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Discussion in 'Training Horses' started by RVP Horses, Jan 13, 2014.

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    These recent fires have brought to mind how many people have float loading issues with their horses. Please people, ensure your horses load well and reliably. It is best if they will load in either side of a float and will both walk in and self load. Remember it may be other people evacuating your horses and if they will only go in on one side and that is full they will have to be left behind. Also remember that some people will automatically ask a horse to self load and some will automatically lead a horse on. Once again if your horse will only do one or the other they have to be left behind if the person evacuating them doesn't think to try a different way. Remember that in the event of a fire, emotions are high and things can be rushed. The more reliable your horse is the more likely that someone will be able to get it to safety.

    Float loading problems can be easily solved. Yes it may take a few dollars to fix but what is this in comparison to the life of your horse. I know some people think they have tried everything so what else would a trainer be able to do, or they think a trainer must resort to physical means to "teach" the horse to load but this is not the case. Usually it is a case of teaching the horse what you want using more patience than the average owner has. Once the horse understands the process they are on the way to being a confident float loader.

    Please people, if your horse is a "sometimes he'll go on and sometimes he won't" kind of a horse, please get help to change that before you find out he had to be left behind because he wouldn't go on.
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    Totally agree. We have a brumby that we aquired. We are reasonably experienced horse people but could not get this boy on a float at all so we could move him to new agistment. Took a professional to get him going nicely and now he is a gem to load. He would have been one that would have to be left behind!

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