Discussion in 'Forum Management and Operation' started by Lin, Dec 22, 2011.

  1. Lin

    Lin Well-known Member

    I've recently been getting a Forbidden "you don't have permission to access/vbulletin/ from this server" message when trying to log on to Stockies on the iPad.

    It is happening right now and I thought it was a problem with the Stockies server but as you can see I can access Stockies on my work computer no problems.

    Is anyone else using ipad or maybe an iphone getting this Forbidden message now and then? It doesn't happen all the time.
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  2. Murray

    Murray Well-known Member Staff Member

    Hi Lin,

    Can you please try to post using your ipad so I can read your ip address. You might have a dynamic ip which at times is the same as an ip on our blocked list.

  3. hellokitty

    hellokitty Well-known Member

    My iPad has been doing the same thing all of a sudden for about the last week? Sometimes the forbidden message comes up, and sometimes it works. I have posted this message from my iPad.
  4. Que Sera Sera

    Que Sera Sera Well-known Member

    I get the same from my iPhone. Itermittent, so its bloody annoying.
  5. Murray

    Murray Well-known Member Staff Member

    dynamic ip's, I have made some changes so should be ok now.

  6. Lin

    Lin Well-known Member

    It happened to me a bit on Saturday but working again at the moment. Thanks Murray.
  7. Lin

    Lin Well-known Member

    Argh, it is still happening. Just tried to open Stockies on the iPad and got the forbidden message again.

    I had to type this on my laptop.
  8. myyky

    myyky Well-known Member

    Yep I get the same on my iPad intermittently. Haven't got it yet today though
  9. Diana

    Diana Gold Member

    Oh my gosh and I've been growling at my phone all week for not opening stuff!
    Hoping it stays fixed... :eek:
  10. Hayley

    Hayley Well-known Member

    My iPhone came up with more forbidden messages tonight still! Annoying!!
  11. Murray

    Murray Well-known Member Staff Member

    Hayley, can you please try to post here using your iPhone.

  12. mirawee

    mirawee Gold Member

    I had problems over Christmas but touch wood it is happy again now :D
  13. kiraSpark

    kiraSpark Gold Member

    Me too, I had problems last week with the 'forbidden' message when using my iPhone.
  14. Eoroe

    Eoroe Gold Member does that sometimes - I just restart the phone........often their are other little lurking issues at the same time - so an enforced, all be it split second rest does the trick ;)

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