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Discussion in 'Horse and Rider Safety' started by Arnie, Dec 1, 2009.

  1. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    A question for those with brand new, ordered in floats...

    For those with floats with a 'full colour' (no white top) do you find it gets hot inside at all? What about over long distances?
    If you have a full coloured float then what extra's (or if it was included) do you have on your float to help keep it cool inside??

    And those with a two coloured float (white top) or white float how cool do you find them inside and did you specifically want a white top so its cooler for the horse? If money wasn't the reason you chose white (white or half white is cheaper then a full colour).

    And for anyone to answer. Do you take into consideration the colour of the float regarding heat / cooling etc?
  2. Kiwigirl

    Kiwigirl Well-known Member

    The only consideration to colour I had when buying was that the inside HAD to be white. IMO the float is much more inviting to the horse if the inside is white and bright, it looks and feels better.

    My float is light silver on the bottom and white on top, I chose this because I liked the colour and it would match most cars regardless of what colour the car is.

    I have not found my horse sweaty after being in my float at all, even when I have the storm doors closed in summer, I have a big pop up vent on top and the side windows are always open.
  3. Anna E

    Anna E Guest

    Mine is white on the roof for coolness but also to keep it nice and light inside.
    It's silver and blue on the sides. I can't really say whether the colour keeps it cool as I have it very open with a wide open gap down each side - again for light and air.
    I don't have storm doors for the same reason ;)
  4. Trojane

    Trojane Well-known Member

    Arnie I went with white inside and out.
    As Kiwigirl says - having a light interior seems more inviting and I chose a white exterior for cooling qualities.
    For example, in cars the difference between white and dark of same models can mean about 8 C in summer heat (check out the Qld RAC cabin temp tests)

    My float didn't come with vents but have just had ceiling ones put in and was really worthwhile.
    I recently drove 4 hours with two horses on a moderately warm day and the horses were not sweaty - had the ceiling vents and side windows open but storm doors closed.:)
  5. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    Thankyou guys :).
    I'm about to put an order in soon for a new float and really wanted to have a colour done wether its now or down the track to suit my car and I couldn't decide weather to a full colour or half a colour.

    I'm leaning towards half so the top half is white so its cooler.
  6. dayna

    dayna Well-known Member

    Our float is gunmetal grey all over, inside and out. I was a little concerned about it heating up in summer but have found that it stays very cool. We have a large roof vent and 4 side windows that are open when travelling and the only horse that we have had in the float that has sweated up was kiwigirls big guy. But I think that was more due to him being a little squished and also first time on an angle load.
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  7. Bon & Ted

    Bon & Ted Guest

    I was going to get a gunmetal grey one. But after buying my car which is the same colour there is no way I'd consider it!! that car is hot inside even in winter (and it's a good car!).

    When I eventually get a nice new float, I will definitely go the 2 tone, white up top with colour on the bottom. Especially as you are out in the country, cooling qualities are far more important than looks IMO have had Sienna in my neighbours Imperial, black bottom white top on a hot day with storm door shut, and she was not hot at all.
  8. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    Thanks heaps for your input guys :).

    I really like the look of the entirely coloured ones (like yours Dayna) but I think your right B&T. Its so much hotter out here and probably better off getting the white top as its better reflecting the light and heat and I'll just get the bottom half to suit my car :).

    I guess with colour it may not get hot or hardly get hot at all but white might make it just that bit cooler?

    Now to order ;).
  9. Kiwigirl

    Kiwigirl Well-known Member

    Yep the only resaon he sweated is because he was squished *#) and his first time in an angle.
  10. Ali

    Ali Well-known Member

    Mine is black on the bottom and gunmetal grey on top and inside and I haven't found it gets hot inside BUT I do have the extra height roof plus double roof vents and windows on both sides. When the weather is hot I float with the storm doors open too. Longest journey I have done with it so far has been Serpy to Muchea with the pony on board with the storm doors closed and she was rugged with cotton rug and hood and she arrived at the show and hadn't sweated at all.
  11. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    Thanks Ali! How dark is the Gunmetal grey?

    I was just looking at other 'lighter' colours other then white and like the look of some of the lighter silvers with morone on the bottom :).
  12. Ali

    Ali Well-known Member

    Its not really dark, just a strong silver colour. Mine is an Imperial and I think they've got photos of the colour on their website.
  13. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    Thanks Ali :). Thats what I'm buying ;).
  14. Midas

    Midas Well-known Member

    Arnie... you know what mine looks like :)

    I didn't realise that you had to specify what colour you wanted the inside if you had 2 colours.... the inside of mine is the blue of the outside :eek:

    It stays reasonably cool, but I also raised the roof... not sure if it helps though!

    Can't say I've had a problem with horses not wanting to go in there though!
  15. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    Thanks Midas!!! Is yours really blue inside?!!

    Can any of you with colour on the inside please share a photo? I'd love to see how it looks (expecially these imperials ;)).
  16. Kiwigirl

    Kiwigirl Well-known Member

    I don't have any pics of the inside, but it is all white inside, this is the outside paint job:

  17. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    Thanks Kiwigirl!!! I love the colours! Thats what I'm buying aswell (double extended). Did you get a raised roof or not?
    Alot of people seem to opt for the raised roof?

    I haven't checked them out personally yet but have seen a few friends own, done my research and read reviews and will be going to Perth soon to confirm and put a deposit on one.
    My horses wouldn't really get any bigger then Jazz (16.1ish) so not sure I'd need a raised roof?

    Is that silver the gun grey one?? I like it!
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  18. ZaZa

    ZaZa Guest

    I don't think that's the gun metal grey colour Arnie.
    Kiwi's float is silver, the gun metal colour is darker.
    This link shows you a float in the gun metal grey.
    Top row, float on the right hand side.

    I definately like the 2 tones floats the best. Maronne/silver or maronne/white looks pretty specky IMO.
    Personally I'd only ever have a float that's white or a very light silver inside.
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  19. Kiwigirl

    Kiwigirl Well-known Member

    Yep ZaZa is right, mine is the light silver, gun metal grey is quiet a bit darker than that.

    I did get the raised roof, my boy is 16.2 1/2hh and he likes the extra room, so much so that he has gotten soft and will play up abit if he goes in a smaller float (he likes to lurch himself backwards when he gets crampt I guess, which knocks the car around) but he hasn't done anything like that in his float, but then I tow with a discovery which takes a bit to knock around :eek:
  20. Ali

    Ali Well-known Member

    Actually I've just had a quick look at the website and mine is NOT the gunmetal grey its actually the silver, just that its quite a dark silver so I THOUGHT it was they called the grey!! Duh.... so yep, mine is black on the bottom with gold pinstriping then SILVER on top :)

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