Floats and towball limits

Discussion in 'Horse and Rider Safety' started by hasheld, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. ZaZa

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    They never used to be. If fact manuals used to be considered the better tow vehicle.
    In saying this, I'm only speaking from what I know about the car I choose to drive.
    I always had a manual. Definatley preferred them for towing and just in general really.
    When I went out to purchase the new ute I have now, I found that in these type cars the auto is rated to a higher towing capacity.
    It came down to the new tiptronic gear boxes they have in them. They're considered to be strong and can be driven as either an auto or a clutchless manual.
    Would be intersting to know how tow ratings compare in the manual v's auto 4wd's.
    Is there a difference at all ?
  2. himitsu

    himitsu Well-known Member

    I think an auto has a higher tow capacity because of the clutch. For a family car like a falcon or commodore the clutch needs to be easy enough to use, which means its not heavy enough for towing (is what i have been told when i was buying my car). With automatic because the clutch isnt operated by the driver they could make it more 'robust' without it making the car too hard to drive for your average joe blogs.

    But i am not a mechanically knowlegable person so perhaps i have not explained it well, or perhaps i understood it wrong too hahaha!

    You will find though that falcon/commodore type vehicles have a considerably higher tow capacity for auto than mannual.
  3. taeliesyn

    taeliesyn Well-known Member

    I only went and checked the latest model Patrol, but for the diesel(Only one offered with both Manual/Auto) The manual has a tow rating of 3200kg, the auto 2500kg.
  4. Playin With Fire

    Playin With Fire Well-known Member

    So looks like 4wds could be opposite to sedans, utes etc. Bizarre.
    I've learnt so much today!
  5. amandasmith

    amandasmith Well-known Member

    The funniest thing I have ever heard is someone saying that their car is capable of towing 3000kg because that is what is stamped on their tow "ball" (meaning the actual ball bit that bolts onto the tow "bar" - not sure what the "correct" terminology is). They had not realised that the actual tow "bar" mechinism that is actually fitted to the car is not rated to 3000kg (eg a faclcon std kit - 1600kg, heavy duty 2300kg) and that even with that on the cars tow capacity may have even been less (say 1800kg) and then on top of that you have the whole braked / not braked, downward force etc.
  6. amandasmith

    amandasmith Well-known Member

    The tow capacity on the ford falcons are higher than the holden commodores (at least they have been for the last couple of series).

    I have a BF XR6 6 speed auto sedan which is rated to tow 2300kg and has the 2300kg heavy duty tow hitch (if anyone wants a BA/BF sedan heavy duty reece hitch let me know - we have a spare). My float is 950kg and I only ever tow one horse (approx 500kg) however once she foals I may have to tow her and the foal (still way below the tow capacity). We have a 21ft boat which is 2150kg which the falcon tows beautifully (both the boat trailer and horse float have electric brakes). My other half is a holden boy and has his HSV but loves the ford for towing.
  7. himitsu

    himitsu Well-known Member

    is that because of the inline 6 having more low end torque? (wow i even convince myself im knowlegable LOL!!! been lectured by OH too long...)
  8. amandasmith

    amandasmith Well-known Member

    I think the V8 Ford still has a higher tow capacity than the V8 holden so I would be thinking more along the lines of something to do with their chasis? Maybe?

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