for those that wear body protectors...

Discussion in 'Horse and Rider Safety' started by baileys best friend, Jan 28, 2008.

  1. baileys best friend

    baileys best friend Active Member

    i've got a few questions for stockies that use body protectors...
    do you think they're worth the $$?
    wouldnt it be a bit stiff wearing one?
    have you had any experience where they have prevented serious injury?
    when you're using yours, what are you doing (what sort of riding i mean)?
    are the questions starting to bug you lol?
  2. Heifer

    Heifer Gold Member

    i wont x/c without one, wont ride a new horse without one, wont train jumping without one
  3. eventingchild

    eventingchild Well-known Member

    yes i do believe they are worth the dollars.
    I have had a horse rear and flipp over on me onto limestone!
    and I had no scratches or ripped shirt where my body protector was,
    Sonja Johnson thinks if she was not wearing a bp at WEG she would have snapped her ribs instead of just fracture,

    tiperary are the most flexable and I have had mine for a good 6 years and it still looks brand new
  4. LauraandNero

    LauraandNero New Member

    Body Protecters

    I use a dublin body protector when I compete XC. I find that it does feel a little tight when I first put it on but as soon as the material warms up it molds to my body. Mines black so it matches my colours.

    I don't use one any other time just because I ride the same horse and he is quiet safe although accidents still happen.

    I have fallen off couple of times and as I havent grown up wearing one I can definately say it is a lot better falling off with one of those on! It prevented cuts and bruises from falling on XC fences! Oh and it also seems to stop the wind being knocked out of you!

  5. chick_with_a_chainsaw

    chick_with_a_chainsaw Gold Member

    hey jess rember when we were doing chase me charlie that time and everybody was good naturedly telling me i was a bit silly because i wouldnt fall off but i stacked it after the jump laughing. well im glad i was wearing it. i wouldnt do cross country without it (eg hunters) i wish i was wearing the damn thing when i fell off the clysdale. was wearing it when munchie threw me into the barrel.

    mines a bit bulkier than most but i dont find them uncomfy at all i think they are well worth it. just watch though cause courtneys thin light one started hurting her back. i have a thread on different types in this section if tht helps
  6. kt20

    kt20 Active Member

    I wear mine for xc, it is an older cheap one and yup it is a bit stiff but the new ones are so much better. I like it cos it gives me confidence but can't comment on its efficiency cos I have never fallen off in it (touch wood).
  7. Bertie

    Bertie Well-known Member

    I ride with one X-C, mine is a Dublin one, it isn't uncomfortable, although it is long at the back, and sometimes it actually touches the saddle, which does alter your seat a bit, but i am short, so taller people may not have the same problem.

    another lady i ride with has a Tipperary, and it is much shorter and appears lighter, so i am going to get a new one shortly and will go the Tipperary, then i will most likely use it for jumping also.

    I don't think that they are a waste of money, as they last a long time, i have not had to test it out as yet (touch wood). The best thing to do is to go into Horseland etc and check them out and see what you can afford and they will be able to explain the benefits etc to you. :)*
  8. caitie

    caitie Well-known Member

    Using one i feel is alot safer then without, i used to use mine for lessons all the time now i have my own horse i only feel i NEED it for is x country unless i am nervous i will put it on. :) Last time i didnt and my ribs were sore for 2 weeks and i had a bit of trouble breathing for a few days after. I have had many bad falls off horses (bucked over fences, landing on jumps, thrown into things) and have never broken a bone or been really badly hurt. If it fits correctly it shouldnt really be stiff :)*
  9. cobbie

    cobbie Gold Member

    I have a dublin one, I am yet to wear it hehe oops which would of saved me from re doing my back or atleast not as bad but too late now, but it feels snug and doesn't feel too restricting or tight but I haven't worn it when riding yet. I'd say they are worth the money, it's a cheap price to pay really when it can save you from injury.
  10. equislave

    equislave Well-known Member

    I wear one in the bush as I ride alone. I went to buy mine and the woman in the shop put every differnet brand on me and then got me to sit on a saddle until we found one that fit well and was comfortable. I am quite big up front so to speak and many of them seem to be designed for men but I have one that is really good (tipperary) and I can actually move in it. Some I tried I could not even breathe in let alone ride a horse so try before you buy.
  11. Dashbabe

    Dashbabe Well-known Member

    I was riding my horse once, and he spooked at a branch, i was wearing my body protector, wich was quit stiff, i couldnt adjust myself to stay on, and i just fell on the ground! i actually feel alot safer riding without the BP, as i feel if the horse is about to spook i can easily adjust myself to stay on. Me and my mum have been looking at body protectors lately, im only going to get one that i feel i can move around in, one thats flexible :)
  12. Violet

    Violet New Member

    I make sure I sometimes ride in mine when I am training, eg doing a bit of sj at home, just so it doesn't feel so strange when I wear it for xc. After a while I forget I am wearing it. Most people at my riding club would wear it for doing xc training (at all levels).

    The first time I wore one it felt like wearing a lifejacket, but you soon get used to it. I hardly notice it now, and I would only wear it a few times a month.
  13. nimetyau

    nimetyau Well-known Member

    My daughter has a Tipperary. It was recommended to us by Sonja Johnson as she uses one also. It is flexible and even though it is a large junior (cause it was cheaper) it is so adjustable that it would fit me. I'm a bit large in front

    She told me the other day that she doesn't even notice she's wearing it now. They are a good investment as they will last years.

    I have been informed that they will become compulsary for eventing soon. The pony clubs down here are already making it so for their events.
  14. Raider

    Raider Well-known Member

    I am yet to wear mine, but will start wearing it when ever I do xcountry and xcountry training. I have a dublin and yes it does feel stiff and restricting but hopefully like alot have said, I will just get used to it.

    They are compulsory for EFA eventing and becoming so for PC so definantely worth your money if you event. I dont think I would ever wear it just for riding out.

    Just keep in mind, a misfitting pb can do more damage then not wearing one at all, make sure you get the staff where you buy it help you get the right size, this will also allow you to feel more comfitable.
  15. SportsArab

    SportsArab New Member

    I use a Tipperary Eventer. It is great, very flexible and comfortable to wear. I find myself walking around without realising I still have it on. :D

    Decided to invest in one after a bad fall (I know... after the "horse has bolted" but none the less). The Eventer does tend to come down lower and cover the full length of your spine. This was one of the reasons I went for this model. Also is recommended by a lot of the International Eventing Teams. On the occassions that it does contact the cantle, it doesn't move it or make it uncomfortable. It is also adjustable down the sides with lace up.

    I mostly wear it all the time, definately if I am off the property. :D
  16. Nickelodeon

    Nickelodeon Well-known Member

    I think they are definately worth the money, especially if you are considering competing in eventing as both EFA and PC are making them compulsory.

    If you get a good protector, they are designed to be very 'un-restrictive'. I don't notice I'm wearing mine at all because it is light and moves with your movement. I highly recommend the tipperary designs, they're fantastic!

    I have fallen off numerous times while wearing mine, I have fallen onto a jump before with my back landing on all the poles and I barely felt it.

    The only time I really don't wear mine is if I'm doing flatwork on a familiar horse, otherwise I use it for all jumping and riding greener horses**)
  17. hutchi

    hutchi Well-known Member

    I must say I never use them but when I'm doing work outside the arena I should. If you get the right fit it wouldn't be uncoomfortable, and they aren't like cardboard, there is some degree of movement in them. My sisters have started riding and I'm going to get them to wear them!
    Just like wearing a helmet, why not?
  18. morris

    morris Active Member

    Body protectors are WONDERFUL!!! Yes, you feel like a jacket potato for the first dozen rides (and ever summer afterwards), but if it saves you from serious injury isn't it worth it?

    They aren't really expensive, and last a very long time. (I ride most days, and have had mine for 11 years, having bought it second hand then!)

    I'm not a fanatical researcher, so I can't give statistics or quote studies, but if the EFA endorses their use then surely there must be a good evidence base?
  19. Stormy

    Stormy Well-known Member

    body protectors

    i got one and it is the best investment, i have had a few falls in it and it hasn't saved my collarbones but there is one fall that had i not been wearing it my back would have been hurt quite badly due to landing on a prenovice cross country jump, i only walked away with a scratch.

    they are compulsory for EFA but as yet they are not for pony club
  20. iheartdash

    iheartdash New Member

    i have only used one once, i borrowed it off a friend at the pony club quadrathon last year, on the xc course. To be honest i didnt even feel i had it on when i was riding and i did feel heaps safer riding with it on, as my horse is known to shy at xc jumps. Luckily i got a clear round so i didnt get a chance to test out its protectiveness when falling off hehehe

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