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Discussion in 'Horse and Rider Safety' started by Late Starter, Jan 14, 2012.

  1. Late Starter

    Late Starter Well-known Member

    I'm wondering if anyone has the Olympic float yards that come with the float as an option?

    I've ordered a new Olympic float and am wondering whether to get them to put them on or get it done once the float is here. They've sent photo's of theirs but I can't work out...

    - whether the bracket the yards sit on is removable when the yards aren't on it or if it permanently sticks out (worried horse could catch herself)?

    - if the float yards can be mounted either side or behind (ones I had on my previous float I could do this which was handy)?

    Any feedback on them as far as ease of use, durability etc?

    Any recommendations of other float yards her in Perth please pm me :D.
  2. Ridelikeyoumeanit

    Ridelikeyoumeanit Active Member

    a & l fabrications darling downs are the best getting ones made by andrew for our new float on monday
  3. Hit n Hurry

    Hit n Hurry New Member

    Can you help with a phone number for a&l fabrications? Can't find them on the Internet . Cheers

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