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Discussion in 'Horse and Rider Safety' started by Gamby, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. Gamby

    Gamby Well-known Member

    Im having issues with my mare becoming progressively worse at floating, this all seems to be happening after she was injured (not floating) but she now seems to be trying to put herself on an angle when in a straightload bay. So what im wanting to do is move the divider over so she can stand on an angle but have some kind of locking system for the breaching bars so i can safely drop the tail gate without her being able to back off. If it makes any difference i have an Olympic float.
    In a perfect world i would just go buy an angle load but funds of a uni student will not allow that.
  2. madison

    madison Well-known Member

    My mare doesn't float straight so we've swung the divider across and attached it to the opposite wall and made a simple fitting with pins to join the 2 dividers together, she also won't float on the right.
  3. Gamby

    Gamby Well-known Member

    Thats the kind of thing im looking for madison however my bum bars are spring load closing and not a pin close so im kind of wondering if/how it will work with my float.
  4. Blackbat

    Blackbat Well-known Member

    If the breeching doors are attached to the sides of the float by long pins, you could replace them with a custom full width breech bar?
  5. equislave

    equislave Well-known Member

    I had to modify my float for the same reason. I took it to someone who came up with a simple solution which allowed me to easily revert back to the original set up when I needed to. It didn't cost much and has worked well now for many years.
  6. Gamby

    Gamby Well-known Member

    That's what i want to have done Equislave as i still want to be able to use my float as a standard double when i have to float 2 horses.
    Ive just heard back from an Olympic float supplier that they actually make a breaching gate locking pin so going to buy one of those :) They seem quite popular among the float manufacturers now

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