Float, Gooseneck or Truck???

Discussion in 'Horse and Rider Safety' started by Jumpingbean, Sep 28, 2008.

  1. buggalugs

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    ah yes i should have put that the exs is a turbo diesel and whilst he has had the turbo modified (upped) recently, they are renowned for being sluggish - tough but sluggish... and that i will always (given the choice) go diesel... more torque **)

    cb - id say thats just the controller for the electric brakes mounted near the centre console :p you can modify the braking power of the brakes on the float according to the weigh you are carrying and the driving conditions and in emergencies you can increase that power with the switch :))
  2. KC Quarter Horses

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    well we have an F250 7.3L turbo deisel & a three horse angle float. My OH built the float so it can carry big horses. Originally we set it up for QH's but since Skito decided on getting bigger & bigger horses for SJ we modified it.
    Then because we started taking more horses out we went & bought a 5 large or 6 not as large truck, which has a great living area.
    We love the truck, but if only taking one or two horses or not going far we take the float.
    Both are great :)
  3. rockyj

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    I have a Ford Explorer and my hubby is building me a float - extended - which will be designed to what i want for two BIG horses.
    But before you buy anything - CHECK THE LOAD RATING.
    Since starting the research on floats, we have come across many floats that are being towed with vehicles rated UNDER what the float on its own is. Then you add gear, horses and wala.
    Recipe for accident!
    Talk to a float manufacturer - by law, they have to build to specs - and you will come up with different ideas.
    Who knows, you may find the perfect one for you

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