for those that wear body protectors...

Discussion in 'Horse and Rider Safety' started by baileys best friend, Jan 28, 2008.

  1. Eventer4Ever

    Eventer4Ever Well-known Member

    I have a tipperary and find it absolutely perfect!! It makes me feel safe and secure.. I use it for XC, SJ and novelties and find it lovely and flexible...

    I have to say that they are definately worth the $$.. I was doing a speed round of SJ and flat strap galloping at a jump (stupid i know hahah but you know what it's like when your adrenilen gets up ahha) and my horse refused, I went over his head and landed on the jump on my back... The Medic said I could have very easily have fractured a vertabrae in my back :| ....

    I would definately just go and try one even... Try all the different brands like equislave said and you'll find what you like...
  2. buggalugs

    buggalugs Well-known Member

    i have the vipa, it is so flexible, i barely even realise i am wearing it now... i have full range of movement and its alot less bulky than some of the cheaper versions...
  3. Cowgirl Kid

    Cowgirl Kid Well-known Member

    I wear a tipperary and find it very very comfortable. I used to wear it day in, day out for trackwork (about 6 hrs straight) and would never ride a racehorse or baby without it. It makes you feel very, very safe. I have come off a few times and have been stepped on once, directly onto my back and I honestly don't remember feeling it. (only reason I know it stepped on me if the sandy hoof mark on the back)
  4. Trojane

    Trojane Well-known Member

    I'm totally for good helmets and boots when riding but don't like the restraint of body protectors.

    I do feel there's loss of feel. I like to be able to go with the horse and in twitchy moments not to dull responses. I'm sure this has helped me stay on during sudden upsets or shies.

    There's no doubt they would act as padding when landing on sharp or lumpy surfaces, or if kicked, but I don't see they could prevent squishing unless encased you in a rigid cylinder.

    Hope they don't become compulsory in all events!
  5. springbok

    springbok Well-known Member

    I have two body protectors for different purposes. A tippuary (sp?) which I use for training over XC fences or potentially dangerous situations eg. riding a difficult or young, unpredictable horse. Sometimes if it's very hot and I'm riding low level at an event I'll put the tipuary on for XC.

    I also have a UK one made by Treehouse which make all sorts of racing and eventing colours as well as their custom body protectors which I use for XC ... When it came in the post I nearly freaked as it was REALLY thick (like 3 x the thickness of the tipuary!!) however, I think because of the numerous seperate modules it's actually more comfortable and I don't think about it riding around XC at all and feel really safe. I like to have shoulder protection as I've had my shoulder recontructed and prefer that extra protection there. I have got to have no restriction of movement when on course as I think it's dangerous to ride cross country restricted in any way - guess thats a bit hard to explain but you need to be "with" the horse every stride.

    I am of the firm belief that ANYONE riding cross country fences (fixed fences) wether it be training or competing, should have a good body protector on.

  6. buggalugs

    buggalugs Well-known Member

    trojane, this used to be my reason why i detested them, and i actually dont like the fact that people feel unsafe without them, you should be able to sit on your horse without the feel of needing protection, anywho back to my point, the vest i have, i dont even notice it when im riding, it doesnt restrict my movement in any way and i can move with the horse as needed. to me that would save more falls, being able to move with your horse rather then being restricted. some of the body protectors ive seen are more of a hinderance than anything, you ned to be able to roll with a fall, if you cant do that, the vest is only protecting you against sharp objects or being stepped on etc.
  7. Trojane

    Trojane Well-known Member

    Hi Buggalugs - you are convincing. I agree about people who say they feel unsafe without them - it sounds like false security to me. And being "one with the horse" is one way of avoiding falls (except when the horse falls too of course!)

    I've only tried two kinds of protectors so far and both felt like straight jackets. I'll go and check out this vipa.:)
  8. Northern Peregrine

    Northern Peregrine Well-known Member

    I don't wear one. I tried one on once but I found it uncomfortable and confining. I don't do cross-country (I would definitely wear one, if I did) but I do jump. But I wish that I had been wearing one when I fell off my thoroughbred, landing from a jump, last year. I came off, hit the deck and as he cantered away, he accidentally kicked me fair and square in the ribs. I was off work for about a week and in severe pain for quite a lot longer. If I had a body protector on, I would have been spared that experience.
  9. hot pants

    hot pants New Member

    I ride in a tipperary one, I wear it all the time, apart from show ring, it is really comfy, and you just get used to it
  10. Dodie

    Dodie New Member

    Mine is an aerowear, it is a UK brand and a saddlery store in Brisbane sells them and they can custom make you one to fit your measurments. It is adjustable and so comfy that i wear it pretty much all the time out and on windy days when everything is a little spooky!!!!

    I have fallen wearing it and it does reduce the impact of the fall

    I dont find it restricting

    check out aitkens saddlery online, they have heaps of cool gear from the UK that we dont get here in WA!
  11. lifeisweet

    lifeisweet New Member

    i agree with all of those comments.. deffinately worth the investment. i used to ride where you ride and had so many falls out on those trails lol
  12. Totally andie and standie

    Totally andie and standie Well-known Member

    I think its totally worth the $$$ it can reduce risk of injury by 99% its relly saved my but on more than 1 occasion!!!
    i usally were it while jumping on my young horse! plus you get used to them and there usally not that stiff and you can sorta be a bit lazy with your posture as it supports your back**)
  13. Years ago before they were compulsory in EFA, I never wore one because I couldnt' find one that was comfy or didn't restrict arm movement. Then I discovered Tipperary and it was such a good fit that I didnt' even notice I had it on. I used to wear it just xc but now if I have a young horse or one that is prone to bucking etc I wear it even just schooling. If it's comfy then you may as well wear it, especially on inexperienced horses! Also great for track work!
  14. tilda

    tilda Well-known Member

    Im new to stockies so this is my first post eeek :)
    I have a tipperary vest and its definately worth the money
    its flexible and non restricting -i actually find it improves my jumping position :)
  15. Naomi

    Naomi Well-known Member

    I lurrrve my tipperary. I wear it whenever I ride now and it improves my confidence as I have an injured back. I've also found it supports my back by keeping me more upright. Very comfy and when worn with a cotton polo shirt, not too hot at all...yet =)
  16. beaudacious

    beaudacious Well-known Member

    i love my tipperary too. ive only used it twice so far on my "breaker" but its been fantastic. it offers great support and security without getting in your way and is nice and cool even on days like today **)

    for anyone looking at buying one, if you wait for the 20% off sales then they arent too expensive. i bought mine for under $200 at nagmart **)
  17. mylittlepony

    mylittlepony Well-known Member

    what is the difference between a tipperary and a kevlar vest? i find my kevlar restrictive and so i only wear it when i have to (at a track)
    is a tipperary approved by the turf club? do they have BETA levels?
  18. SexyRitzy

    SexyRitzy Well-known Member

    yeah the tipperary is approved to use at the track. i have one :) they cost about 180 i think. i've ahd mine for a few years not sure if the price has gone up.
  19. beaudacious

    beaudacious Well-known Member

    tipperary's will cost you upwards of $250 nowdays if you shop at any of the major horsie stores **)
  20. GoWelshCobs

    GoWelshCobs Well-known Member

    i have a tip and i used to ride in it everyday for 5yrs as i rode by myself they are quite light and dont get to hot in summer

    i have one on in my avatar

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