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Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by Arnie, Dec 11, 2007.

  1. Arnie

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    I'm looking to start halter training Dizzy within the next few weeks. As my pregnancy progress's I minimise my amount of hands on time with the horses and definently want to get the harder part of this done while she's still little!!!
    My question is - Do I buy a foal halter that is way to big for her now (I have one but its blue and I refuse to put one on her unless its pink! lol) and wait until its big enough with no garentee how long that will take or is there another size I can get like a shetland or something? If i get that how long would it be roughly until she grows out of it?
    Any brands recommended would be great, I have my eye on The Rancher Deluxe Foal Halter which looks lovely but worried it'll be too big for now.
  2. Pockets

    Pockets Gold Member

    I got a mini foal halter and it was tiny! Way too small but too cute to take back lol!
  3. Mouse

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    Shetland halters are slightly bigger than a foal halter. I always tie a knot in mine until they grow up a bit.
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  4. Remaani

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    Mini halters are only cheap at around $12, so i'd say she'd wear a mini (adult) halter now for a few weeks at least.
    Shetland atm will be too big.

    Any horse store (Horseland etc) stock them, dont worry about brands yet as she'll outgrow them.
  5. Antyk

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    If you were to look at leather foal halters you always have the option of putting more holes in it till the foal grows up. We have many halters available, rope, nylon, leather, and pvc. I have just looked at my suppliers catalouge and the Rancher Nylon Foal Halter is available with slide buckles so it won't matter if it is a little big, and it comes in pink.
  6. Caroline

    Caroline Well-known Member

    Who are old is the foal??

    If you are not experienced at halter breaking dont do it!! As the horse will never be properly halter broken, wont lead and wont tie up correctly. This could well lead to being hard to catch and hard to tie up.

    This is very very foundation stuff you are dealing with!!!

    Perhaps get some professional training help for this mate!!!:)* Dont focus on the pretty halter you want to buy just yet. A rope halter is the way to go but in the wrong hands they can be very destructive!!
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