 10 years ago - fees haven't gone up that much.

    Smash - I see your point about lowering fees enticing more people to use the facility and if it worked it would be effective but it is a HUGE risk for the SEC to take to do that and an awful lot of lost ground to make up in lost clients and users of the SEC in recent years. I do think they have a financial plan somewhere in the disorganised office that would conclude that is a non viable option as it hasn't been viable in the past.

    Just food for thought :}
  2. sil

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    springbok why not put it forward to them as a suggestion? i think it sounds like a good idea!
  3. Foxtrot

    Foxtrot New Member

    Just a bit confused - would the Friends replace SEC Events which currently organises shows?
  4. Brew

    Brew Well-known Member

    Has this situation reached it's "tipping" point - There comes a time when you have upset so many people that it is impossible to recover.
    The SEC and EA have put a lot of people offside due to the way things have been done.
    The new EA fee's for example - Last time I looked 40 odd pages of complaints !! The fee's had to go up because inflation is taking it's toll but the way they introduced the change was all wrong. The new EA fee structure now means that many riders who do not use the centre are paying for those who do - NOT HAPPY JAN !!!
    Even this idiot can see that the new fee structure will reduce revenue and cause further price rises which could well sound the death nell for the SEC.
    Without the history of percieved bungling I feel certain that riders in this state would have been happy to reach in their pockets to help. It is not in our best interests to crucify the SEC but most of us cant help it (Me included)
    If I was King for a day I would:
    1/ Re-organise the system at the SEC (and tidy up the bl##dy office)

    2/ Introduce a third tier EA membership that covered the insurance aspect only to alow EA members to use the SEC only -a level below associate to help bring in riders who do not compete. Often families have a mother that rides with young children on ponies who are not EA members so mother cannot ride at the SEC unless she can offload the kids. Many other possibilities here

    3/Sorry guys but I would have other sports involved such as Beach Volleyball etc to provide income

    4/ I would return the stables to sand and "clean your own" with a small fee. The cleaning would be returned to the weekly girl - I know this is lots of hassle but the acrimony caused by the system at the moment is huge.

    5/I would scrap the Collections Magazine - with todays internet it is a silly and expensive item that serves no purpose

    6/ The canteen could do with being closer to the riders and spectators alike

    7/ I would examine the possibility of having an SEC riding club that meets mid-week. I would offer them the use of equipment at very discount rates on a "you use - you set up - you break - you pay"

    8/The helper fee is a major issue !!! Helper fee's were introduced to pay helpers because riders did not do the right thing !! If helper fee's are to work then every rider pays a helper fee which is refunded upon completion of duties but this is difficult.Speaking as a person who has been left sat on an event course for 8 hours without so much as a thankyou when I was not even competing I understand that people are reluctant to help. Perhaps have a helper pool from pony club that you can call on to do the duty and pay them

    9/Constant price rises are not the answer - The Sec needs to be more user friendly on all fronts -Return calls and answer E-mails.

    10/ The SEC and EA are seen as one and the same regardless of fact. In order to promote the SEC you have to SERVE your members and not just treat them as a burden. Ignore your customers at your peril.

    11/ We all know that costs are increasing and times are hard - perhaps by offering better service and being a little more flexible customers would look on the SEC a little more kindly !!!

    12/ From the outside looking in all I see is chaos. I see a wonderfull centre being crippled by ludicrous decisions that seem to be designed to alianate members. As in life the truth of the matter is not relevent but perception is. If the SEC management are so divorced from the horse world that they think they can rule by decree they would do well to remember the words " Let them eat cake" !!!!!

    Be it competions or arena use nothing will change untill Dictating changes to consulting !!!!!!!!

  5. Merlin

    Merlin Well-known Member


    I usually attend most shows SOLO, if I do have someone with me I pay them $50. I ALWAYS clean up/sweep up after myself. Im not paying foSEC for the privillage to call my number for a class (at the gate) or write my number down if I place in a class. I pay too much as it is!!!!AGAIN BOLLOCKS:mad::mad:
  6. eventingchild

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    SEC have friends???...joke of the day.

    I am only a member because I HAVE to be to event!
    but then these days we have so many ponyclub/efa events combined that numbers are so HUGE and efa people are starting to miss out? I know a totally differnt subject....

    SEC needs to take what ever hats they have on and put there thinking ones on, as it seems they are not doing a lot of thinking things through these days....
  7. Bear_Luva

    Bear_Luva Active Member

    I would like to add, after unfortunatley paying the new fees:

    I want my go-dressage sticker!
    or any sticker thanks :D

  8. tammyprez

    tammyprez Well-known Member

    I want a "go-dressage" sticker... heheheheheh
  9. pso

    pso Gold Member

    They probably couldnt work out what dates to put on them *#)
  10. Brew

    Brew Well-known Member

    Love the sentiment - but bollocks to what ???
    I think we all agree that both EA and SEC are too expensive !!
    My last outing to SEC was State champs a couple of years ago and cost over $300 for one horse !!! I dont go now at all !!
    Freinds of the SEC - it would have to change radically to have any of those !!
  11. Merlin

    Merlin Well-known Member

    Sorry Brew Bollocks to this :(
  12. Brew

    Brew Well-known Member

    OK -I get where you are coming from!!
  13. Paint8

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    It is just as expensive to do something here in NSW with entries to the latest 3 day event at Horsley Pk getting up around $300 entry for one horse.

    You HAVE to pay a $50 bond for your stable which is refunded by cq once everyone has left and stables are checked. I think this is very fair and everyone makes sure they leave it exactly how it was when they arrived.

    I think what the SEC forget is that they are no longer the best grounds in WA. I too in the past have experienced rude and inefficient staff, this is the first thing that needs to change.

    The Canteen is in a very bad spot although if they are short on money then it is probably not going to change.

    I think the hardest thing these days is to find passionate horse people who are willing to do 100's of hours for nothing, they have all been burnt in the past and why would they even want to come back!

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