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Discussion in 'Horse and Rider Safety' started by ashka, Dec 16, 2003.

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    I am really annoyed at myself. I saddled my horse up yesterday and led her through a fence with only a small clearance for her to get through. One stirrup leather got stuck on the fence and the gate swung and gave her a fright. She pulled back so much that the whole saddle actually slipped over her head!!! I had the girth tightened and everything. She made such an awful groaning noise - she seems OK now, but I will keep an eye on her in case she did some damage to herself.

    In the process the saddle came over her head and she stepped on it - she froze and wouldn't get off it. So, I'll have to have that looked at to - it bent the stirrup bar, but I think that's all.

    I wish I had been more careful, as she is a very trusting horse and would have followed me through anything and now I'm worried that she will be damaged by the experience. :(
  2. Hay Mate it should be all cool we all do thoes sort a things like me i ride a 17hh we were on this bush ride (don't ask i just do even tho i 161cm) and he was quiet so i just lent down to cheak somthink and next thing i know were at the gate(he got mega stride it like he eats it lol) and i thought all rite how can i get it undone so i was just bout 2 get off when my sturrip came off and made a nosie i was still on i just lent on it the other foot was still on the sturrip and whoooooooooosssssh teddy was over the gate (that solved the problem bout the gate) and vered in to a tree and i fell off and landed on a pricly bush and the saddle was ever so wonkey but the girth wwas nice and firm strange and teddy was standing there like i had open the gate and we just walk thro starge but hes a great horse lucky i din't hurt my self just a buised bum and a ego
    hope this gives u the fact thes thing happen even if we are mega carfull teddy is still following me round like i am his one and only and that happend like 1week ago a horse is a stange creature he will fergive u for the wacko thing yet get narky over the smallest thing.

    hope it helps if not i hope it give u a laugh if not then oh well

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    Some days are just like that hey Ashka? As long as you learnt something. I had a gate experience a few weeks back and I now know to open the gate reeeeaaaalllly wide instead of being lazy and trying to squeeze through!! I was leading my horse through and didn't open the gate up enough and he scraped one side of the saddle along the fence post and caught the stirrup leather on the other side on the gate and managed to pull it off. Bugger!! I then let him stand there with the reins over his head while I put the saddle back together and while I closed the gate. Unfortunately he saw his best mate over the paddock and trotted off over - brand new, very expensive reins ended up under his feet and broken. Not happy!! But no harm done and I learnt my lesson!! Hope your girl is alright Ashka. Horses are so forgiving. I'm sure she won't hold the experience against you.

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    Ashka what a terrifying experience. I'm glad you are both ok.
    Just to add to the stupid things we do with our horses theme.
    I had my horse tied to a piece of twine (as you do) and was taking off his rug. I had undone the leg straps and was about to undo the front when he got a huge scare, pulled back, broke to twine and took off. The rug actually managed to stay in place while he bolted around the massive 5 acre paddock - it was a canvas and had moulded to his body well. He stopped at the trough for a drink so I walked up to him to grab the robe that was around his legs. Wouldn't you know it, the wind blew his rug up and twisted it around his neck and across the front of his body. He bolted again and tripped over the rug. I wrapped around his front legs and he fell in a heap and lay there not moving. I was sure he had broken a leg. I ran to him and the little sod go up and broke the strap on the front of the rug. He got lose and just stood there say 'oh that was fun.' He was fine but I learnt my lesson. I'm really ashamed of that story.
    Hey cool avatar wildandfreeasthewind.
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    These things happen, atleast you and your horse were not seriously hurt and you both learned, atleast you wont do that again!
    The smart thing is that you realised what u did wrong and you could admit what you did. We all learn from our mistakes.

    *Keep Smiling*
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    Ok so we all admit that we do stupid things .... What about STUPID horses??? Here's an interesting one ...

    Now, one of mine likes to pull the gate to the house of its hinges, and get to the grass. (stupid human part - -should have shackled that gate up LONNNNG time ago) So Horse does this - pulls of gate.

    Other horse comes in yard, (I was not home at the time), walks into the house (thru a very narrow door). Paralell to the door is a 6 foot fish tank.

    Me walks into house, and sees water down the hall ... Walk into back room where thet tank is kept, and see a shattered fish tank. Water everywhere. First thought "oh S###! Which horse??????

    Run out to stable yard to find one mare with a butt so cut up it looked like she had gone thru a shredder. Rush to vet, pick out glass, re-preg test to be on the safe side, and take her home.

    Stupid owner for not getting that gate horse proof, stupid horse (BIG horse) for walking into the bloody house!!!! I dont know how the silly tart got thru that door in the first place!!!!

    ~~Persons born without a sense of humor suffer a severe handicap.~~

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