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Discussion in 'Breeding Horses' started by burly, Nov 17, 2013.

  1. burly

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    After some advice on my mare and filly.

    Filly is now nearly 5 weeks old and both mum and bub have been confined for the entire time and now its time for 30min romps in the paddock. Whats the best way to go about this given that bub is now fairly independent and mum no so worried about her?

    Should I wait until the other horses are in their stables then let them out or just open the gate and see what happens with all the horses still in the bordering paddocks.

    I have let mum in the paddock a few times and had bub on the leadline but as you can appreciate bub just wants to run.

    The paddock is around the size of an arena so its not huge and its electric tape.
    Hoping to let them have their first play and graze tomorrow.
    Any suggestions for a safe transition would be great thanks.
  2. kiraSpark

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    Confined for 5 weeks, in what? A stable or yard or something?
    Foals need to be able move and run to develop. They learn balance and how to control those legs. Strengthen muscles and joints. ;)

    We let ours out into a small paddock 24/7 when they are a few days old. Our small paddock is around 2 acres. Just the mare and foal - no other horses. But there are horses in the bordering paddocks.
    Then after a week might put another mare with foal in, then another few weeks and then they both go out into the big paddocks with a couple of other horses.
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  3. CTCT

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    Kiraspark if I remember rightly there was an issue with this bub that required confinement..
    Burly if i was you I would be guided by mum. If the other horses all start running, will she? Or will she ignore them? ON the other hand will she stress if she's out on her own and walk the fence, or be happy out alone?
    If it was one of my lot I would let her and bub out on their own and give mum breakfast on the new paddock. This will give bub time to do a bit of "out and back" exploring while mum eats and hopefully take the edge off the excitement.
    In the end though, foals WILL run. You'll just have to hope the issues are sorted out, cross your fingers and shut your eyes!
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  4. It is best to introduce other horses one by one. If it is not possible, follow ^^^ the above advice.:)
  5. sil

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    I would definitely confine the other horses for the first few paddock adventures - let the foal get its feet and learn the paddock confines without its dam worrying about other horses.

    Once you feel they are well used to the paddock you can add a neighbouring horse, so long as it's friendly and the mare can easily shepherd the foal away. Dams tend to be quite agressive towards other horses when their foal is near them.

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