for those that wear body protectors...

Discussion in 'Horse and Rider Safety' started by baileys best friend, Jan 28, 2008.

  1. murphy

    murphy New Member

    ive been thinking of buying one after a horse i recently bought flicked me off a week after thinking he was a angel, WOOPS :p
    what are the prices of the ones mentioned in this thread..?
  2. Bertie

    Bertie Well-known Member

    Dublin - approx $135
    Tipperary - $299
    Vipa - $399
    Rodeney Powell (i don't know if these were mentioned)- i think they are around $299 also - you can buy shoulder protectors for this one - BTW anyone used one of these?
  3. b r i a n n a

    b r i a n n a New Member

    i have a tiperary body protector, i think they are well worth the money, i ride in mine all the time,, and i dont find it makes me hot, they deffinatley work when you fall off! especially when you hit your back,side etc. on jumps
  4. purplepony

    purplepony Active Member

    does anyone have a Kan Teq body protector? they are sold here (by unnamed store) but they seem rediculously over priced when compared to rrp in the UK?? I've read very good things about them
  5. Shandeh

    Shandeh Well-known Member

    Mmm, we bought a body protector second hand (well not really, it had only ever been tried on) for $75, and I have to say I've only ridden in it once (bareback) and didn't like it because I don't think it's one of the better brands (I believe it is a Dublin, but would have to check) and it's too long for me. Fits Mum quite well, but I'm long-legged with a fairly short body and I'm a lot more slender than Mum, so I guess it might be worth investing in getting my own? At the moment we're mostly doing flat work because Sugar only started jumping since we got her four months ago and although she can jump she doesn't really like it, but once we have a second horse (mine lol) I'll be doing a lot more jumping, so it might be worthwhile considering forking out a few hundred bucks to get one. It's not like we won't already be forking out money for tack etc lol
  6. InkibahD

    InkibahD Well-known Member

    I borrowed one last year that i think was a dublin when i discovered that i needed it 3 days before my first EFA event (they not compulsoryt in PC yet) i felt like a turtle and couldnt move and got so over heated in it that i nearly passed out and not to mention put me off balance going over the jumps. but it was all i had so i used it. mum bought me my own 1 for Xmas and its smaller and is really lightweight and is made of this black mesh stuff, not sure of brand tho, its from horseland and lots have the same one as me, it was quite expensive tho over $300 if i recall but ive got used to this one and dont overheat in it like i did in the other 1
  7. Zegger

    Zegger Well-known Member

    In a saddlery magazine they had a new Tipperary "Air Esprit "for $99 and in stores its $299

    So you save 66%

    If anyone wants some details ask me :D
  8. Bec_cook

    Bec_cook New Member

    I have a ' How's racesafe' one - it's an English brand and i just checked and they Delivery to Australia - and not all that pricey!

    treehouse on line

    they are designed for the racing industry are very light and mould to the body. Do get a bit sweaty though when wearing it.

    I used to wear it whenever i rode because my horse was a little unpredictable and i had so many bad falls and hurt my self so may times.
    The harder old ones can cause bruising after a fall, but i think they do protect you from far worse injury.
    I now only use mine for XC and SJ.

    If the Body protcetor hits the back of the saddle it is not the right size, they should be correctly fitted when you buy them, and you should try sitting on a saddle to check fit.
    Racesafe comes in all different lengths and can also be custom made to your own measurement and even in your own XC colours!

    Hope that is Useful.


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